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Yu-Gi-Oh: Domino Elementary [IC/Started/Accepting]


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September 9th

      It's the start of yet another school year for the youth of Domino City, but for certain classmates this year would have an exciting start. the four students sat at the back of the bus, going over the final details of their odd plan. "So he's definitely in our class right?" "Yeah, I remember him saying he's in Miss Chara's class this year just like us." "and you've worked out all the rules and stuff we added right, to keep it fair?" One of the group, a boy in glasses, pulled out a thin plastic folder. "It's all here, during class we'll leave the notes to gather at the hill at recess." "How can we be sure he'll show up? He's kind of weird." "It's Duel Monsters, who wouldn't."


        The "he" they'd referred to was none other than Aster Yutsu, a boy in their grade whom they'd all agreed need to be taken down a peg for his incessant bragging about his older brothers success as a member of the Domino Junior High Duel Team. and so began what would later be known as the "Class 104 Grande Prix". through this tournament the four kids hoped to humiliate Aster into silence by proving his inferior dueling skills to the entire school, a flawed pan none the less but one they were sure would succeed.





        Miss Chara watched from the doorway as her class for the year filed in, each claiming seats near their friends exept for a boy in a cat ear hoodie wandering the class. she smiled and greeted each face as they passed passed "Hello, welcome, we're going to have a fun Year!" Once the class was full and the bell had rung she went around handing out pieces of construction paper to the students, along with a small tub of markers for each cluster of desks, taking note of the more interesting children as she passed. Alex Solomon, white hair, red eyes, black winter jacket. a known trouble maker she'd keep her eyes on. Sota Ito, a smart kid that was well versed with computers. Past teachers made notes of his love for involvement in lessons. A girl in a white and blue top, Elenor Saphri from the wealthy Saphri family, she could be rude to other kids but didn't often instigate. An interesting mix this year. Upon returning to her desk at the front she silenced the class by loudly slamming her hands on her desk "Helll-lllo class one o' four!" the chattering immediately stopped as all eyes turned to her. "As I'm sure many of you know I'm Miss Chara, since we'll all be together this year I thought it'd be fun to start with a little art project, how many of you play Duel Monsters?" it was a rhetorical question of course, most people played the card game to the point where it was considered a sport internationally, none the less she grinned at the raised hands before her. "Wonderful!" she clasped her hands together before turning to draw a rectangle on the blackboard. "Today I'd like everyone to draw themselves as a Duel Monsters card, in place of an effect however I'd like you to write a little bit about yourself to share with the class." She explained as she finished her drawing, a template of a monster card. "Your attack and defense will be your birthday, day then month, and your level will be your age." Miss Chara placed a timer on her desk for all the students to see "You have fifteen minutes, more than enough time I think, before we start sharing." she wound up the timer and hit the "start" button "Aaaand go!"

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Off towards the back of the room was a young girl with pale pink hair. She watched intently as the teacher made her rounds and handed out the construction paper. Upon recieving it, the girl began to brush it across her hand in different directions. She did so until she accidently gave herself a papercut on the base of her left index finger, winced, and put the paper down again. She looked at her wound, also muting out the teacher and any sound that Miss Chara made, while rubbing the wound in a way that closed and expanded the slit. She did so until 2 words invaded her little ear drum... "Duel Monsters". She looked up an beamed at the teacher. She had her attention now. The girl watched as the teacher gave out the instructions to the class. She immediately drew the picture frame and started drawing a picture of her, her dad, and... an alien? Yes it would appear, as this girls states in the effect box, that she "lovs alians." She was never the best speller. In fact, given her issues at learning and socializing, it was suspected by a few past teachers that should could be on the spectrum, although she has yet to be tested as such.


Soon she had finished the drawing, and with time to spare! About 2 minutes left. How could she spend her time? Reading a book she has packed? Initializing conversation with the other kids? Sneak a bite of the lunch her father had packed for her? She proceeds to raise her left hand and play with her papercut.


[spoiler=Aria's Drawing]1S67xu3.png


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Jacob had been one of the first kids in the classroom this year, but it seemed that several kids had gotten into the room before him.  Two of the four were grinning as they lifted the desk top and placed something in the desk.  Jacob frowned a bit, put his bag down next to an empty desk in the far right side of the room and walked over to the desk where the duo had deposited their last item and opened it.  It looked like some kind of note.  Jacob looked back over at the four who were whispering conspiratorially in the back corner.


Sota was definitely running some part of this.  They were in the same class last year and Jacob had thought Sota always seemed to be planning something.

He went back to the front, sat down at the desk and began unpacking his pens, pencils and drawing notebook.  He immediately noticed that he also had a note in his desk.  He tore it open and read it, ignoring the rest of the class as people came in in ones and twos...
..."Today I'd like everyone to draw themselves as a Duel Monsters card, in place of an effect however I'd like you to write a little bit about yourself to share with the class."...

Jacob grinned to himself.  Looks like Duel Monsters was the name of the game this year.  He looked over at Sota before getting to work.  A picture of himself... super big shield... cool-looking fire sword... Hybrid-type... little bit about his family... done!  He looked at the timer on Miss Chara's desk.  There was still a few minutes to go.  Jacob raised his hand.


"Can I go to the bathroom?"

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Rhea was having trouble. She had eagerly dived into the task from Miss Chiara, and ten minutes later she was still trying to overcome the obstacle of not having enough space to draw.


She had started with herself riding on a creature suspiciously similar to Liana Dragon, and there wasn't enough space to draw her mom, her dad, her cousins and aunt and uncle... Much to her dismay, even turning the paper around did not reveal any space she could use.


Rhea frowned. This was her card, she wanted to put everyone on it. But reducing the size of Liana Dragon was simply unacceptable. Then an idea came to her mind, and she got to work almost bouncing for the happiness.


She started to move the markers on the construction paper with such energy that an outside observer might have thought she intended to pierce it. Taking a closer look however, would have revealed her drawing the rest of her family riding the dragon with her, all while smiling proud for getting the idea.


So focused she was to get the drawing finished in time, that she did not lift her head from the desk the whole time.

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      "Can I go to the bathroom?" Miss Chara looked from her desk to the boy with the raised hand "Mister Jacob Tor right?" She gestured towards the bathroom pass near the door "If it's an emergency I suppose, you really should have gone before class, but there are only a few minutes before we share our card projects, after which we're going to go through class rules and seating, so be quick about it." she said, cheerful as ever. "Miss Chara!" another boy raised his hand, Alex Solomon. "Can I go to?"




        The four students sat together while the teacher gave out instructions, their desks facing each other in a makeshift table, after starting the acted like all the other kids, drawing and coloring their "cards" and chatting among themselves "Alex I need the black one!" one of the younger boys, Sota, complained reaching for the marker he needed for his cyborg self. "Fine, take it" Alex responded, bitterly shoving him the sharpie "four eyes." "What're you drawin' El?" the blonde boy, Luna, asked peering at the blue haired girls paper that she kept hidden behind a horde of markers she'd decided were hers "None of your business!" he shrugged and returned to his own "I'm makin' a dragonfly." "Can your dragonfly beat this!" Alex boasted, showing off his half finished drawing of himself dressed as a knight. the four continued making small talk, none questioning how well their plan was going, until a boy asked to use the bathroom "Hey, El, he was lookin' at me earlier when I put all the notes in the desks." Luna bumped the girls shoulders "And?" before Sota could connect the dots for her Alex had already asked to accompany him. "Jacob was in my class last year" he paused and readjusted his glasses hoping the boy would catch him staring "always snooping around, thinking I was up to stuff." "So?" she replied, only half listening "So he might ruin it before recess starts!" Sota hissed, annoyed at her lack of caring for the plan he'd carefully constructed. "Whatever, Alex's already following him." she returned, still uninterested in the issue, to her drawing.

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Jacob scrambled out of the room.  He had packed his deck in his bag, but had left it in the locker.  He had originally planned to grab it out at the end of the day and see if anyone had wanted to duel, but considering the note..


"Well, I might as well get it now and have it for recess.  I don't want to miss out on anything..." he muttered to himself.


Fortunately, his locker actually was pretty close to the bathroom.  He quickly spun his combination, grabbed his deck box and stuffed it into his pocket.  Just as he closed his locker, he saw Alex turn the corner and stop.  They paused, looking at each other.


"Bathroom?" Jacob asked, using air-quotes to emphasize his sarcasm.


"You don't look like you're using it." Alex said, "What are you doing?"


Jacob shrugged.  "I saw the note."




Jacob pulled the deck box out of his pocket.  "I might not like dueling as much as the rest of you guys, but I'm won't turn down a tournament.  I do have one question though, this whole thing is about Aster, isn't it?"

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      Alex grinned, his hands in his coat pockets as he stepped closer to Jacob "What if it is? You're tired of that loser to aren't ya, running around telling everyone how great 'Addy' is." he mocked. "The runt needs to be taken down a peg don't ya think?" suddenly Alex's expression darkened. "Unless you're friends with that loser." he reached out as if to put his hands on Jacob but quickly thought better, not wanting to get in trouble on the first day at least. "Just don't go spoiling the surprise and I won't do anything alright? Even if this is just to embarrass him it could still be fun ya know, besides what're you gonna tell the teach anyway?" he looked up at an imaginary figure, miming the exchange. "Miss Chara! Alex and his friends are gonna bully Aster by making him play duel monsters, you gotta stop 'em! . . . Not exactly convincing." he handed Jacob the pass he'd left in class before walking back. "And when you get back from the 'bathroom'" he made air quotes. "We didn't talk or nothin' kay?"




While Alex attempted to intimidate Jacob into silence the previously unheard from Aster Yutsu looked around the class as he waited for the timer to go off. Due to his shy nature he was hesitant to talk to his desk mates, waiting patiently until they'd finished with the colors he wanted for his picture rather than asking for a turn but boredom is a powerful force in a nine year old and, tired of waiting, he looked at the drawing of the girl across from him. it appeared to be herself alongside a taller person and a typical grey alien. clutching the scarf his mother had bought him he attempted to get the girls attention, his voice barely a whisper "I like your alien, who's the other person?"

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Amaryllis had been sitting at a desk in the far back corner. It wasnt near the four kids, or anyone else really, she sat alone. She sat uncomfortably, fiddling with the cards her stepmom had given her the day before.


"This game can only be played with multiple ppl, so I want u to go to school tomorrow and find someone to play it with, ok?" Her stepmoms words echoed in her head. That wasnt a very simple task, seeing as how she was extremely introverted. She'd much rather be at her stepmom's cafe right now, but school required her to be here.


As she heard Miss Chara's instructions, she got to work. She immediately started to draw in the box, drawing inspiration from one of the new cards in her hand. She finished it up by adding her age in levels, and her birthdate in the ATK and DEF point values. However, she froze when she got to the part about the effect. "A little bit about yourself". Not knowing how comfortable she was with sharing said information, or even knowing what to write down, she simply placed a question mark in the text box and called it good. She then went to place the pencil box in her desk, when she saw a note.


She took out the note, and read it. It seemed to be an invitation to a Duel Monsters tournament. Glancing at her new cards, she shrugged, and decided that she would give it a try. After all, this is what stepmom wanted, right? She just hoped that her newness to the game, and horrible social skills wouldnt prove to be that big of a challenge..

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She continued to play with her cut, seeing how much of the pain she could take before pulling away. As she started to get bored with her finger, she heared a voice from behind her...


"I like your alien, who's the other person?"

She looked behind her to see a young boy clenching his scarf.


Thank you...


Falling silent she began playing with her hair, a few breathes went by before she spoke up again to give an answer the boy clenching his scarf hoping she would meet the hundred word requirement. 


… that's my daddy... what did you draw?

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    "… that's my daddy... what did you draw?"


    Aster looked down at his own sheet, not quite confident in it, right as the timer went off with a high pitched ding, prompting Miss Chara to once again address her students


   "Alright then! Pencils, markers, and crayons down, it's time to see what everyone's drawn."


    While a large chunk of the class groaned and mumbled, not wanting to share, there were those completely willing.


    "Yes, I know, nobody likes to talk about themselves." she said in a sarcastic, even joking, manner "So who would like to go first?Miss Chara mimed thinking it over before pointing to a student "Aster, why don't you start? After that we can go around by group."


    The boy looked down, hiding his face until he couldn't stand the silence. He showed off his picture, a drawing of himself surrounded by stuffed animals of various shapes and sizes, along with two other figures, an older boy and a woman.


    "Umm, I drew myself and my mom and my brother and a bunch of my favorite monsters." He blushed, not particularly enjoying the attention of the entire class at once "A-and I wrote that my favorite color is purple and that I wanna be a really good duelist like my brother."


    Miss Chara put a check on her clipboard before moving on to the next student "Very nice Mister Yutsu, which one of your desk-mates would like to share now?"

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Rhea raised her hand and waved it energetically.


"I, miss Chiara!"


Aster had had the same idea as her for the drawing, and it was a contest she intended to win! She lifted her card so the others could see.


"I drew my whole family, I put us all riding Liana Dragon, my favorite card." She said all in one breath. It was important that the other people understood it was important, right?


"I like dueling with others! And winning! I want to become an important person like my cousins, they're in the picture too." Rhea concluded returning back to sit.


It was in that moment she finally noticed the note on her desk regarding the Class tournament.

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   Amaryllis watched as each of the students took their turns sharing their cards, and talking about them. Some of them even had some good drawings! She watched them all go up one by one, too intrigued by everyone else's cards that she had forgotten she also had to participate! It wasn't till the teacher called for her to come and share hers, that she remembered.


 "Oh wait, what?" Amaryllis looked up, nervous. She didn't wanna do this at all..


   Finally, and with great mental effort, she pushed herself to stand up from the safety of her desk, and walk to the front of the class. Her hands shivered as she held up the card, and she had to fight to make sound escape her throat.


 "I erm... Drew me, surrounded by my s-spellbooks, and...." She glanced around the room, not liking how everyone's attention pierced through her like a knife, "and I drew my favorite monster out of my new cards: Silent Magician.."


   She would look around once more, before glancing up at Miss Chara with a look of discomfort, almost as if to say "Ok, I'm done now.. Please let me go.."

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    Miss Chara added yet another check to her clipboard as the last of the students finished, silently taking note of Alex Solomon's return.


    "Wonderful everyone!" she checked the clock before continuing "Now that did take a tad longer than expected so we're going to run through the class rules real quick then it's off to recces."


    She quickly erased her own drawing from the blackboard before writing down something from her desk


    "I'm not as strict as some other teachers you may have had but there are is one rule that even this class has to follow, firstly, while I myself am a duelist, trading cards and playing duel monsters, along with any other disruptive activity during class time, will result in a punishment based on your offense and your history of disruptions." she turned to face them, a wide smile on her face as she linked her fingers together. "That being said, when you go outside you'll notice the playground has three dueling fields which you're welcome to enjoy."



    The group, having been informed by Alex that Jacob was no threat, eagerly stood at the hill waiting for the class to gather, a few of the more eager kids already waiting with duel disk in hand. Once everyone who seemed interested were together, including the guest of honor, Eleanor stepped forward.


    "Students of Miss Chara's class one o' four, you've been promised a duel monsters tournament by myself and the others beside me." she tried to sound as authoritative as possible, imagining her father on the phone with an employee. "We intend to give a full explanation but first we need two things, a volunteer and the person responsible for all of this. . ."


    Alex pushed in front of her, pointing towards the groups target, nothing but malice in his gaze "Aster Yutsu, this is all thanks to you!"


    Aster, who had been listening with excitement, his own poorly fitted duel disk sliding off his arm, jumped at the meanest boy in his grade calling him out. wanting to avoid angering him Aster quickly shuffled up the hill.


    "Cool, you brought you're stuff, that'll make this way easier!" Luna grinned, more sincerely than Alex or Eleanor, forcibly shaking hands with the boy. "You're gonna be awesome I bet!"


    "Thanks Luna." Aster replied, a bit confused at his classmates friendliness.


    "Oh, oh! El, let Aster pick!" Luna insisted, tapping her shoulder until she nodded in approval.


    "Umm, okay then. . . ." Aster scanned the small crowd of raised hands until his eyes settled on someone, the girl he'd sat across from in class. "I pick . . . her, Aria Kozuichi"

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  Irene shuffled through her deck while she waited in the front seat of her fathers truck, glancing up occasionally at the smoke billowing out of the engine as he worked. He pushed down the trunk with a thud and sauntered over to the window.


  "Hey, I don't think we're gonna get you there on time princess."


  Irene was a bit sad at this. She hadn't realized it, but she was actually looking forward to making friends at her new school. "Oh... That's okay."


  He sighed and then thought for a second. "How about this, I'll see if your brother can come pick you up and you guys can get some ice cream on the way. You're already late, might as well get there at recess."




  Irene finished the last bit of the ice cream cone as she put her backpack into her locker. She walked outside and looked around the playground until her eyes focused on the dueling fields. A student's Maha Vailo cut through an opponent's Mathematician which exploded into a display of brilliant light, but Irene had already shifted her focus to something a bit more unusual. On the hill a group of kids gathered in a crowd around 4 who seemed to be making some sort of announcement. "I should probably see what that's about." She muttered to herself, before taking one last look at the duel in progress and making her way up the hill.

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Jacob had been quiet for the majority of the class. He had been able to share his picture without incident. It seemed like even though he ran a risk by having his cards in his pocket, the teacher didn't seem to notice. Still, even after running through all the introductions, there was something bothering him.


Alex REALLY didn't seem to want him to go to the teacher. It hadn't crossed Jacob's mind, but...


The lunch bell rang.


The class streamed out and every fiber of Jacob's body screamed for the freedom of recess, but he hung back for a minute. Jacob made his way Ms. Chara's desk.


"Ms. Chara," Jacob started, careful to be polite as his father had taught him, "I was wondering, the card you drew on the board was blank. Do you have... I mean, did you draw a card for yourself? You didn't tell us about you."

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