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[Written] Cursed Eye of Gilfer


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Cursed Eye of Gilfer

lv 6 DARK


During your Main Phase: you can equip this card from your hand to a monster on the field as a Equip Spell Card, then, depending on the equipped monster, apply the following effect.

* "Cursed Eye" monster: The equipped monster can attack twice during each of your battle Phases.

* non-"Cursed Eye" monster: The equipped monster loses 500 ATK/DEF and cannot attack or change its battle position.

ATK/2200 DEF/2500


So with the reveal of Cursed Eye as a Archetype I and how it worked I thought of Gilfer and decided to make this card which can equip to any monster and either give your Cursed Eye an additional attack or weaken a non Cursed Eye and make it so it cannot attack or change its position.


In Cursed Eye depending on how it turns out once we get some of their cards revealed this card will be handy for supporting their mechanic by giving them some offensive support.

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For the first line, equip it from where? Hand, or face-up on the field?

Currently it's far too early to figure out how this will impact the deck. I'd personally rather see Equip Spells get a big boost overal, but as a card this doesn't seem too bad. Hard to recommend any restriction or bonus without insight to the theme

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