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[OCG] Duelist Pack – Duelists of Gloom

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It’s the end of the LEDU Era it looks like

Duelist Pack is getting renewed with a new format! This time, the pack will contain cards used by 3 Duelists from the anime and manga who use DARK monsters. It will include new cards for these Duelists as well as reprints of versatile generic cards to help you build their Decks.

-Release Date: May 16th 2020
-Each pack will have 5 cards and each box will have 15 packs

From the title, we can assume one of the duelists will be Nightshroud (and presumably the cover bloke as well), not sure about the others though.

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New specifics about the recently-revealed Duelist Pack have surfaced.

Specifically, it will have 46 cards (10 less than the previous Legend Duelist DPs), divided as follows:

1 Holographic Rare
5 Ultra Rares
7 Super Rares
9 Rares (4 less)
24 Commons (6 less)

All Ultra Rares and Super Rares will now also have Secret Rare variants, not unlike core boosters.

Other candidates I can see include Yusuke Fujiwara and Sect Injuin for instance.

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