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King Crouton

[Rush Duel] Something Dragears

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Monsters: 28

1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Why not?

3 Rush Dragon Dragears: Boss.

2 Answerer the Demonic Swordsman: Level 6/2000 ATK dude.

1 Gravity Press Dragon: Discard 1, shrink something 700 for the turn.

2 Faith Bird: 1500 body.

3 Dark Sorcerer: 1500 body.

3 Dragolite: 1500 body.

2 Lesser Dragon: Another Dragon.

3 Dragon's Upsetter: Bros with Setupper. Tribute support.

3 Dragon's Setupper: Bros with Upsetter. Tribute support.

2 Phoenix Dragon: Retrieves Dragears/BEWD if needed.

3 Kuribott: Tribute support.


Spells: 6

1 Dragonic Pressure: Discard 3 Dragons, Dark Hole.

2 Piercing!: Piercing!

3 Hammer Crush: S/T removal.


Traps: 6

3 Dragon Encounter: Special Summon a Dragon from hand when the opponent Normal/Specials something.

3 Counteroffensive Dragonstrike: Dragon Michizure.




First Rush Duel deck in this section. Fight me.

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Your lack of Twin Edge Dragon is disturbing. 

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You may want to look at Dragonic Slayer for at least as a side deck option since spellcaster / sevens road is the meta atm. And with so many dragons in your deck, you won't brick if you use Fire Dragon's Heatflash instead of Hammer Crush.

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Any reason you run Piercing ?

And any reason you run Hammer Crush over Fire Dragon's Heatflash (apart from being afraid of Dragon Encounter or bricking high level monsters) ?

Furthermore you could replace Piercing!: Piercing! with Mountain.

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Mountain is a pretty useless card tbh. It's a win more card. Also piercing will speed up the game much more than Mountain. Although I'd get rid of both Piercing cards and I'd remove only one Hammer Crush to have space for 3 Fire Dragon's Heatflash. Then the deck would have 5 removal cards, which is pretty good against trap focused deck like spellcasters.

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