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Hello! Not new here, trying to recover my account but still, hello!

Zeaux 2

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As the tittle says, im not that new here. My old profile is just Zeaux and for some reason i cant access it anymore (even thought I can see it here so it's not deleted or something). 

Anyway, been trying to post status as well to see if anyone can help me but no success (why the hell i cant post status anyway?)

Well, if no one can help me, guess i'll just stick with this new account, so... Hello!

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It is definitely weird that you can't post an status. Are you doing it right? There are a couple of ways:

* Click where it says "What's on your mind?" at the top of the Status bar, write anything and post.

* Click in +Create at the top of the Forum Index, next to your name. After that, click on Status and post.

I see in your original account that you have an important amount of posts and rep, I hope you can accede it again. Let's ask for the help of our mod, @Flame Dragon . Sorry to bother you again, Flame, can you help this person? ^_^''


Anyway, whether you get your old account back or not, welcome back, make yourself at home.

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