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Rambo Format (Commander Variant)

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Introducing the Rambo Format 

This is a commander variant format so naturally this is a singleton format except for basic lands.

Shuffle your commander deck and mill 50 cards face down while not looking at them then exile the top card face up and set aside.

You should have two separate piles of cards that are both exactly 49 cards, your commander (Rambo in our case) and, 1 card exiled face up.

You can choose which of the two 49 card deck you will play with. The other deck is set aside for later.

Start with 20 life and draw 4 cards and, the max hand size is 4.

BEFORE you muligian, you can now choose to switch 1 card in you hand with the card that was exiled face up (the switched card is also exiled face-up). Again, you must choose to do this before you choose to muligian. 

London muligian applies.

Your commander is Rambo (basically the same as commander but just called something different.) 

Rambo tax is 2 colorless. 

After the game is over you can now choose to switch to your other 49 card pile if you want or stick with the one you are currently using if you want.

Best of three rounds, whoever gets 2 wins, wins it all. Rambo can be 1 vs 1 but is also, multiplayer friendly. Rambo is great for shorter and more casual games. 

Tell me what you think!

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