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Christmas Event - Dark Magician Girl is Missing!

Rayfield Lumina

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Greetings and Welcome, YCM Community. With great pleasure -and nervousness, let’s be honest- I declare the Christmas Event of 2020 open and ready to go!

🎄 Purpose
Simple. To have fun and share a good time among us YCMers. I’m aware that bringing an event of this nature to success is no easy task: The site’s activity is nowhere as it used to, and the place is divided. I’m not here to discuss the reasons, but to do something about it! I love the site and I want it to flourish again, and I’d like you, the person kindly reading this, to help me in this task. What’s important now is to start anew, and what best moment to do it but in this season! I’m really looking forward to your participation, so let’s do this!

🎄A Background Story that makes No Sense
It would seem that the tyrannical, fat entity known as Santa Claus is decided to stay home this year, screwing Christmas in the process. Reasons? Could be many. Perhaps he’s listening to the “Stay at Home” warnings, since his obesity puts him in great danger vs the Covid, or maybe he’s just tired of us damn Humans. Whatever the case might be, he won’t lift a finger, despite the toys being ready to be delivered. Here’s where our heroine, the always cheerful, optimistic and gentle Dark magician Girl enters the scene! Don’t ask me how she found out Santa’s plans, but she was outraged by them, and went to the old coot’s HQ right away to take care of the delivery. Unfortunately for her, three other Duel Monsters, for reasons still unknown, had been targeting her for a long time. In a coward attack, they ambushed and defeated her, and kidnapped her who knows where!
Your duty, as participant of this event, is to find out who the culprits of the kidnapping were, where in blazes she was taken to, and beat any foes standing in the way! Yeah, that’s why I freaking told you this doesn’t make any sense, remember? But who cares?
1) Post anything related to Christmas in the corresponding YCM subforum and tag me so I know you’re participating! When I say anything, I mean anything.
* Single Cards, of any kind. Competitive Cards, Casual Cards, Joke Cards, all is good
* Archetypes. Same as above applies
* Drawings
* Short Stories, Poems or any lyrical work
* Music
* Memes
* Absolutely anything I didn’t mention you come up with
As long as it’s xmas related, it’s completely welcome. By posting any of the above and tagging me, you earn points and come closer to saving Dark Magician Girl. She’s in grave danger, are you willing to let anything terrible happen to her? You don’t want that in your conscience. You can post and participate as many times as you wish. Just don’t forget to tag me, please. Alternatively, and this is optional, you could make a Status mentioning you did something. This is even better, as you help me let the event be known more widely. Of course, if you find this too much of a nuisance, simply tagging me is fine.

2) The Phases
The Event, by sheer amount of positivism, trusting you on helping me develop it, will be divided in three phases. I will make a separate thread from this, which I’ll hold at the General Section of the Site (probably you won't see it on the index often, as there is an Election Thread in the same subforum which is pretty active n.n). You’re welcome to post in the Christmas Thread as much as you’d like. Actually, doing so will net you points, though less than making a Christmas Post. In that thread, I’ll be keeping record of the score, as well as links for everyone’s work so far. But also, you can take up the Event’s Challenges there, and try to solve them. Whenever you solve a puzzle, you are also awarded with a handsome amount of points. Try to imagine Zelda’s Item Obtain Fanfare when receiving points, please ^_^.

❄️Phase 1: Culprit Identification
As said previously, 3 Duel Monsters were the culprits of the kidnapping. Phase 1 consists in unveiling this mystery. To do so, you post christmas stuff anywhere, as indicated before. Each Culprit starts with 1 Hint attached to them. Each time somebody posts, a Hint is added. A Hint is either solid info about a particular Culprit, such as its Attribute/Level/Type/ATK/DEF, or a fact about its effect or lore. Once the 3 Culprits have been revealed (you do this by posting your candidates freely in the thread), we proceed to Phase 2.

❄️Phase 2: The Locations
You think a powerful being such as our Dark Magician Girl wouldn’t put up a fight? After being kidnapped, she has tried to escape several times. She almost managed three times, but unfortunately was re-captured. Your duty is to uncover where these attempts happened. Discovering them is key to understanding where was DMG taken to in the end, the fourth place where the final battles to recover her will take place. In the thread. You will find 3 squares divided in 25 smaller squares, as a grid. These squares are hiding a YGO card artwork: a Field Spell. Whenever somebody makes a Christmas Post, they’re allowed to remove 3 squares, though they can’t be adjacent horizontally or vertically. Faster than you’d think, it’ll be possible to determine which Field Spell it is, as I don’t think you knowledgeable person of YGO needs to uncover even half of the picture. Once the three Field Spells have been guessed correctly, you will be able to determine the fourth Spell, as the other three indicate which is it. Once somebody guesses the fourth Field Spell correctly, we move forward to the Last Phase.

❄️Phase 3: The Labyrinth
In the Final Phase, you’ll partake in a Board Game of sorts with a slight RP feeling to it, but of course, with much, much more simplified rules, as it’s just part of the Event and shouldn’t last more than some days. You’ll choose a YGO character from a roster and move through a dungeon filled with perils, with the mission of beating the 3 culprits. You will find items and rewards along the way, as well as riddles, monsters and traps! When the 3 culprits have been defeated, the Event will be completed, and you’ll probably receive a kiss from Dark Magician Girl as reward! And talking about rewards:

3) Rewards
Unfortunately, I don’t have any powers in YCM I can use to confer you with nice prizes to use around the site. Of course, you’ll have my gratitude for participating, as well as the memories of doing so, but since what I just said is lame and corny beyond words, there is a prize: A Drawing.
The person who gets the highest score will be bombastically announced in a Status, and that person has the right to ask me to make a Drawing of the character they like for them. Ahem, this is a bit embarrassing, since I’m far from being the best artist, but you can get a gauge of how I draw by looking at my profile pic, or some of the drawings I made lately that are posted in the last pages of Le Crayon Corner, thread located in the Club & Organizations subforum of the site. I promise you I’ll work to the utmost of my abilities to make a nice drawing to award you. And well... if at the end of the day you're not interested in the award, just participate, for the sake of the event.

Well, this is it. I thank you If you have endured my babbling so far ^_^. I ask you to not simply read and disregard this, but to participate. I can’t remark enough how much I’d like to see you participating, Everyone is welcome to do so, and even the simplest of things will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure it can’t take you more than some minutes to make something for the event, so please help me make this a wonderful YCM Christmas!

See ya in the Event Development Thread below


Rayfield Lumina

*p.d. 1 Any questions, doubts or suggestions you might have, you can PM me or post them at the Event Development Thread (n.n)

*p.d. 2 @Draconus297has made the first post, and it's an interesting one. It's part of this event, but at the same time it's a mini event in itself. He'll make a gift for you if you go there. Posting in that thread also nets you points.

p.d. 3 Deadline for the Event is Dec. 31, 2020, or if Dark Magician Girl is saved before that date. I guess we'll have to use a Time-Travelling device if she's rescued after the 24th. Did this sound nerd? Yeah, I know.

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