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The following post is a google translation from Spanish. I apologize in advance for the inconsistencies.

A little introduction:

The Gladiator Beast's deck debuted in 2008 on 5Ds generation as a META deck alongside the Blackwings and Lightsworns (which I remember as strong competitors). His unique strategy of shuffling on the deck after the battle to summon another monster and activate its effect (a kind of replacement) together with his peculiar form of fusion without the need for polymerization (Yes Neoespacian, we are looking at you) forged him a formidable fame and not fews "No dude, I do not play with you". Proof of this is true, is "Gladiator Beast Bestiary" their As card how was limited to 1 in all the lists until well installed the XYZ monsters, at the end of the subsequent generation ... However, we are not in 2008, and time does not forgive ... Despite the fact that a lot of attention has been paid to the deck with regular updates, the entrance of the Pendulums and the most recent Links in the field have passed it bill. As an expert player of this deck, I think I have enough experience to show what could well be the new generation of "Gladiator Beast" or the same, a good facelift that could take them out of the casual and create headaches in the competitive . Whether you are a player of this deck or if you have never seen it, I invite you to take a look at the new cards and strategies that I devise, and comment on anything you like, since in the end it is free and my goal is not another to debate and have a good time. (If Konami dares to legalize the cards it is a Plus Xd)

From now we will abbreviate GB instead of "Gladiator Beast"

If someone could tell me a place to upload the images of the cards and make the post more enjoyable, I would appreciate it.


"Gladiator Beast's Magic Colosseum" 


On this field Spell Card I create the new conception of this cards, so I think it is appropriate to comment on it first. When activated, this card allows you to directly place a "Gladiator" magic or trap from your deck (the tag "Magic" has to come from somewhere Xd) which helps you to form a strategy according to the hand you have, but that not the main thing ... As long as it is face up AND ALWAYS you control at least 1 GB, the field will treat all other monsters IN BOTH fields as GB, whether they are or not. This is the mainstay of the new effects: Use the opponent's "Gladiator Beast" (never better the quotes) for your purposes. You will see later. As a plus, if the enemy's deck depends a lot on its archetype, it will have a very bad time ... A monster, for example, with the effect of "If you control an Altergeist, special summon this card from your hand" cannot be summoned because it will have always GB (You will have to destroy the field or your GB monsters for the effect to disappear)


"Gladiator Battle Cry" 


Anyone who has played with a GB deck knows that you have to insert cards like "Unexpected Dai", "Onslaught of the fire kings" or the recent "Tri-brigade Airborne" to speed up the deck in the absence of your own cards to do so. Well, with this trap you could do without all the others. I made sure that its use did not become generic by putting the last conditional on it.


Gladiator Beast's Champion Krixus 


Yes, the GB deck needs a main Boss monster, and this is my proposal for it. (If you ask the name comes from the antagonist of the first season of the Spartaco's series ") As an evolution to the old Boss Heraklinos (who discarded a card to negate any trap or magic card) this returns 1 specific card "Gladiator" into the deck to negate not only magic and trap cards, but monster effect. Once por turn? No, as many cards do you have to negate. As a defense it could not be destroyed by card effects, (come on don't put that face, it's the minimum that could be expect from a Boss monster) and during the Battle Phase it would not allow the activation of effects other than GB. Note that for this last effect it is not advisable to have the field Spell Card active, because in this case the opponent's monsters would be considered GB and could make their effects, or what would be in the anime to Yugi saying -All monsters have a weakness, and I will find it Xd- To culminate their attack is not from the other world. 3900 if you propose, you can do it, you just have to see if they don't deny you in the attempt.

Gladiator Beast Cestuss


GB Boss monsters are characterized by being defensive. "Heraklinos" denies activation of magic and traps cards while "Domicitiano" denies activation of monster effects, and, re-directs attacks (double defensive). This "GB Cestuss" does not negate anything, it only hits and specializes in creating holes for you and destroying typical strong monsters with inflated attacks that cannot be destroyed by battle. If the field is activated it will attack all your monsters and even if they are in defense it will inflict piercing damage. You see how deadly you can be with 3300 ATK.


Gladiator Beast Ferazios 


And the last fusion comes disguised as "Superpolymerization" since with the active field it will use all the opponent's monsters to summon itself. This Kaiju-Lair Of Darkness Tactic is annoying, so to balance it I made sure that I did not return to the extra deck by making it incompatible with fusion, and not adding the typical GB effect of retreating to look for others. As a bonus for the safety of my opponent I inserted that I could not attack directly. It is not going to be that he uses the 5 monsters of the field and then the enemy has to deal with 4000 direct. I accept that it could well be limited to 1.


Gladiator Beast Sacred Belt 


Legend says that in forgotten times the GB used equip spell cards ... You'll think it's a joke but I'm not exaggerating. Only in the first year after the deck was released the equipment cards were used, and then it was necessary to give space to denial and reinforcement cards and they were discarded. With this new card I invite you to at least consider reusing 3 of the 4 original equipment cards, which would grant a GB monster as a whole to avoid being destroyed in battle, avoid a destruction by card effect, and destroy a magic or trap card every time it attack. The counter is still the same as before ... Can one now allow himself to draw such simple equipment cards instead of an Ash Bloosom or an Evenly Matched? In any case create a GB that could tempt you to use this strategy, by taking advantage of equipment cards...


Gladiator Beast Carmellion 


This monster fulfills a defensive role allowing you to shuffle all GB on the field to their decks with its quick effect. As I mentioned, it has effects related to equipment that make it dangerous if the field is activated, since it will equip a GB monster with which it fights, and it could well be that a Boss. As a plus, it gains 300 ATK for each equipped card, and if we take into account that a "GB Sacred Belt" and 3 other magic that you would probably use add up to 4, if used in it it would have a negligible ATK of 3900 along with the joint effects of the team cards. I think this monster is the most powerful GB non-Fusion, you will judge.


Gladiator Beast Rytiano


I think dragon-type GBs were necessary first of all. "GB Rytiano" is another powerful no-fusion GB that I created thinking about giving consistency to the deck and not depending so much on its fusions. This monster is very easy to summon using the existing "GB Noxius", and it makes a perfect combo with it if you send it to hand to be summoned special from the GY, that, as long as the field is not active and we have at our disposal a Opponent's "GB". Its effect is also not to be taken lightly, splitting the ATK and DEF of an attacking monster by 2500 gives it the power to destroy targetable Bosses. As a detail, its effect is required, so if or if we will have to divide the attack of a monster, which would ultimately be the same.


Gladiator Beast Albelantro 


To finish the additions of lvl.5 + monsters we have this card whose first effect allows it to act as a combo breaker if the field is activated, since the enemy's monsters are GB too. Otherwise it is a monster to fuse and play safely. If you coordinate it well and merge some aggressive GB like "GB Gizaurus" or "GB Cestuss" with him, the opponent will find it difficult that turn.



Gladiator Beast Prokatores 


This monster is perfect for use with the GB Magic Colloseum field. It returns a GB to the hand to be summoned, and that GB already knows that it would be an enemy monster. Otherwise it attacks directly, in case the situation requires it (Fatality if the "Gladiator Naumachia" trap is used) and its last effect can create opportunities, although not as wide as one would think by limiting the summons to Lvl.4 or lower.


Edited by Henrrich Rodriguez Diaz
Card Pictures ready. Enjoy and comment
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5 hours ago, Dokutah Jolly said:

@Henrrich Rodriguez Diaz

The best way to put image to your post is via imgur's bb code, the account is free 

Thanks a lot @Dokutah Jolly. I follow your advice.

5 hours ago, yamiyugi111 said:

These are pretty cool!! I have only recently started looking at Glad Beasts thanks to 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links'. I like their play style and how quick they are to assert their dominance on the field! 

All my life I have played with these cards and as I said, before they were more feared than the devil himself.

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