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Christmas Event 2021 - Madolche Realm Under Attack!

Rayfield Lumina

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Greetings and Welcome, YCM Community. With great pleasure -and nervousness again, even though its the second time- I declare the Christmas Event of 2021 open and ready to go!


🎄 Purpose

The main purpose of this event is to have fun among us YCMers. While at it, we'll foster the site's activity as well as fill the atmosphere with the spirit of Christmas... something I'm not doing very well so far if the second thing you saw in this thread is Madolche Chateau burning to ashes xD.

🎄A Background Story that, just like last year, makes No Sense

December had come, and the Madolches were burning to start the preparations for the 24th. Knowing that the tyrannical, fat entity known as Santa Claus had been imprisoned last year for negligence and reindeer abuse, the clan was worried about the kids around the world and were planning on taking Santa's job. In case you're wondering, Dark Magician Girl got a bit traumatized from last year's kidnapping and didn't get involved this time. Thus, the little Madolches were focused on the frantic toy making, unable to see the darkness that was approaching.

The day least expected, they attacked. The Shaddolls, in the middle of a fierce conflict against the Qliphorts, were seeking empowering to turn the tide of war. And being them dead dolls of darkness, what creatures would be best to corrupt but another dolls? The innocent Madolches were the perfect victims. Therefore, their relentless attack began!

The Madolches were skilful and strong despite their size and appearance, but they couldn't stand against the surprise attack of the Shaddolls, and their kingdom fell quickly. Amidst the chaos, the one and only Madolche who managed to escape the assault was Magileine, and only because her friend and rival, Puddingcess, used herself as bait to make a chance for Magileine to escape. Since then, Magileine tried time and again to rescue her friends, but everything was to no avail.

Understanding that it was impossible for her to accomplish anything alone, she embarked on a quest to find help. This she bowed to herself: She'll find the way to save her people, no matter what! Will you help her?


1) Post anything related to Christmas in the corresponding YCM subforum and tag me so I know you’re participating! When I say anything, I mean anything.
* Single Cards, of any kind. Competitive Cards, Casual Cards, Joke Cards, all is good
* Multiples (as long as the thread has 3+ cards, the value is 150 points as opposed to the other items in this list, with a value of 100)
* Drawings
* Short Stories, Poems or any lyrical work
* Music
* Memes
* Absolutely anything I didn’t mention you come up with and was created by you!
As long as it’s xmas related, it’s completely welcome. By posting any of the above and tagging me, you earn points and come closer to saving the Madolche Realm. Magileine is in great need of your assistance! You can post and participate as many times as you wish. Just don’t forget to tag me, please. Alternatively, and this is optional, you could make a Status mentioning you did something. This is even better, as you help me let the event be known more widely. Of course, if you find this too much of a nuisance, simply tagging me is fine.

2) The Phases

The Event will be divided in three phases. I will make a separate thread from this, which I’ll hold at the General Section of the Site. You’re welcome to post in the Christmas Thread as much as you’d like. Actually, doing so will net you points, though less than making a Christmas Post. In that thread, I’ll be keeping record of the score, as well as links for everyone’s work so far. But also, you can take up the Event’s Challenges there, and try to solve them. Whenever you solve a puzzle, you are also awarded with a handsome amount of points. I insist like last year: Imagine Zelda’s Item Obtain Fanfare when receiving points, please n.n

❄️ Phase 1: Searching for Help

Magileine is desperately looking for help, but, who would be willing to lend an ear to her? 4 individuals were interested in her story. To find out who, you post Christmas stuff anywhere, as indicated before. Each time somebody posts, a Hint is added. The hints will reveal info about that particular Monster, specially in regards of the artwork, but sometimes it'll be actual card info. Once you think you know which monster is it, post and make a guess (single name). When the 4 Assistants have been revealed we proceed to Phase 2.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you post trying to guess an Assistant, only try with one name. If you post multiple names, only the first one will be taken into account. If you fail, you must wait for other 2 people to make guesses until you can try again! This way, more people has the chance to try instead of having one person spamming guesses endlessly.

❄️ Phase 2: Desperate Measures

The aid of the 4 Assistants was contradictory and sometimes cryptic even, Magileine was unsure about what to do. Following her instincts, she visited many places and new people in order to gain the strength and knowledge to beat the Shaddolls. Your duty is to uncover which places/people she visited.

You will find 6 squares divided in 36 smaller squares, as a grid. These squares are hiding a YGO card artwork. The only hint I'll give you about them: 2 Monsters, 2 Spells, 2 Traps. Once the Phase is on, you're allowed to ask me to reveal 1 tile from any of the Squares. In addition, whenever somebody makes a Christmas Post, they’re allowed to remove 3 tiles, though they can’t be adjacent horizontally or vertically. Some of these squares contain Items you will be able to use during Phase 3, but they'll also be a nuisance because they do not let you see what's below, mwahaha. It'll be harder than you'd think, because the Artworks are heavily distorted and/or even turned. Well, it's hard to determine the difficulty as you make them, but hopefully you break your head trying to guess xD. Once the 6 artworks have been guessed correctly we move forward to the Last Phase.
IMPORTANT NOTE 1: 1 guess at a time, and waiting for 2 people to guess rule apply here as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If this Phase proves to be too difficult, I have plans, like allowing people to ask for slight decrease of distortion or removing the Items. We'll see as we play. Again, perhaps I'm overestimating the difficulty and you guys solve them easily.

❄️ Phase 3: The Shaddoll's Lair

In the Final Phase, you’ll partake in a Board Game of sorts with a slight RP feeling to it, but of course, with much, much more simplified rules, as it’s just part of the Event and shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks. You’ll choose a YGO character from a roster and move through a dungeon filled with perils, with the mission of beating the lethal Shaddolls and free the Madolches. You will find items and rewards along the way, as well as riddles, monsters and traps! Once you have rescued all of your friends, the Event will be completed!

3) Reward

A Drawing made by myself. Yeah, yeah, I know, I hear your booing. That's the only thing I can offer, and just like last year, I'll do my best to satisfy your request. The person who gets the highest score will be bombastically announced in a Status, and that person has the right to ask me to make a Drawing of the character they like for them. You can judge my overall drawing capability by checking the spoiler in my signature. And well... if at the end of the day you're not interested in the award, just participate, for the sake of the event. Well, this is it. I thank you if you have read through it all n.n probably Nyx won't. I ask you to not simply read and disregard this, but to participate. I can’t remark enough how much I’d like to see you participating, Everyone is welcome to do so, and even the simplest of things will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure it can’t take you more than some minutes to make something for the event, so please help me make this a wonderful YCM Christmas! See ya in the Event Development Thread below.

Thread: https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/412025-christmas-event-2021-development-thread/


Rayfield Lumina

*p.d. 1 Any questions, doubts or suggestions you might have, you can PM me or post them at the Event Development Thread

*p.d. 2 @Draconus297 has made the first post (again, WTH?), and it's an interesting one. It's part of this event, but at the same time it's a mini event in itself. He'll make a gift for you if you go there. Posting in that thread also nets you points.

*p.d. 3 Deadline for the Event is Dec. 31, 2021, let's complete it by then unless you want all Madolches to be transformed into mindless shadow puppets!

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