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goat format pacman


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1 x cyber jar, 3 x des lacooda, golem sentry, lava golem, stealth bird, swarm of locusts, swarm of scarabs, 3 x book of moon, 1 x delinquent duo, graceful charity, mst, poggers, snatch steal, 3x compulse, judgment, t-roar, wall of revealing light, 1 x ring of destruction

hello and welcome to my first thread of 2021

recently i have begun playing goat format with my friend whose last experience was around 2013 and whose interest in the game has been reignited so we play this because it's on dueling book and it's easier than playing modern yugioh and also, dare i say it, a lot more fun

originally i was playing just the pile of good goat cards, then i started netdecking and i gravitated heavily towards reasoning gate as any deck with 3 reasoning 3 monster gate 3 dimension fusion and pre-errata dmoc is going to be tremendous fun, but i have recently grown to be far fonder of this list, shitty as it is, it's endearing, i root for these boys as they go up against much more powerful strategies 

i copied a list somewhere and have since been tinkering it towards more my liking with the most recent change being the removal of level limit area b and nobleman of crossout for the cyber jar and lava golems, which has made it a lot more fun and proactive which is something that was sorely lacking; removal without setup is a boon when you really do need to set up for a few turns

i will perhaps add more thoughts at some point but just to have this here for now i post thank you bye bye

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Hmm it is interesting. I've never seen any official topping builds but I gotta say it hadn't occured to me to try out Cyber Jar to speed up the process of setting up the board that'd otherwise have a slower than normal starting point.

I'm not sold on 3 of the cards in this although I can see why they'd be there.

1 -Lava Golem at 3 sounds a bit bricky in a format that doesn't really Special Summon a ton other than god hands and your limited Cyber Jar. Though I've got a personal trick in one Goat Format deck of mine that you might at the very least find amusing: I run "The Shallow Grave" to guarantee my opponent getting a second monster for Lava Golem to be used at, and in exchange my deck runs stuff like Mystic Swordman LV2 or Nobleman of Crossout. It is essentially extra Summons.

2 - Wall of Revealing Light, wasn't it in the list at some capacity during Goat era? Either way I recall the card being super fragile for the LP cost it ends up in. With stuff like Breaker, MST, Heavy, Dust Tornados, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Raigeki Break, Chiron the Mage, and Giant Trunade (which I recall being at 3 back then at some point). I'd recommend one of those be Mirror Force and you'd potentially benefit from a Sangan somewhere or even Mystic Tomatoes to help you maintain precense and a toolbox plan with the Swarm duo. You also could always try out Needle Ceiling but to be honest I haven't found a ton of success with it myself as it takes some time to setup and this format setting from the opponent's side is more common so they are more likely to dodge.... 

3 - Stealth Bird was a card I also initially tried using at 3, but I found out pretty often I'd just lose when I'd draw into it. If you don't already have control of the board with the other cards in the deck, it might as well be a subpar vanilla wall as it doesn't scratch the opponent beyond that burn. I personally kept reducing it on test hands towards 1 and only kept it when I had no better ideas on what to run instead of it.

I also recommend if you can find a spot for a single solitary Tsukuyomi to aid.... basically everything else in the deck.

Overall I am super glad to see an attempt at PACMAN. I quite enjoy the style and have even realized some more modern decks are kinda like PACMAN's current in a retrained state (like, that's what the flipping part of Geargias feel like at times for example). This recipe I will test out in the future to see if I eat my words though xD

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PACMAN definitely isn't top tier, but it's a decent mid-level deck that is a hump for players to get over. 3 Lava Golem is definitely too much. Most burn decks in general don't use it anymore, but you could play 1 if you wanted, max 2 I'd say. Especially since you aren't running Gravity Bind or Level Limit Area B. Which I feel you should look into playing.

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