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The Batman

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just got back from seeing it in a theater. i know i'm late and that everyone wants to watch multiverse of madness now, but i still am eager to hear what you all thought of this film.

here's mine: i think it may be my favorite batman movie (yes over TDK). i really enjoyed how the writers and crew leaned into the detective side of batman that we hadn't seen much of before (at least in live action). on the same note i enjoyed [spoiler alert from here on] how the story was as much about batman finding himself - realizing what gotham needs him to be, and that it requires more than vengeance and fear - as it is about the riddler's puzzles.

on that note (here's a hot take) i really think this riddler was the most realized, and scariest, batman villain on the big screen since heath ledger's joker in TDK, to the point of rivaling ledger even if not outshining him. (yes, i'm aware that jim carrey in Forever is technically a more accurate portrayal of the usual riddler in the comics, but it just wouldn't work here.) the other performances were great too - i dont know all the actors names, but all the other icons are realized in a way that both fits them and this vision of gotham - catwoman (also the best version of catwoman we've got in a movie), penguin, falcone and the others. after this movie i dont ever want to hear people tying robert pattinson (bruce/batman) to his roles in twilight again - that shit is over now.

one last note: i was very impressed with both this vision of gotham city as well as how fully it was realized. if the nolan movies were like crime dramas, i'd compare The Batman to a film noir, even if it's just to underscore how much more realistically grounded this version is than even the nolan films. that and the cinematography is also very fond of playing with light and darkness, even if in a different way than classic or neo noir. (i havent watched much of either so if i'm wrong please correct me.)

those are my thoughts. yours?

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Overall, a lot of the same. I don’t agree with the hot take here but that may just be bias because the joker is easily my favorite DC villain. By the way, a few nitpicks because they annoyed me when watching the film:

I don’t like how there are SO many moments when Robert Pattinson is just staring into the camera for several seconds, some of them make sense but some just feel like they’re there to patten out the run time.

Batman and Catwoman’s kiss feels forced, at that point in the movie, it doesn’t really feel like they would see each other like that. I get that Batman and Catwoman have this forbidden love thing in the comics but I don’t feel like it should’ve been here, especially not at the point when it happened.

finally, it’s a little weird that they turned the Riddler into a terrorist LIVESTREAMER. I get that they’re trying to evolve the character with the times but I feel that the way they portrayed him before the livestreamer reveal was just fine. 

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