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The General OS-tan Image Sharing Workshop

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Okay I'll start here this is goona be my first post.

Heres goona be my 2 Windows OS-tans XP and 11 since there Released 20 years apart from each other XP being October 25th 2001 and 11 being October 5th 2021 UwU there both cuties.

27937dbd8321ee8859d026bbc3c4572796ef84f6.jpg@656w_370h_progressive.webp.3a2e3eb6b4deb50e2cf7e72bf5f98eb8.webp d1fuelm-5380d91a-3b29-41b5-be19-a488f98b1c86.thumb.png.1a16d07c891dfcc9f88b8eca95a3cd2c.png

@Rayfield Lumina and @Kokoroshi and @Loleo If you wanna join just leave a post with an image of an OS-Tan in this thread workshop here and I'll be happy.

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