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Hello everyone!

My Skype handle is tied to this place and I remember that I used to spend some time here as a teenager. I even used to be a moderator for a short time. However I can't remember any passwords or e-mail-addresses I used.

This seems to be a past account of mine since my handle was posted with it but I can't access it anymore. https://www.cardmaker.net/profile/33873-cinnamonstar/

Therefore I made a new one.

I don't remember anything from this site, not even the way it looked, and I'm trying my best to navigate it on my smartphone.

Nice to be here (again)!

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12 hours ago, Horu said:

Or just simply @YCMaker and he can help you out

Yeah @YCMaker Seems to never be on or very active on this site if he only gave 1 of the moderators even @The Nyx Avatar that would be so much better then we can have more then 1 admin on the site @The Nyx Avatar seems to be more active on the site and if given this role will be able to do his or her wish list that they made on this site awhile back even do give this site a whole new UI redesign and overhaul to attract new users to the site If I was in control of the UI design it would take inspirations of the Gnome 40 Series that the Linux Desktop Environment so that's why I want Nyx to become an administrator of the site so it can grow and we can add new features to this site and Nyx would be able to rest the password of anyone lost account on the fly there are 2 admins but the other one with the Pizza pfp isn't active anymore only @YCMaker is very active but he still is not as active as @The Nyx Avatar and plus it could do as some good if we have another admin on the site you know what they say 2 heads are better then 1 and 2 Admins are better then just 1 and you know @The Nyx Avatar Deserves a promotion because they are dedicated to helping this site grow.

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On 3/23/2023 at 8:50 AM, BRADEN TACKETT said:

2071070840_InfiniteCreationDragon.thumb.jpeg.e07106f6161d2b6c058bc7f5fa7f07a6.jpegThis is a card that I made. I hope you like it Because it took me a while to get the image to load.

Just make your own Introduction thread.

And post these in Joke and Overpowered cards instead of other people's threads. It just comes off as rude doing so here

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