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Summoning chants

Lone mouse

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This is my first time making something like this so sorry if I do something wrong


1. Don't be mean if you don't like something about a chant is fine just try to be constructive please.

2. If you want to make a new chant for a monster that already has one in the anime or in this thread thats fine

3. You can copy paste chants from the anime just mention that it's from the anime.

That's all the rules but now for a couple chants of my own.

Spright elf: "Ignite to ablaze us with your power! Link summon link 2! Burn bright Spright elf!"

Gigantic spright: "You heard the thunder booming? Well look no further!  xyz summon rank 2! Step into the light Gigantic spright!

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Summoning Chants from the Anime and Manga I remember or at least know.

Duel Dragon users AKA Signers and Dark Signers in the Manga
Yusei: "Burst from the Event Horizon! Champion of Gravity! Gravity Warrior!"

"This is my Final Synchro Summons! Lightning Warrior!"

"Flash of Light that splits the sea of stars! Shake our souls and roar through the World! In My companions! In my friends heart! Synchro Summon! Stardust Spark Dragon!"

Jack Atlas: "Star of Death Shining at Heaven's Zenith! Descend to Earth and Judge the Living! The King of Divine Punishment! Dark Highlander!"

"Rend the Obsidian Darkness, Scorch Heaven and Earth! Isolated, absolute king! Glare at all Creation and display your Ferocious Might! Red Dragon Archefiend!

"Aloof! God of Destruction! Descend from your Sacred Realm and bring about the End! Red Dragon Archfiend, Red Dragon King Calamity!"


"A cold flame envelops the world, Black Flower Bloom! Appear! Black Rose Dragon!"

" Lofty Rose that buds in a garden of Integrity, Bloom Here, watered by Young Moonlight! Moonlight Dragon Black Rose!"


"Brandish the Blade of Myth Heroic Raptor! Blackwing, Nothung the Starlight!"

"Fly to us from the Last Days, Cloaked in Obsidian Wind! Black-Winged Dragon, Black Feather!"


"If you wanna tick off this Full Metal Monster, go right ahead! Power Tool Dragon!"


"Spirit that rules the field from the forest of antiquity, Veil yourself in flesh and Descend to us! Ancient Fairy Dragon!"

And Lastly

Rex Goodwin: "Heaven! Fate! Principal of all Phenomenon! Ride the Spinning Wheel and Manifest here! Celestial Conquering Dragon - Drago Ascension! 

Sect Ijuin:

" Now meet my Strongest Insect! Great Poseidon Beetle!"

"Lord of the Flies! You who leads Demon Gods! Cast your Shadow on this Disgusting World! Archefiend Dragon Beelze!"

"O Trillion Maggots who writhe upon the Earth! Transform yourselves and bury the Heavens! The whole world is in the palm of our hand! DOMINATE IT! Archefiend Uber Dragon Beelzues!" 


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I have a few I've made for my Boss Monsters I've tried to make for characters...so here goes...(Inhales and Exhales)

The Ruler of the Liches, Death itself: "It starts with me, it ends with me. I rule supreme! Prepare for Hell and have your Life flash across the River of Souls! I Summon myself! The Ruler of the Liches, Death itself!"

Leanne's Chants for her two Boss Monsters (She's a Fallen Angel)

"The Sacrifices have been made. Lord of a Forgotten Realm, Lost in the ravages of time and with thirst of revenge. Descend upon us and Display the might of a God! Tribe Leader of the Fallen, Darrius!"

"I Fusion Summon! Great King of a lost Kingdom who has been Lying in wait, your crown rusted from the ravages of time. Appear before us now, and show these mongrels the might of the Heavenly King you are! Tribe King of the Fallen Regulus!"

Revolver, and Yusaku with their boss monsters in the fan made manga still in progress

"Appear! The Circuit that Lights up my Path! Arrows Confirmed! The Gale that slices through a Gated World and Travels into Alternate Dimensions Appear! Link 5 Topoborrel Zeroload Dragon!"

"Appear! The Circuit that leads to the Future! Bonds of the Ignis that have fallen, emerge and lead to a Brighter Future! Accelerated Link Summon! Appear Link 6 A.D.A.M.Code Talker!"


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Custom Cards

Dark Realm Lich Lord: Lord of the Dark Realm hear my call! Make our enemies quake from your power! Synchro Summon! Come forth, Dark Realm Lich Lord!1479664276_createcard(7).jpeg.dc5026fb0a2c9741b084ea0be4abd1e5.jpeg.ce9a8fb743819907d1817ab088e894e3.jpeg


Dark Realm Lich Lady: Lady of the Dark Realm, aid me in this duel and show the enemy the fury of a scorned woman of power! Synchro Summon! Appear, Dark Realm Lich Lady!


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2 hours ago, Kokoroshi said:

Rise from the abyss and reign over all dimensions, Link-2, Triple D Abyss King Gilgamesh!

Edit: only says triple D in English Dub, would be D/D/D in Japanese 


Course you would do a d/d/d card but yeah a link monster would reign over all dimensions. did you know that they made a d/d/d/d monster?


Access code talker(Playmaker): Seize the wind that connects to the unseen world! Link summon link 4! Access code talker!

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12 hours ago, Lone mouse said:

Course you would do a d/d/d card but yeah a link monster would reign over all dimensions. did you know that they made a d/d/d/d monster?


Access code talker(Playmaker): Seize the wind that connects to the unseen world! Link summon link 4! Access code talker!

D/D/D is my main archetype, of course I’d do a D/D/D card, and yeah, I knew there was a D/D/D/D card, I was surprised when it came out though, i wonder what it’s stands for, I always though D/D ment Different Dimension and D/D/D ment Different Dimension Destroyer But D/D/D/D is too many Ds, I can’t think of an acronym 

Red Supernova Dragon (Jack Atlas) - The king and devil have their souls merge here! Our Raging souls! Rawr with power enough to create heaven and Hell! Synchro Summon! Come, Red Supernova Dragon!


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Power tool braver dragon: "Now watch as I revert my dragon back to a machine with better armor! Synchro summon level 9! Burst through power tool braver dragon!"

Elemental hero shining neos wingman: "A hero who brings light to the dark! One who brings hope to the galaxy! Fusion summon level 9! Emerge elemental hero shining neos wingman!"  

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Apocryptid Monster Summoning Chants for my professor who uses them

"The Sacrifices have been made! Beast of Unmatched Rage and Power! Be released from the Chains that bind you and reveal your existence to the world! Apocryptid No. 1 Bigfoot!"

"The Sacrifices have been made! King of the Serpents! You whose eyes Kill with a single stare! Appear and show the world your Power! Apocryptid No. ?? Basilisk!"

Regis's XYZ chants

" I build the overlay network! I XYZ Summon! Hero Shrouded in Darkness, unleash your strength with the thirst of Blood you so crave! False Numbers 39: False King of Wishes, False Hope!"

"King who rules the land of the Oppressed! Manifest here, and bring forth your Deceased Crown! XYZ Summon! False Numbers 1: King of Lies!"

"Double Rank Up Magic XYZ CHANGE! First to walk the line of Evil, first to tame the demons inside and harvest your Darkness! Appear Before Us! False Chaos Numbers 39! False King of Wishes, False Hope V! You who control Dark Matter and Manifest it to your will! Roll like Thunder and Strike like Lightning! False Shining Numbers 39: False King of Wishes, False Hope of Black Lightning!"

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11 hours ago, Lone mouse said:

Chaos number 39: utopia ray victory(Yuma): Grasp victory in the shining future! Clustering feelings, connected by our hearts, will change the world! xyz summon rank 5! Chaos number 39: utopia ray victory!

Regis is an evil Yuma so I will counter with his False one. hem-hem. Hero with Bloodlust, You who walked the path of Darkness and emerged Victorious. Let your rage explode, and bring with it the wrath of Divine Strength! Rank Up XYZ Change! Arise! False Chaos Number 39: False King of Wishes, False Hope of Bloody Victory!

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P.U.N.K JAM dragon drive: "Cybernetic twins please be my bridge to victory! Synchro summon level 8! P.U.N.K JAM dragon drive!"

Ykiyoe-P.U.N.K amazing dragon: "I call upon a monster whose might is as strong as my will! I call my soul and bind it with this dragon's! Synchro summon level 11! Ykiyoe-P.U.N.K amazing dragon!"


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Summoning chants for my Fan Made @ignister retrains

Armatos Legio Tres Lumines: "Warrior of Light, You who have led entire armies into the dawn of a new rule, display your Battle Strength and Exert your Dominance on the Battle Field! XYZ Summon! Armatos Legio Tres Lumines!"

Armatos Legio Shinnius Victoria: "I activate the Spell, Rank-Up-Magic Gladiators Force! I rebuild the Overlay Network with Tres Lumines! Warrior of Light! You with the might to conquer the might of Gods and Obtain Eternal Life! Shine Down on us and Display your Strength and Lead your Celestial Soldiers into the fray! Rank-Up XYZ CHANGE! Appear! Rank 5! Armatos Legio Shinnius Victoria!"

StormriderFortresship Queen Dynasty Bomber: "Due to my tuner, Stormrider Whirligig's effect, I negate the effects of two Stormridership Link Monsters and Special Summon them as Effect monsters whose levels are equal to their Link Ratings from my Graveyard! Arise my two Kings of the Skies! Level 1 Whirligig Tunes the now Level 4 Bahumut Bomber Custom and the now Level 3 Bahumut Bomber! When The Kings of the Sky Turn to rust and fade away, a new Queen arises to Rule the World! Link Fueled Synchro! Appear my ULTIMATE Ruler! StormriderFortresship Queen Dynasty Bomber! Level 8!"

G Golem Eternal Protector, Great Obelisk: "Alright, the pieces are in place! Time for some REAL Power! I activate G Golem Fusion! With this card I can fuse by using two Link Monsters that are Co Linked! I fuse my Invalid Dolmen and Aqua's Crystalized Heart! This is Revenge for all you've taken from me! When the Land and Sea Become one, The Bond of the Earth shall Crush Humanity underneath its Core's Molten Foot! This is my TRUE Strength! LINKED FUSION! Come Forth! G Golem Eternal Protector, Great Obelisk!"

Marincess Leviathan Queen: "Now you've done it! I'll make you pay for hurting Terra! I SHOW NO MERCY! I activate Marincess Awakening! I can Ritual Summon using Link Monsters I control as the requirements! I use my Wonder Heart and Great Bubble Reef, Both Banished by this effect! The Sacrifices have been Made! Queen of the Oceans that control the Earths Tide, Appear and cause the flood to end all in your path! LINKED RITUAL! Appear Before us! Marincess Leviathan Queen!"

Salamangreat Cindering Cheetah: "Appear! The Circuit that Burns in my Soul! I set Reincarnated Heatleo and Pyro Phoenix to the Link Markers! LINK SUMMON! Appear, Link 5! Salamangreat Cindering Cheetah! I'm not done! I activate Sanctuary's Effect! Wild Beast that Roams the Forest of Eternal Flame! Manifest Here and be reborn from the Ashes of your Comrades! SUPER REINCARNATION LINK SUMMON! Transcend! Salamangreat Cindering Cheetah!"


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The souls of the damned reincarnate in the shadows

Watch as they form the mightiest of dragons!

With vicious fangs and a relentless lust for battle,

This mighty beast conquers all!

Now my faithful servant, ascend to this noble field of battle!


Burn, ravage, and annihilate all of my foes!

Rank 5!

The dragon ruler of purgatory, Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon!


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