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A New Banlist!

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This is m version of the banlist and I will take ideas and stuff both Awesome Austin(brother) and Mono675(friend) helped me on this. I want to make this the best banlist ever so anything I missed please tell me!


Forbidden -

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of The Beginning

Butterfly Dagger - Elma

Call of the Haunted

Change of Heart

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of The End

Chaos Sorcerer


Cyber JarCyber-Stein

Dark Hole

Delinquent Duo

Exchange of The Spirit

Fiber Jar

Graceful Charity

Harpie's Feather Duster

Imperial Order

Last Turn

Last Will

Magical Scientist

Makyura The Destructor


Mirage of Nightmare

Painful Choice

Pot of Greed


Sinister Serpent

Snatch Steal

The Forceful Sentry

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Time Seal

Tribe-Infecting Virus


Victory Dragon

Witch of The Black Forest

Brain Control

Disk Commander

Treeborn Frog

Mirror Force

Gladiator Beast Heraklinos

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel

Judgment Dragon

Crush Card Virus

Sky Scourge Norleras

Advanced Ritual Arts

Ring of Destruction


NEW! - Disk Commander, Brain Control, Treeborn Frog, Mirror Force, Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, Celestia, Lightsworn Angel, Judgment Dragon, Crush Card Virus, Sky Scourge Norleras, Advanced Ritual Arts


Limited Cards -

You can ONLY use one of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined:


Allure of Darkness

Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus

of Darkness

Trade In

Dark Armed Dragon

Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

Phantom of Chaos

DDR - Different Dimension Reincarnation

Monster Reborn


Book of Moon

Breaker The Magical Warrior

Card Destruction

Card Trooper


Chain Strike

D. D. Warrior Lady

Dark Magician of Chaos

Destiny Hero - Disk Commander

Dimension Fusion

Elemental Hero Stratos

Exodia The Forbidden One


Future Fusion

Giant Trunade

Gold Sarcophagus

Gravity Bind

Green Baboon, Defender of The Forest

Heavy Storm

Left Arm of The Forbidden One

Left Leg of The Forbidden One

Level Limit - Area B

Limiter Removal

Mage Power

Magic Cylinder

Magical Stone Excavation

Magician of Faith



Mind Crush

Morphing Jar

Mystical Space Typhoon

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Night Assailant

Overload Fusion

Premature Burial

Right Arm of The Forbidden One

Right Leg of The Forbidden One



Smashing Ground

Snipe Hunter

Spirit Reaper

Swords of Revealing Light

The Transmigration Prophecy

Torrential Tribute

Trap Dustshoot

Twin-Headed Behemoth

Ultimate offering

United We Stand

Wall of Revealing Light


NEW! - Yata-Garasu, DDR - Different Dimension Reincarnation, Phantom of Chaos, Breaker The Magical Warrior, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, Dark Armed Dragon, Allure of Darkness, Trade In, Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus


Semi-Limited Cards -

You can ONLY use two of the following cards in the Deck & Side Deck combined:



Cup of Ace

Cyber Valley

Chimertech Overdragon

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner


Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

Solar Recharge

Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

Apprentice Magician

Creature Swap

Destiny Hero - Malicious

Green Gadget


Manticore of Darkness

Mask of Darkness

Nobleman of Crossout

Pot of Avarice

Reckless Greed

Red Gadget

Reinforcement of The Army

Royal Decree

Yellow Gadget


NEW! - Cyber Valley, Chimertech Overdragon, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Honest, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Solar Recharge, Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, Cup of Ace

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Yata must be banned dude, there are ways to abuse it in ways, many ways, Norleras and Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of The End being the main ones, but there are other....you figure out which monster/spell/trap can nuke the field...

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post a working deck using this banlist with yata!


Is it so hard for you to understand that even if Norleras is banned, ever thought of Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus or Demise? With Demise, not only can you nuke the field while Sangan is on the field, you can also deal a massive amount of damage as well...same story with Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus.


WAIT, WHAT THE funk?!?!?




Seriously, it should stay banned...

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Oh for the love of god, why are you so stubborn? Just ban Yata and be done with it already >_>


Also, don't ban ARA, just band Demise, there aren't many other good Ritual Monsters out there, and they need all the support they can get >_>

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