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If you could meet 1 Yu-Gi-Oh character...

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This belongs in Anime.


In awnswer to your question

1. Dark Magician Girl

2. Due to the fact I have a very vivid imagination and wiuld love her to be real.

3. Take her out on a Romantic date before ending day with a Loving Embrace *cries*

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Guest JoshIcy

games much?


1) Crowler

2) He runs my favorite type of monster

3) Buy him something that doesnt make him look so... (how he is)...

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I would want to meet the one you seem to be forgetting about:


1| Yugi Muto


2| he was the only cool character on the series... Until Yusei at least...


3| Duel him, and meet Atem. ^_^ I would be beaten at the duel though. ^_^

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