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What do you want to happen in Spiderman 4?


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I really don't wanna see a spider man 4 each one of there movies just kept getting worse and worse as the movies went on so since the last movie was so bad that even though I like spider man alot i didn't want to see the movie twice as it was I didn't want to see the end of spider man 3 so unless some one with a brain directs spider man 4 I just think the should just stop and make another movie instead

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yeah i wanna see carnage. the lizard.


please no kraven (i think he would look really cheesy on the big screen)


but i want them to basically redo venom like they are redoing the hulk.


that scrawny topher grace was like the most horrible eddie brock. has anyone SEEN eddie brock in the comic???!!!


and the way the didnt even cover his face with costume at the end of the movie was horribly dissappointing.


carnage yes. more venom (new actor plz and MASK ON PLZ). and the lizard would be ok.

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Yeah' date=' Mew 101 told me when it was going to come out by the way.


How do you know one of them will be Lizardman?



When I heard when it was coming out, they said that one of the villians will most likely be the Lizard. And in an Interview with Stan Lee that I watched, he said the Realy has a strong feeling in his gut that the Lizard is going to be in Spiderman 4. Also in Spider-Man for the GBA, Doc Ock was a boss. Spider-Man 2's Bad Guy. That patterin didn't happen with Spidy 2 & 3, but will most likely happen again. Plus Lizard was a big Part Spiderman 3, the game. Also, if you've watched Spiderman 3, you'll notice Dr. Conners has stared taking an intrest in lizzards. The same thing happens in the comics, because he has 1 arm. So he wants to regrow it by fusig his DNA with a lizard. SO basicly, I've Marvle has givin to many clues. Also, his name isn't Lizardman. It's just Lizard.


lso, I hate to break it to you wh want Spidy to die, but Marvle signed a contract with Sony for 7 movies...

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