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Do you wanna be a YCM legend?

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You have probably seen a similar club but I have restricted cardmakers entries there so here is a last chance to help with the ultimate set!


^ Club Link ^


1 - You are allowed to enter but 1 card

2 - The top entry (1st Place) gets to assist the club in making the ultimate set!

3 - You CANNOT enter if you are a member of the club already!!




1 - 1 rep, 100 points, gets to help with ultimate set

2 - 1 rep, 75 points

3 - 1 rep, 50 points

4 - 1 rep, 25 points

5&6 - 1 rep


The End date is Next Sunday 6/15/08




1 - protoman527799 - Entry In!

2 - CardCapter - Entry In!

3 - rav43 - Entry In!

4 - warmaker29 - Entry In!

5 - Carnage - Entry In!

6 - BH15 - Entry In!

7 - poke123 - Entry In!

8 - Griffinsusername - Entry In!

9 - Stardust Dragon - Entry In!

10 - tuffguy1992 - Entry In!

11 - saint_jimmy - Entry In!

12 - Marshmallon King - Entry In!

13 - Frlf - Entry In!

14 - Duelist9 - Entry In!

15 - Tyranno Kenzan - Awaiting Entry

16 - Deswombat4ever - Awaiting Entry

17 - Elemental Hero Anthony - Entry In!

18 - samm328 - Entry In!

19 -「tea.leaf」- Entry In!

20 - Magicbunny - Entry In!

21 - migi - awaiting entry

22 - Diedra - enrty in!

23 - God GAK - entry in!

(cannot go higher)

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Every Turn roll a die.If it lands on 1 destroy this monster.For every spell card on the feild this card gains 1000 ATK.For every trap card on the feild this card gains 1000 DEF.Whenever a monster is Special Summoned this cards attribute changes to the attribute of the card that has just been Special Summoned.If this card is destroyed as a result of battle Special Summon two level 4 or below monsters on your side of the feild.If this cannot be done remove this card from play.

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Do I have to be a 5-star mwmber? Anyway, here is my entry even though you know the card well.


EFFECT:You must tribute at least 2 monsters to Summon this card. The original ATK of this card becomes equal to half of the original ATK of the monsters you tributed to Summon this card. Once per turn during your Main Phase, you may tribute one monster on your side of the field to activate one of the following effects depending on the ATK of the tributed card: 500 ATK or less-destroy this card. 1500 ATK or less-gain Life Points equal to the original ATK of the tributed card. 2500 ATK or less-Draw 2 cards and if there is a monsters with an ATK of 1500 or less in your hand, Special Summon it.

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Ill enter with this card:




EFFECT: This card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If this card attacks directly, after that Attack resolves, pick up (not draw) a card and reveal it. If it is a Trap Card, you can search your deck for 1 Level 3 or lower Pyro-Type monster and Special Summon it, Halving its ATK and DEF (The Picked Up Trap Card is placed back on top of Your Deck). The Special Summoned card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly and is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards. Destroy the card Special Summoned by this card's effect during the End Phase of this turn.


Thats one of my best cards! Well, I think so.

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I'll enter





This card can only be activated when your opponent controls at least 3 monsters on his/her side of the field. When this card is activated, roll a six-sided die, activate the correct corrosponding effect based on the number rolled, if its the Level of one monster on your opponent's side of the field, take control of the monster (if its a tie, you choose) and equip it to this card, if no monster on the field is that Level, select one monster from your Deck or hand and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position and equip it to this card, and if no monster in your Deck or hand is the Level of the result of the rolled die, Special Summon 1 "Hound Token" (Warrior-Type /DARK /Level 3 /ATK 1400 /DEF 1200). When the controled monster is destroyed, destroy this card also.



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