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>>{Glyph Set}<<|Latest Update: New Trap Card!|~Last Updated: April 7, 2009~

Parting Shot

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[align=center]Well, I decided to make this preview thread into the actual thread for the set (no sense in wasting a new thread :P), so the cards will be added here as I finish them.


Enjoy! ^_^








>>|Rest of the Set|<<











[spoiler=Spells and Traps]










Artist Credits:

All (except 025): Planet Renders

005: deity37

025: pic by Frigs_album


Tips for improvement or correction are welcome as always ^_^[/align]

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Well, thanks much everyone. I'm surprised that they're so well-liked :P


You should make Glyph a sub-type' date=' I'd change the color ^_^


I was thinking about that, but I didn't think it was needed since they don't really have anything special about them, other than name and pic (as in, they don't share some kind of weird effect like Gemini or my Rotators). Thanks for the offer, though ^_^


Very nice I'll give them an 8/10 and 9/10 if I'm in with you in making them. ^-^

Lol, at the very least I would be happy to hear any ideas you may have. For right now, though, I'd like to keep this a solo venture in terms of actually making them :P


Besides, we have our DSD set to work on together ^_^

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I smell major abuse with Dark Coffin and Statue of the Wicked. >_> Or was that your intention?


Glyph Explosion being a Counter Trap seems really random.

Actually, those are bonus. Most of the Glyph Spells will have secondary effects when destroyed, so I wanted to create more options to get those effects. Coffin and Wicked are just actual cards that would fit with these :P


Lol, yeah. I like to make my really cool traps as non-chainable as possible ;)

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They are kind of strong... I'd say that each card would be Limited (Celestra would be banned)... so getting out that fusion's gonna be hard.

Well, there will be more Glyph monsters, so the fusion probably won't be as hard as it currently seems. Thanks for the comments ^_^

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I've added 2 new cards to the first post.


Potentia - I'm not entirely sure the effect is balanced, so please let me know if it isn't.


Judgment - This was my first try at the whole bullet point thing, so I think I may have gotten them too big. Please just ignore that fact :P

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Uber Update Bump :P


I have finally completed more Glyph cards, and have added them to the first post. I really am not sure about the balance playability of some of them, so any helpful comments would be much appreciated.



And, before you ask, Glyph Bot - TRM'T50 is actually more of a support card for a set I'm working on that's unrelated to this set (except for T50 :P), so that's why he may seem to have a weird effect that doesn't fit with the rest of the Glyph cards.

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