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What is your favorite card, and why?

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My favorite would have to be "Raigeki"


I just think that its a cool card, and it leaves your opponent wide open

It just makes me feel...different...no other card has really swayed me the way "Raigeki" does...yeah I know it sounds kind of cheesy...but hey!

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cyber valley would have to be my favorite' date=' all the versatility it has in just one tiny card...its just shear awesome! :lol:



OOH i have that card too!!! I think its really cool ^_^ the value is over 20$ but i wont ever sell mine ;)

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close tie.

Jinzo: i've always had a link to him (read the story in another posti made regarding my deck to tired to type it out)

Horus LV8: ah getting him out was always so fun. I remember seeing my opponent's face light up when he drew he would then look at the field and his face would sink. HE obviously drew a great Spell card lol.

Raviel: playable obelisk, i will have him someday.....

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