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Legendary Cardmakers 2009 - Where Legends Gather


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[align=center]Welcome to the Legendary Cardmakers 2009!


This club was originally made by God Kaze and then carried on by Dj Osiris and Shini until the club ultimately failed again.


"Here, the greatest card makers on YCM will gather to further improve the abilities of each other, as well as helping lesser members to reach their level of ingenuity. Each day, a different one of us will post a short pieces of writing about card making. This way, each of us will improve in the area that we lack in, but others strive. This will also be a place where we support each other’s threads. A Legendary Member of LCM never has to have his/her thread sink into the forum without a post. You help other, and you will be helped in turn.


There are a few different types of members; the Legendary Members, who I will PM invitations to join and they can post here, Former Legendary Members, LCM that have either retired or can't stay active; Elite Cardmakers (junior members showing superior skill and impressive cardmaking) and Junior Members, who can sign up here without an invitation. Junior members are members who want to become the best, want to participate with this organization, and also want me to keep an eye on them as possible future Legendary Members."


There have been 12 invitations for the title of Legendary Cardmakers. Members will be added as they accept. If members were to decline the invitation, another invitation will be sent to another member who I feel is worthy. If there are any old legendary Cardmakers who would like to join that I left out, they can join under the title of "Former Legendary Cardmakers" that goes along with Legendary Cardmakers and Junior Cardmakers.


Members are expected to stay active and give advice or help write articles.

Order does not display rank.


[Legendary Members]



Hunters Card Collection

Articles: The Hunter Cardmaking Process



Rose Duels

Articles: How to make a Unique Card

How to make a Normal Card Set



Chevalier's Archive





>> Cyber_Ice's Card Archive <<



Command Reverse



Alchemist Set





[Former Legendary Members]




Luna Lovegood



●•Instinct's Custom Cards Archive•●


Xander Royce


God Duelist








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