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(some more now) my newest creations/please rate


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Fixes are in the quote:


my new cards i hope ther good:

ps they will be updated




Minor typo' date=' battle "phase", not "fase". Do you want the release a monster to gain ATK effect to work with your opponent's monsters? Just checking, because it does currently. Over all, good effect.[/i']




"Dark attribute" is written as "DARK". Yugioh is very touchy about wording cards that bring back removed from play cards, maybe word it as "...you can special summon 1 or your removed from play level 2 or lower DARK monster or special summon 1 level 2 or lower DARK monster from your deck." Maybe change the effect to also trigger when special summoned or summoned in general, most people would rather use mystic tomato then tribute summon, it would bump the card from under powered to playable.



Fire attribute is written as "FIRE". There are various other small wording errors, no big deal, I've been there too. I can see you've tried to make it balanced and put effort in, that's what counts. It should say,


1 tuner + 1 or more FIRE non tuner monsters

When this card destroys a monster by battle, you can send 1 FIRE Monster from your hand to the graveyard to inflict damage to your opponent equal to the destroyed monster's level x 200. When this card is sent to the graveyard by a card effect inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.


I couldn't tell if you meant the sent monsters level or the destroyed monster's level, so I guessed.


Maybe change it to, "...you can discard 1 FIRE monster..." that way you can still use the effect if Macrocosmos, ect. is on the field, or get rid of the cost entirely, the effect is balanced without it.




Good Idea, word it like this:

The equipped monster gains 100 ATK x its level. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle, destroy this card instead.


I like it, it just needs a reword. Don't worry, we were all new to this at some point.


More to come



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