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High School Musical 3


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The High School musical series of Movies was a Lame attempt by Disney to appeal to the Young to Teenage Music Loving Market. They released the original Movie and it was such a success they decided to make 2 more. The Movies are normally reduced to Cliche lines lime "Let's go to the Mall!" This is then followed by various Cast Members singing some GodAwful Songs.


Then the Merchandise came along and every Girl had to have the damn Soundtrack. This led to a Epidemic of Young Girls wanting to Parody thier favorite character. Dsiney saw the Potential in this Brainwashing and decided to air the Original Movie at least 4 times a day on the Disney Channel.




Boy 1: School is so much fun!

Boy 2: Yeah! *Starts singing*

Girl 1: Did you say school was fun!? RADICAL! *Starts singing with the Boy*


Seriously the HSM series is enough to turn even the most Jolly of people Emo. DO NOT WATCH IT.

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