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[Discuss]Say Hello to more Blackwing support! *points to SD*

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Don't expect it to come to the TCG anytime soon as it stands a lot of the Duel Terminal cards have yet to be ported over.


Also, you can't comment on how good this card will be until the rest of the effect is confirmed. For all you know there is a side effect to this card that negates any usefulness it has in a Blackwing Deck. Also, mixing Dragon Tuners to Blackwings sounds like a terrible clash of synergies considering their current speed is good as is. Also, black whirlwind is pretty much Blackwings RotA so this seems kind of unnecessary unless you were looking to tutor Dark Simorgh or some other non-BW winged-beast cards.

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We have 5 dragon tuners' date=' none of which can be randomly put into a Blackwing deck.


Watch me make it happen :)

By the time we would get this, there should be though.


watch your deck suck ;D

T_T Thanks for the support guys...

I was thinking of siding 2 Magnas actually, but we'll probably have something better by the time this comes to the TCG.

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