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Is he dead or alive?  

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  1. 1. Is he dead or alive?

    • Jerk, he's still alive.
    • He's dead. La-Lala-
    • he became a dark signer MWAHAHAHA

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Ok. Everyone knows that most people will die if they get thrown off a motercycle that had :

flown 30 feet into the air

while that guy is on top speed

and the motercycle came crashing down to the ground.

And he went out of the duel.


So I assume he's dead. Or becomes a Dark Signer. Even people who don't want to become one can if they feel that "they still have something to do". For instance, Crow might feel sorry for the little kids he played with and become relived again.


Or, maybe some miracle occurs and he is still alive.

What do you think?

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To answer the question presented by this spam topic, Crow has not died (Unfortunately), so he will remain alive and not become a Dark Signer. His Life Points did not hit zero, but he's in no condition to continue the duel.


If he did become a Dark Signer, we would have another Johan Arc on our hands, and Kiryu already filled that role.


However, I'm certain there is no other Earthbound Immortal left for Crow.



Crow is alive, it's impossible for him to become a Dark Signer, and this is spam.


[spoiler=still tl;dr]

Ban this idiot.





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