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If you could meet someone in the Yugioh anime (Original, GX, and 5D'S) , and he/she won't do harm, who?

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My Personal harem!

Original: Mai (Breast, breast,breast), Serenity...(She is sososososososo Cute), Rebeca (She is only 12? But she is nice..XD).

GX: Rei (Same as rebecca), Myndy and Jamine (Rawr), SAoi's Sister (I can't remember name), Camula and tania (>=>).

5D's: HOLLY! Carly (To make her mine!), Aki (Same as the last one), misty.


the cool Guys.

Original: Raphael,

Gx: Misawa, Fubuki

5d's: Saiga


and the bad ones:

Original: Marik, Bakura

GX: Fujiwara

5d's: Any of them.

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