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Who is more "Gokuish"?

Who resembles Goku more  

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  1. 1. Who resembles Goku more

    • Luffy
    • Naruto
    • Ichigo

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Luffy, Ichigo, or Naruto?


Luffy has that Goku personality of carelessness and pure heartedness that we all love about him.


Ichigo has that "1up" factor that made Goku teh awezomess!! Getting beat by a villian and going beyond a level of insaneness and then beating ass.


Naruto...I guess is a mix of both. I guess he's here simply because he was inspired by Goku.


All of them have that essence that screams Goku and "Kamehameha" and SSJ factor. (Second and Third Gear, Hollow, and The Tail of the Week from the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox respectively.) Who resembles Goku more?

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Of course Luffy. They were both made by the same guy. >.> Didn't he say Luffy was explicitly based off of Goku's personality somewhat?

>They were both made by the same guy.

>both made by the same guy.

>made by the same guy.

>same guy.



But yeah. Luffy is more Goku-ish. Luffy is more heroic then the other 2 as well.

(I still prefer Naruto)

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I would have to say Naruto and Luffy are more like goku personallity wise, but ichigo is more like goku power wise being the most powerful character in the series


i think what would be harder is deciding who the vegetas of the series are, for naruto i would say sasuke, for bleach i think maybe a combination of ishida, renji and byakuya, and i cant really say if there is a vegeta like character in one piece


the krillen like characters are easy though, sakura, usopp, Kon, Rukia(1st to 2nd season)

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