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Who can make the most real-looking Dark Synchro?

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This IS in the right forum, right? If not, please move this to the right forum >_<|||


I've (tried to) search up some Dark Synchro cards in these forums, but none of them seemed exactly like the real ones. I think that Dark Synchros are the coolest cards there are, and I want people to post their Dark Synchros in this thread, to see who can make the most realistic Dark Synchros.


Here are some real Dark Synchro cards:




And here are my attempts at making Dark Synchro cards:



Note: I am NOT looking for a rating on those cards! In this thread I only care about how real the cards look. I don't care how horrible the pics look, how overpowered they are, or the fake types.


I'd say my Dark Synchros look pretty close to the originals, but not 100% realistic. I want to see how everyone else make their Dark Synchro cards, and how good they are.

BTW, I made my cards using Adobe Fireworks CS3.

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The stars looked perfectly normal when I changed their saturation to red (positive stars). They just look more contrasted when the saturation is in the purple-blue hue zone. I think for the real cards, their stars are a bit blurred...


PS: For other Dark Synchro makers: simply inverting a normal Synchro card doesn't look realistic at all. For best results, take the Effect Monster template and darken it. And negative stars are not made by inverting the positive stars, they are made by changing the hues of the positive stars.

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Realistic, as in look similar to the real Dark Synchro cards I posted above.


I see this has been moved to the Competitions forum. I don't consider this a contest, though...



@jk233_ultimatemaster: You've got the nega-stars right, but not quite the card color. Use the Effect Monster (brown) template as a starting point, and decrease its Brightness (I forgot the exact value I used; also, decreasing Lightness doesn't work quite the same way as Brightness). The resulting color you want is a kind of dark brown, instead of gray or black.


Should I make a Dark Synchro shop or something? Probably after someone explain to me what exactly a shop is, and what exactly "points" are and what do they do...

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Wow, that one is actually very good! Except for a few imperfections:


For the card name, I suggest using a black text, because for yellow or white text, when you darken the card, the text gets darkened. But if you use a black text, it won't be darkened.


The stars are a bit too far left. I suggest you get a regular card image, flip it horizontal, make it 50% transparent, and lay it over your original card, so you can see where the stars are.


The color inside the effect box should be maybe a little bit brighter... And the card color a TINY bit brighter...


At least one person can make a decent Dark Synchro beside me. Anyone else?


And can anyone explain to me what points actually does? Is it the only "price" I'll receive for making a shop?

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Can you post examples of their Dark Synchros?


And I'm sorry to say this, but yours is not the best. It's very good, but it has a few TINY imperfections, just like mine does. Read my above posts, because I've stated what those tiny problems are. But the only things that need fixing are your negative stars. They should be placed a bit more to the right.

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Uh... I told you to use the Wikia one, but resize it a bit. Lay a real card over your Dark Synchro with 50% transparency, so you can see how big the stars are supposed to be. I used the Wikia one but resized.


I'm not saying that everyone's cards suck. Some of them were great. It's just that I'm looking for perfection, which my Dark Synchros are far from attaining.

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