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Yu-gi-oh Capsule Monster Coliseum

Astro Dude

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Has anyone done a thread on this? If not I'll be the first.




I would like to talk to you all about one of the last Yu-Gi-Oh series 1 games which had 3-d Monsters: Capsule Monsters Coliseum.


The game started when Kaiba lost to Yugi in the Manga so Mokuba, Kaiba's younger brother, created a game combining Duel Monsters and Chess. Thus, Capsule Monsters was born.


This game has monsters of 8 different attributes: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Wood and Thunder. Each had different strengths and weaknesses.


Light is strong against Dark and Dark is strong against Earth. Fire is strong against Wood and Water is strong against Fire. Earth is strong against Thunder and Wood is strong against Wind. Wind is strong against Water and Thunder is strong against Light.


Each Symbol has different properties:


Light: Increase DF of Light and Earth, amplifies special abilities of Light, Reduces Dark PP

Dark: Increases AT of Dark and DF of Thunder and Amplifies special abilities of Dark. Reduces Earth PP.

Earth: Increase PP of Earth and AT of Light. Reduces Thunder AT and DF.

Thunder: Increases AT of Thunder and Dark. Reduces Light PP.

Fire: Increases AT of Fire and Wind. Reduces AT and DF of Wood.

Wood: Increases AT and DF of Wood and AT of Water. Decreases Wind DF

Wind: Increases DF of Wind and Fire. Reduces Water DF.

Water: Increases DF of Water and Wood. Reduces Fire AT and DF.


What I mean is it certain Symbols increase the AT (Attack) and DF (Defense) of monsters of that symbol and monsters opposite that symbol, (Light monsters are often paired with Earth monsters.) While others reduce PP (Power Points, the more your monster has the more hits it can take).


This game also uses the characters from the original yu-gi-oh series and their VA's (Probably the last game where Maddie Blaustein was Yugi's Grandpa, Megan Hollingshead was Mai before Bella Hudson took over the role and Tara Jayne was Mokuba also before Bella Hudson took over).


Here's the rundown:

Area 1: Joey Wheeler = Fire, Tristan Taylor = Wood, Duke Devlin = Dark, Tea Gardner = Water, Grandpa = Earth.

Area 2: Weevil Underwood = Wood, Mako Tsunami = Water (duh), Rex Raptor = Earth, Mai Valentine = Wind, Mokuba Kaiba = Thunder (the only Thunder symbol user).

Area 3: Bakura = Dark (indication?), Bandit Keith Howard = Dark, Maximillion Pegasus = Light, Odion Ishtar = Earth, Marik Ishtar = Dark.

Area 4: Shadi = Light, Yami Bakura = Dark, Yami Marik = Wind, Ishizu Ishtar = Wind, Seto Kaiba = Light.

King Coliseum: Maximillion Pegasus = Light, Ishizu Ishtar = Light, Yami Marik = Fire, Shadi = Dark, Seto Kaiba = Light.


One of the hardest challenges for me was trying to beat Yami Bakura with a Thunder symbol since it reduces the PP of my Light monsters, but it can be done.


Let me know what you think of this game.

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Thanks you guys. And Kaiba was Light because his signature monster, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, was a Light Attribute monster. I was kinda shocked that Tea had a Water symbol. And why did Grandpa have an Earth symbol when he didn't have any Earth monsters? ANd I agree with Armadilloz, Keith should've had a a Thunder symbol.


Anyway, lets talk monsters.


There are monsters that Fuse and Monsters that evolve, yet neither of these processes happen when the monster is at Level 1. I'll explain that later, first, the list of monsters:


Light Monsters: Time Wizard, Skull Guardian, Skelengel, Petit ANgel, Shining Friendship, Happy Lover, Seiyaryu, Prisman, Mystical Elf, Rogue Doll, Ocubeam, Magician of Faith, LaMoon, Dark Witch, Gyakutenno Megami, Lucky Trinket, Fiend Reflection #2, Genin, Luminous Soldier, Carot Idol, Fairy's Gift, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.


Dark Monsters: Barrel Dragon, Curse of Dragon, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician, Magician of Black Chaos, Feral Imp, Gate Guardian, Illusionist Faceless Mage, Kuriboh, Zoa, Metalzoa, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, Ryu-Kishin, Ryu-Kishin Powered, Summoned Skull, Ushi Oni, Terra the Terrible, Tri-Horned Dragon, Needle Ball, Pumpking the King of Ghosts, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Exodia the Forbidden One and Summoned Lord Exodia.


Fire Monsters: Blast Juggler, Firegrass (changed attribute from Earth), Fire Reaper (changed attribute from Dark), Darkfire Dragon (changed attribute from Dark), Firewing Pegasus, Flame Manipulator, Fireyarou, Flame Swordsman, Flame Cerberus, Flame Viper (changed attribute from Earth), Garoosiz, Jigen Bakudan, La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (changed attribute from Dark), Launcher Spider, Ryu-Ran, Manga Ryu-Ran, Molten Behemoth, Tyhone #2, Yamadron, Mechanical Snail (changed attribute from Dark), Megasonic Eye (changed attribute from Dark), Meteor Black Dragon and Rigras Leever (now known as Rigorous Reaver).


Water Monsters: Akihiron, Crab Turtle, Fiend Kraken, Fortress Whale, Grappler, Great White, Kanikabuto, Jellyfish, Kappa Avenger, Krokodilus, Man-Eating Black Shark, Mech Bass, Penguin Soldier, Penguin Knight, Flying Penguin, Psychic Kappa, Hyosube, Root Water, High Tide Gyojin, Toad Master, White Dolphin, Yado Karu and Suijin.


Earth Monsters: Anthrosaurus, Battle Ox, Mystic Horseman, Rabid Horseman, Battle Steer, Celtic Guardian, Crawling Dragon, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Destroyer Golem, The Statue of Easter Island, Millenium Golem, Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts, Haniwa, Rock Spirit, Larvas, Mon Larvas, Hitotsu-me Giant, Judge Man, King Tiger Wang-hu, Masaki the Legendary Swordsman, Megazowler, Performance of Sword, Rock Ogre Grotto #1, Sengenjin, Super War Lion, Torike and Two-Headed King Rex.


Wind Monsters: Baby Dragon, Thousand Dragon, Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady Sisters, Drool Bird, Faith Bird, Gaia the Dragon Champion, Kazejin, Killer Needle, Kurama, Lesser Dragon, Metal Dragon, One-Eyed Shield Dragon, Parrot Dragon, Sky Dragon, Twin-Headed Behemoth, Tyhone, Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head, Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortess #1 and Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #2.


Wood Monsters (most are changed from Earth): Ancient Tree of Enlightenment, Trent, Arsenal Bug, Cockroach Knight, Dungeon Worm, Gokibore, Petit Moth, Larvae Moth, Great Moth, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Green Phantom King, Kamakiriman, Kumootoko, Hunter Spider, Kuwagata Alpha, Hercules Beetle, Kuwagar Hercules, Man Eater, Man-Eater Bug, Sonic Maid, Needle Worm, Queen of Autumn Leaves, Spiked Snail (changed attribute from Dark).


Thunder Monsters (most are changed from Light, Earth and Wind): Akakieisu, Bolt Penguin (changed attribute from Water), Cyber Saurus, Cyber Soldier (changed attribute from Dark), Dice Armadillo, Kaminarikozou (now known as Thunder Kid), Electric Lizard, Tripwire Beast, Gear Golem the Moving Fortress, Giant Mech Soldier, Mega Thunderball, Kaminari Attack, Lala Li-oon, Machine Attacker, Oscillo Hero # 2, Royal Guard, Shovel Crusher, Stell Ogre Grotto #1, Steel Ogre Grotto #2, Stell Scorpion, Two-Mouth Dark Ruler, The Imortal of Thunder, Sanga of the Thunder, Thunder Dragon, and Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.


That is a grand total of 200 monsters. Each with different movement patterns, attack paterns, special abilities and such. Any questions?

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1. Joey is easy to beat. You'll need Water monsters, after all he brought Fire Monsters to a Water themed board.

2. Thanks Roxas. It would be cool if Junk Synchron could evolve into Junk Warrior.

3. Do you mean the Valley of Howling Winds and Mai Valentine. That is a tricky map. Mai has Wind monsters to match her Symbol and Fire monsters to balance her out since Wood is Wind's Weakness. You have to be careful about what Water Monsters you try to bring in. One strategy I use is rather than bring the battle to Mai, I let her come to me. Usually I have a Petit Moth at level 3 by this point so it would be perfect to evolve it into Larvae Moth.


Speaking of which, let me share with you some Monster Evolutions:


LaMoon at Level 4 when placed on a board of 50 Light -> Dark Witch.

Petit Angel at Level 5 -> Shining Friendship.

Ryu-kishin at Level 5 -> Ryu-Kishin Powered.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon at Level 4 on a board of 60 Dark -> Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon.

Dark Magician at Level 4 on a board of 40 Dark -> Magician of Black Chaos.

Flame Manipulator at Level 3 -> Fireyarou (However, you can't merge it with Masaki to make Flame Swordsman).

Ryu-Ran at Level 2 -> Manga Ryu-Ran

Psychic Kappa at Level 6 on a space of 50 Water -> Hyosube.

Root Water at Level 5 on a space of 50 Water -> High Tide Gyojin.

Penguin Soldier at Level 3 on a space of 40 Water -> Penguin Knight.

Haniwa at Level 5 on a square of 40 Earth -> Rock Spirit (If you have the Prima Guide it's a lie about Stone Ghost).

Larvas at Level 4 -> Mon Larvas.

Petit Moth at Level 3 on a space of 30 Wood -> Larvae Moth.

Larvae Moth at Level 3 on a space of 30 Wood -> Great Moth.

Great Moth at Level 4 on a space of 40 Wood -> Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth.

Kumootoko at Level 4 -> Hunter Spider.

Ancient Tree on Enlightenment at Level 3 on a space of 50 Wood -> Trent. (There is only one board this can be accomplished at, Sealed Sanctuary which I will discuss in my next post. The problem is the Dragon has to breathe Wind.)

Electric Lizard at Level 6 -> Tripwire Beast. (Not Electric Snake as the rima guide believes).

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Hmm. Water Monsters can take a few hints but you have to be careful about how. Might I suggest putting in two Root Waters, two Psychic Kappas and two Petit Moths. Have the water monsters hit first then send the moths in as sweepers but keep your distance. Psychic Kappa may move in a starburst pattern (2 squares in any direction) but it can only attack horizontally and vertically one square ahead of it. Here's a helpful tip, place psychic Kappa behind Root Water. Since Joey's Fire Reapers have the same attack pattern as Root Water, he'll probably attack from two squares away. Use Psychic Kappa to bridge the gap. It's a helpful way for you to level up Psychic Kappa and Root Water in order to evolve them into Hyosube and High Tide Gyojin by the time you get to Fire Mountain.

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With a Light Symbol you get more Defense and with an Earth Symbol, Light Attribute Monsters get an AT boost.


Yami Bakura is a hard duel since there's no Light. His sortie is a mix of Dark and Thunder. Remember, Thunder is strong against Light and Dark is strong against Earth. What you'll need are Light and Earth monsters that can attack from a distance. And remember, Have his monsters come to you. You can Gang up on him with yours. Remember to take out his Tri-Horned Dragon first, then his Pumpking and use your Earth monsters to take out his Thunder Monsters. Try the strategy I posted. I may not look it but I am an expert strategist when it comes to games like this. So if you have any questions or you're stuck somewhere, let me know.


To kid: Sorry that was wrong. I'm impressed you made it to King Coliseum. So which board are you having problems with: Shrine of Chaos, Neverending Site, Fire Mountain, Sealed Sanctuary or Aerial Palace?

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I got it for my birthday from my aunt and i beat it in about a week. Pretty nice game. The evolution part of the game and fusion part was fun to do. The levels made it feel kinda like Pokemon, but it was easy to level up the monsters. My favorite monster in the game is the evolution of the Dark Magician piece which is Magician of Black Chaos.

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Like I said before in order to evolve it you have to place your Dark Magician Piece on a board or space that is 40 Dark and it has to be at Level 4. There are few boards with this property: Wicked Ceremonial Site, Corridors of Madness, Crimson Valley (at Night), City of Redemption, Shrine of Chaos (Dark Square), Fire Mountain (Raining), Sealed Sanctuary (When Dragon breathes Earth), and Aerial Palace (During storm). These 8 out of 25 boards can accomplish this.


I've beaten the game and with every attribute too. Some of the monsters were hard to obtain because most of the attribute symbols weakened them. For instance, with a Thunder symbol Kaminari Attack is a difficult monster to get. This is because one of the monsters for the fusion, Ocubeam, greatly suffers from the symbol's effect, while the other, Mega Thunderball, benefits from it. Both monsters have to be at Level 5 for the fusion to work. Speaking of fusions, heres the list. Next post will be the boards I promise. But for now, the fusions. Take note, when fused the new monster is level 1. Any fusion with a number in it means theres more than one of the same monster. Any unusuall Fusions are monsters that are fused, but did not do it before in the Card game:


Blast Juggler (level 5) + Two-Headed King Rex (Level 4) = Cyber Saurus.

Ocubeam (level 5) + Mega Thunderball (level 5) = Kaminari Attack.

Thunder Dragon (level 4) x2 = Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.

Kuwagata Alpha (level 3) + Hercules Beetle (level 3) = Kuwagar Hercules.

Baby Dragon (level 5) + Time Wizard (level 3) = Thousand Dragon.

Lesser Dragon (Level 3) + Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (level 3) = Metal Dragon.

(Unusual fusion 1) Harpie Lady (level 2) x3 = Harpie Lady Sisters.

Gaia the Fierce Knight (level 3) + Curse of Dragon (level 3) = Gaia the Dragon Champion.

Battle Ox (level 3) + Mystic Horseman (level 3) = Rabid Horseman.

(Unusual Fusion 2) Destroyer Golem (level 5) + Statue of Easter Island (level 5) = Millenium Golem.

(Unusual Fusion 3) Penguin Soldier (level 3) + Penguin Knight (level 3) = Flying Penguin.

Firegrass (Level 3) + Petit Dragon (level 5) = Darkfire Dragon.

Flame Manipulator (level 4) + Masaki the Legendary Swordsman (level 4) = Flame Swordsman.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (level 3) x3 = Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

(Unusual Fusion 4) Sanga of the Thunder (level 3) + Kazejin (level 3) + Suijin (level 3) = Gate Guardian.

(Unusual Fusion 5) Zoa (level 2) + Steel Scorpion (level 3) = Metalzoa

(Final unusual Fusion) Right Arm of the Forbidden One (level 2) + Right Leg of the Forbidden One (level 2) + Left Leg of the Forbidden One (level 2) + Left Arm of the Forbidden One (level 2) + Exodia the Forbidden One (level 2) = Summoned Lord Exodia.


As I said before, next the boards, first Area 1.

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Tomorrow is my birthday.


I guess I can tell you about shop monsters and rare ones:


Under certain conditions you can buy certain monsters at Grandpa's shop. Here's the list:


Giant Mech Soldier: Play the game for 20 Hours and play Area 2.

Firewing Pegasus: Beat Area 2 without losing a single match.

Sinister Serpent: Obtain more than 50 WATER attribute monsters.

Crow Goblin: Clear Area 1 and have less than 10 WIND monsters.

Celtic Guardian: Surrender 20 times in Area 3 or 4

Exodia the Forbidden One: Obtain all four of Exodia's Limbs and put them in your Capsule Deck.

Dungeon Worm: Obtain every other WOOD monster.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yes folks. I'm not kidding): Have at least 2 of this monster in your Capsule Deck.


Now for the rare monsters. These you can et when you beat the game, but you can only get three at random:

Light: Giltia the D. Kinght.

Dark: Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Fire: Rigras Leever (Now known as Rigorus Reaver).

Water: Fortress Whale.

Earth: Super War Lion.

Wind: Harpie Lady.

Wood: Javelin Beetle.

Thunder: Sanga of the Thunder.


Next I'll post you the boards and straregies, if you'd like.

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That's true, but think about what your Fire Symbol would do to your Wood monsters. See first post.

Now for the boards of Area 1:

You all know that in this game Dan Green provided the voices for Yugi and his alter Ego Atem (known in this game as Yami Yugi). I'll provide who did who's voice as well as what boards they compete on.

[color=#FF0000]Board 1: Forgotten Capital
Duelist: Joey Wheeler
Voiced by: Wayne Grayson (He voices Bolt Tanner in 5d's).
Symbol: Fire
MP: 270
Max Monsters: 6
Board AP: 300

Joey: Hiya Yuge. I've been waitin' for ya.
Yami Yugi: Joey!
Joey: The one and only. And don't think I'll take it easy on ya just because you're my friend.~I'm not holdin' anything back.
Yami Yugi: Then Let's get started Joey.

Joey has 4 Fire Reapers on a Water board. This can be used to your advantage. I suggest using Water Monsters like Psychic Kappa, Root Water and Penguin Soldier (if you have it). One good strategy I use is to let your opponent's monsters come to you. That's the srategy I use. Wait a few turns and you'll have 2 Fire Reapers to call your own.

Joey: I lost Yugi.
Yami Yugi: But Joey, you fought valiantly.
Joey: Heh, Yeah I guess I did. Maybe that's why I don't feel that bad that I lost. No Yuge, don't you be losin any other duels allright?
Yami Yugi: Of Course, I won't let you down.

[color=#32CD32]Board 2: Condemned Warehouse
Duelist: Trsitan Taylor
Voiced by: Frank Frankson (He's the main man Yusei in 5d's).
Symbol: Wood.
MP: 300
Max Monsters: 6
Max AP: 300

Tristan: Ta dah! It's me. The man, the legend, Tristan Taylor.~ Yugi, I may not be as experienced as you when it comes to games, but if you take me lightly, I'm gonna make you pay.
Yami Yugi: I know, that's why I'll use all my strength to defeat you.
Yami Yugi:No matter who my opponent is, I will use all my strength to defeat you. That is my proof as a true duelist.
Tristan: Ah, Ummm, maybe you don't need to use all your skills. Y-you know maybe just some. Please?

(This guy turned into Yusei?)

Tristan is a little smater than Joey, but not by much. The board splits into two routes: one for Wood and the other for Thunder and Tristan has both. Use Fire monsters like the Fire Reapers you picked up from Joey or Firegrass for the Fusion. And Earth Monstrs pierce a Thunder monsters DEF. Try Haniwa and Larvas to get them ready to evolve. You can bring any extra monsters to level them up like Kuriboh or your Right Leg of the Forbidden One. Wait for his Kaminarikozou (Thunder Kid) to be all alone. Then hit him hard. Take him out and you have your choice of Kaminarikozou (Thunder Kid), Steel Scorpion or his two Petit Moths (which over time will evolve into bigger moths).

Tristan: *sigh* I knew I didn't stand a chance against an expert like you, but it was a lot of fun. Keep it up Yugi, I'm countin' on ya to win the tournament.
Yami Yugi: Thank you Tristan.[/color]

[color=#9400D3]Board 3: Voltage Cage
Duelist: Duke Devlin
Voiced by : Marc Thompson (He's Sayer, Rudger and Yanagi in 5d's).
Symbol: Dark
MP: 300
Max Monsters: 6
Max AP: 450

Duke: Yugi, Don't forget that I invented Dungeon Dice Monsters, so I'm a game expert myself. We'll see who's the real king of games. I challenge you to a duel.
Yami Yugi: I accept your challenge Duke Devlin.
Duke: When I winn, all will hail the new champion.
Yami Yugi: It's time toi duel.

Duke is the first duelist to use a counter-balance strategy. The board is small and lit with starlight but his monsters, Kuriboh and Steel Scorpion, have excellent attack range on a board like this. Before you go gung-ho on him bring Light to battle Dark and Earth to battle Thunder but be careful not to let Earth battle Dark and Light battle Thunder you'll regret it. Careful strategy is key here. Win and you get your own Dark or Thunder monsters.

Duke: Yugi, You really are the King of Games.
Yami Yugi: You're not too bad yourself.
Duke: I lost, but I don't regret a thing because I duelled my best. Yugi, keep at it and win the tournament.

[color=#0000CD]Board 4: Sacred Street
Duelist: Tea Gardner
Voiced by: Amy Brinbaum (We don't know whose vice she's doing now. Maybe Roxy in Winx season 4)
Symbol: Water.
MP: 300
Max Monsters: 7
Max AP: 300

Tea: Yugi, Here I come!
Yami Yugi: Tea.
Tea: I, I always wanted to duel against you to see how I would do.
Yami Yugi: Ah. But don't expect me to take it easy on you Tea.
Tea: Of course not. I'll never forgive you if you treat me with kiddie gloves.
Yami Yugi: All right. It's time to duel.

Tea has a wierd strategy here. She only has one Water monster, two wood and three light On a Christmas theme board. Use Fire for the Wood and Wind for the Water like Kurama or Drool Bird. and Thunder for the Light, though if you have a Baby Dragon use it here. Just be careful. Even though they have the advantage Thunder Monsters can't take much of a beating from Light Monsters. Remember to place your monsters carefully and you'll win in no time.

Tea: Oh no, I lost. Still, I had a lot of fun. How about you Yugi, did you have a good time?
Yami Yugi: Yes It was an Excellent duel.
Tea: He-he, Thanks. Oh uh Yugi.
Yami Yugi: What is it Tea?
Tea: Well, good luck in the rest of the tournament.
Yami Yugi: Thank you.[/color]

[color=#FF6347]Final Board: Challengers's Stage
Opponent: Yugi's Grandpa.
Voiced by: Maddie Blaustein (May she rest well. [moment of silence]).
Symbol: Earth (Don't know why.)
MP: 350
Max Monsters: 7
Max AP: 400

Grandpa: I see you're duelling well Yugi.
Yami Yugi: Grandpa.
Grandpa: But let's see how well you duel against me.
Yami Yugi: I won't be able to let my guard down for a second. This will be my toughest duel yet.
Grandpa: That's right. I may be old but with age comes experience and knowledge. ~Now why don't we begin Yugi.
Yami Yugi: All right, it's time to duel.

Why Yugi's Grandpa has an Earth Symbol when he dosen't have any Earth monsters is beyond me. Anyway he has one of the Exodia limbs. As well as Cockroach knight. Use Light and Fire monsters. The board has Fire and Wood panels that flip. If you manage to beat this old man you can obtain Exodia's Left Foot and Cockroach Knight.

Grandpa: You've improved your skills greatly Yugi, I lose.
Yami Yugi: But you've held your own extremely well.
Grandpa: He he he, but don't let your guard down. The path ahead of you is long and very competitive.
Yami Yugi: I know, but I promise to defeat my opponents and win the tournament.
Grandpa: I'll hold you to your promise Yugi, good luck.
Yami Yugi: Thank you.
Post after, Area 2.
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Who plays this games with the square lines off? I always have it on because the CPU knows your monster's attack range and movement. If you stall, the CPU will eventually give up on the stall war and put their monsters where you can hit them.

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Yeah. And that part in your sig is kinda depressing.


Anyway, on to the boards of Area 2. All the duellist here have their looks from Yu-gi-oh season 2. As an added bonus, you can pick the order of which you battle these duelists:


Board 1: Ancient Forest of Origin

Duelist: Weevil Underwood.

Voiced by: Jimmy Zoppi (Dilgear and Prince Phil in Slayers)

Symbol: Wood.

MP: 500

Max Monsters: 6

Max AP: 450


Weevil: Tee he he he hehe he he, long time no see. Yugi, If you want to get your grubby little hands on the tournament title, you'll have to go through me.

Yami Yugi: Then that's what I'll do Weevil. I'll take you on anytime any place.

Weevil: How about right now, right here?

Yami Yugi: That's fine with me, it's time to duel.


No more going easy. Weevil's monsters are top notch. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket. You can bring Fire Monsters like Firegrass or your new Flame Manipulator, but bring at least 1 Wind monster to deal with his Root Water and an Earth Monster to deal with his Shovel Crusher. Over time the board will be bathed in moonlight. That's the chance to strike his knight and his moths with Fire but when it starts to rain get out fast. Since Fire Monsters have little PP, and because Weevil's wood symbol bumps up the AT of his Water monsters as well as wood, one hit from it could be all it takes to unravel a winning strategy. When his Wood monsters are gone that's the time to strike with you Wind monsters. Don't forget about the Shovel Crusher. Use an Earth monster to take care of it. With careful planning, this duel should be done in no time.


Weevil: Nooooo! How could I lose?!

Yami Yugi: Heh, A duel is never over until the very end.

Weevil: Ahhhhh - ha ha!


Board 2: Sea of Miracles.

Duelist: Mako Tsunami

Voiced by: Andrew Rannells (Believe it or not, he was Archie Andrews in Archies Weird Mysteries, produced by DiC not 4kids).

Symbol: Water

MP: 580

Max Monsters: 7

Max AP: 450


Mako: There's nothing more breathtaking than the majestic vastness of the ocean.

Yami Yugi: Heh, I don't think you're taking our duel seriously Mako.

Mako: On the contrary, I am taking it extremely seriously. I'm just confirming that your forces won't stand up to the crashing waves and the thunderous seas.

Yami Yugi: I'll prove that I'm not afraid of creatures that lurk beneath the surface.

Mako: Then that's a mistake. Father, wherever you are, watch me obtain victory by conquering Yugi with my aquatic army. It's time to duel Yugi.


This duel starts on a peaceful tranquil board. But Water is strong here so counter with Wind. Mako also knows not to put all his eggs in one basket. He'll have two Happy Lovers and a Torike. So use Dark and Thunder respectively. Overtime, the stone at the peak will glow and raise a sunken ship. Light monsters will definitely suffer now. But the ship adds wood and Earth so be careful where you place your Thunder Monsters. His Fiend Kraken moves and attacks diagonally, so it's best to place amy monsters you'ld like to gang up on Horizontally and Vertically, so they can attack in the same direction. Do this and you'll win for sure.


Mako: Excellent duel Yugi, I lost.

Yami Yugi: You were quite the expert yourself.

Mako: Thank you, but there's no need to make me feel better. I did my best, but I came up a little short. But next time, I will win. So save your pity, you will see how much stronger I will become.

Yami Yugi: All right Mako, I'm looking forward to it.


Board 3: Tomb of Ancient Kings

Duelist: Rex Raptor

Voiced by: Sam Regal (He provided the voice for Tristan in the first few episodes when the series started, but after episode 11 Frankson tookover the role. Regal was also Donatello in TMNT 4kids version and Faust VIII in Shaman King).Symbol: Earth

MP: 600

Max Monsters: 8

Max AP: 500


Rex: I've been waiting for you Yugi.

Yami Yugi: So my opponent here is you, Rex Raptor.

Rex: That's right Yugi. Now come on, I'm gonna humiliate you like a Chumpasaurus Rex.

Yami Yugi: Go ahead and try. It's time to duel.


Rex sure has some pretyy heavy hitters on his team. Don't let that intimidate you though. He brought every monster in the Light -> Dark -> Earth -> Thunder cycle except Light (Which would've helped him). Use Dark for Earth, Eath for Thunder and Light for Dark. Eventually he'll summon his most heaviest hitter, his signature monster, Two-Headed King Rex. Remember, don't be so hasty to lose your monsters before you take on this guy. Most of your Darks can take a beating from Earth, if you level them up enough. Expect an easy win with the proper strategy.


Rex: Wha- Why did I lose?

Yami Yugi: It was a close match Rex Raptor, but I'm the winner.

Rex: Nrgh! I hate you! There's no need to stick around and rub it in. Hurry up and go to the next Stage.

Yami Yugi: Good bye Rex Raptor.


Board 4: Valley of Howling Winds

Duelist: Mai Valentine

Voiced by: Megan Hollingshead (She was Gunslinging Gloria in Daphne, Re-I in Ergo Proxy, Rose Marinade in Fighting Foodons, Nurse Joy in Pokemon seasons 1-6 and I bet you Bleach fans know who she voiced. In another time, she would've made a great Naga the Serpent.)

Symbol: Wind

MP: 700

Max Monsters: 8

Max AP: 500


Mai: Hmph, so you finally came Yugi.

Yami Yugi: Mai, Just to let you know, I don't think you can put perfume on your pieces to help you, like you did at Duelist Kingdom.

Mai: Very funny Yugi, but you should know by now that I don't need to use tricky tactics to win. I've been studying this game just so I could defeat you. ~ Let's duel Yugi.

Yami Yugi: Fine, I accept your challenge.


Mai is yet another tough cookie. She uses Wind and Fire monsters on a board that specializes in Wind. Water can deal with fire if you place it correctly and Wood can deal with Wind. If you have a Petit Moth at level 3 now's the time to evolve it into Larvae Moth. Kumootoko works well here too. Mai will not hesitate to attack first. Her monsters can move in close so use that to your advantage. Overtime the wind will blow harder. Use that fact too. Eventually you'll win and Mai will be two monsters shorter.


Mai: Yugi, there are two ways of losing. One way is to lose everything, the other way is to lose a battle in order to win the war. I'm going to learn from this loss so that I can become stronger, and I will beat you in the future, and I will achieve my dream in the end.

Yami Yugi: I fought with all my strength, and I know you did the same. This was an excellent match.


Final Board: Guiding Mansion

Duelist: Mokuba Kaiba

Voiced by: Tara Jayne (She goes by Tara Sands now. She was Sara in Angel Sanctuary, Ria in Agent Aika, Chase in Fighting Foodons, Filia in Slayers Try and Leo in 5d's).

Symbol: Thunder (The only Thunder Symbol Duelist)

MP: 620

Max Monsters: 7

Max AP: 450


Mokuba: Welcome to my stage Yugi. I don't mean to brag, but I'm a Capsule Monsters expert.

Yami Yugi: But when we played before, didn't I defeat you?

Mokuba: Ahhh well, whatever! That's all in the past, I've gotten a lot better since then.

Yami Yugi: Ok I believe you. There's no need to yell.

Mokuba: Anyway Yugi, I challenge you to a duel.

Yami Yugi: I accept Mokuba.


That's right folk's you're duelling the inventor of the game. He uses Thunder and Wind here. Earth and Wood will work wonders here. Your heaviest hitter will be Two-Headed King Rex which you got from Rex Raptor. It can do some serious damage if you can get it close enough. When you win, leave his monsters be cause you probably have them already in your stock or capsule deck.


Mokuba: No way! You were just lucky.

Yami Yugi: I've defeated you many times. I doubt it was just luck.

Mokuba: Be quiet. You might have beaten me, but there's no way you'll stand a chance against Seto, you'll see.

Yami Yugi: Seto Kaiba, Mokuba's older brother. If I face him in this tournament, he will pose a formidable challenge.

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