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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Age of the new Signers ( STARTED, accepting by pm)


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This wil be the first arc : Battle against the Dark Signers!!


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Age of the new Signers is stil in Domino City 60 years after the events concerning Yusei and the other signers. "Turbo Duels" and regular dueling still exists and tournements are being held. in this city the son of Yusei, MR Fudo is director of Sector Security and the major of New Domino City. this is the story of new signers(5 in total) chozen by the crimson dragon with new dragons (same marks) to save the world from the king of the underworld hoe revived new earthbounds with there dark signers sinds the old earthbounds are sealed by the signers 60, years before. The new signers has bin contacted by MR Fudo (he promised his father to protect the world against new earthbounds and there dark signer becose Yusei knew that they would return) to go to the headquarters of the security.

The day wil begins in front of security headquarters where the signers wil meet.


[spoiler=info about this treat:]

-8 dark signer may join and there earthbounds must be custom made or you can take one from an other treath. these immortals must be an existing nazca line

-5 signers may join and there dragons must be custom made

-N/A are unmimited also they must be conected to one of the signers

-2 dark signer slave's may join also they wil only duel onse and after there duel they can be N/A's

-when this is started, people like "bodyguards", "security agents", "secretairys" and things like that can be used by anybody that has bin accepted.

-you may also reserve a spot!!!

-2 users that enters may have 2 characters!!! (other than me)




here are the aplications for Signers, Dark Signers, Dark Signer slaves and N/A:



[spoiler=Signer aplication MAX:5:]



Deck Type:

Signer dragon card:



Signer mark:

D-Wheel Appearance:




[spoiler=Dark Signer aplication MAX:8:]



Deck Type:

Eartbound card:



Dark Signer mark:

D-Wheel Appearance:







Deck Type:

Ace card:



D-Wheel Appearance:




[spoiler=Dark Signer Slave aplication:MAX:2:]



Deck Type:

Dark Synchro Ace card:



Dark Signer master:




join if u whant and if u join ask a frend or sombody oke

(a dark signer slave may also be a N/A becose the slave are going to duel yust once oke)


[spoiler=my Dark Signer aplication:]

Name: Riko subaku

Age: 19

Deck Type: negative/immortal deck

you can see the negative cards here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-93437.html

Earthbound card:





Riko was a energetic guy in the past end very frendly against others.along side with his friend they thouth they could handel everything but a acident while they where at a vacation at night turnd riko in a coma and the died after a day then he revived as a dark signer to seek revenge on the very persone he thinks the he was put aside from.(im looking for a signer to fil this further)

Dark Signer mark:



D-Wheel Appearance:





[spoiler=:my N/A:]

Name:MR, Fudo


Deck Type:Stardust/Synchro deck

Ace card:


Appearance:like yusei father but in a costume

Bio: you can see it in the upper texst oke







[spoiler=: signers in this story(coplete):]

head = Blackwing-Master=james

left claw = bebe3434 = Vanity Izayoi

right claw = RED_pyro = Jonny blaze

wings = jadengt = Valon Yasu

tail = Bringerofcake = Demias Borsha



[spoiler=:Dark signers in this story:]

hands = YRPOtaku169 = Kurohime Kikoutsukai (leader)

alligator = me = Riko

parrot = Hyyppa = Saizen Himalaiya

dino = Elemental Azza Kid = John Roberts

jaguar = tpopoli = masked man (mayby a name later)

scorpion = Victa zeh Victa =Otto Joltingson

shell(crab) = Master of Ozboz 9012 = Seth Roberts



[spoiler=:N/A's in this story:]


-tpopoli=Lucas Van dyke


-quinokpo = Tharanthos Blackcross



[spoiler=:Dark signer slave's in this story:]







[spoiler=about duels:]

-you duel your own way but:

-no overpowered cards

-no instand wins

-make a duel epic, a bit dramatic

-a duel may take a while but not to long okey

-make sure that your opponent can counter moves when posible

-some anime rules=


-you can normal summon monsters in face-up DEF mode

-while turbo dueling, you may select yourself witche u use of speed world or speed world2

-while turbo dueling, keep the effect of speed world(2) in mind, so so spell card exept for speed spells





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Name: Rey

Age: ?

Deck Type: Burning Death

Earthbound card: [spoiler=Earthbound Immortal Adllirgo Szunti]311479f.jpgThere can only be 1 face-up "Earthbound Immortal" monster on the field. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, destroy this card. Your opponent cannot select this card as an attack target. This card can attack your opponent directly. By skipping your Draw Phase, you can inflict 600 damage to your opponent's Life Points for each monster on the field.


Appearance: bc05-01.JPG

Bio: It is unknown about how he died or what his purpose is. All others know about him is that he is desperate to take his revenge.

Dark Signer mark: Dragon

D-Wheel Appearance: [spoiler=What this guy is riding on but the Orange is Red]Blackbird.jpg




Name: Reine

Age: 17

Deck Type: Equipment

Signer Dragon card: [spoiler=Power Tool Dragon]PowerToolDragonRGBT-EN-UR-1E.png




Bio: He has lived in a Train most of life. Usually he duels for amusement but lately, he has started dueling seriously.

Signer mark: Claw

D-Wheel Appearance: 398.jpg

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accepted but would you mind taking your dark signer a other god and nazca line (you may create one of your own or take one from my earthbound treath) and fil your bio in of your signer and may be a little more in your dark signer bio oke

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Name: Saizen Himalaiya(for suprise)

Age: 58-years old but seems 17.

Deck Type: Mad Deck

Eartbound card: Earthbound God - Ccotorra

Appearance: http://s45.photobucket.com/albums/f67/Lusikka_/?action=view&current=animeboy25-11-1.jpg


[spoiler=Bio(the same as allways for DS character):]

Saizen was a bit above average student and a talented duelist with a few tournament victories, while he still was living his "first life" and he had a nice family and all. It was the time he still smiled because he was happy. But then one night everything changed. He and his family were walking along a street after spenting time in a restaurant, having a feast for his sister's Jane's 20-year birthday. Saizen was walking just few steps behind his family when a sudden gang appeared from the dark alley they were just going to walk by, without noticing Saizen, asking his family to give all money and stuff while threatening them with their knifes.

His family knew what was the best for them and gave the money and valuable stuff the thiefs want and Saizen thought they were safe, in that same second, the whole gang stabbed each of his familymembers... and again... again, until they were just bodies lying on the street. Saizen couldn't believe his eyes and at the moment the gang reconised him shocked, standing still and suddenly in huge burst of anger and hate charging towards them. He was stopped and stabbed to death as well. The gang started to run away from the place and at that moment, Saizen made a deal with the Earthbound Gods and was giving a new life as a Dark Signer. Thiefs didn't see him rise from the alsphalt, from the puddle of blood as his figure had changed to black eyes and the glowing mark of the Huarango Tree. Saizen followed the gang to their hideout. There, he made everyone of them play a duel of darkness, and in the end devouring everyone of their souls.



Dark Signer mark: The Parrot

D-Wheel Appearance: Same as Ghost's from YGO5D's(ep 65)

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[off-topic] All the RP's I have joined:































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Name: James


Deck Type:Blackwing

Signer dragon card:(if it can be a custom)


Appearance:Black shirt with black and red duel disk

Bio:James was just a regular guy until a card fell from the sky. next thing he new, he got a phone call from Mr. Fudo. Little did he know his life was about to change.

Signer mark: Dragon head

D-Wheel Appearance:Like crows but black with flames

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Guest TheFinalFan

Name: Kurohime Kikoutsukai

Age: Unknown, but doesn't look a day over 25

Deck Type: Koa'ki Meiru Beatdown Deck (Koa-ki Meiru/Warrior Swarm Speed Deck)

Earthbound card: Earthbound Immortal Taytacha Maki


Appearance: A mysterious black and red-armored figure with a strange shield and sword. The shield faintly resembles a Duel Disk, and the sword has slots on it that might fit Duel Monsters cards. Underneath the armor is a young woman with white-silver hair, pale skin with faint purple veins, silver and black eyes, a beauty mark next to each eye, and red Dark Signer tatoos that faintly resemble scars. She has an upper-class British accent, and occasionally slips into a more archaic form of English. If she removed her robes, one would see that her Dark Signer tattoos cover her entire body, as well as countless purple veins. The tatoos definitely resemble the scars one would acquire from countless battles.

Bio: "Kurohime Kikoutsukai" is only this mysterious woman's most recent alias. All that is known about her is that she's been around about as long as there have been Earthbound Immortals, and knows almost everything about the ancient conflict between the Immortals and the Crimson Dragon. She has a deep understanding of swordsmanship, martial arts, alchemy, and magic, as well as the ability to transform those that she touches into her servants. Rumor has it that she has deep ties with Yliaster, and might either be their secretive leader, or their greatest foe. She also wants to take her place as the leader of this most recent batch of Dark Signers, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Signers once and for all.

Dark Signer mark: Hands

D-Wheel Appearance: Her "D-Wheel" is actually a heavily armored chariot with four ghostly horses pulling it. A special device allows her "Duel Disk" to attach onto the vehicle, letting her participate in Turbo Duels.

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im reserving a signer spot will post app in a bit

Name:Vanity Izayoi


Deck Type:Dancers

Signer dragon card:




Bio:Vanity is a decendent from the Izayoi family. Her mother was the famous Aki Izoyoi one of the 5 signers that brought an end to the dark signers evil. Vanity is now Destined to continue her mothers legacy, and she is determined to stop the new evil that has arrizen. With the help of the other 4 signers she will elimnate the new era of evil.

Signer mark:Left claw

D-Wheel Appearance:none

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Name:jonny blaze


Deck Type:Blaze Speed deck

[spoiler=Signer dragon card:]









As king of turbo, this gay has alot of experience as a duelist and so like dueling alot and prefers heavy chalenges. no the less he is also a signer and do anything to protect the world against anyting that would destroyes it. less dos he knows, dark signers are planing dark tings for the world, now contacted by Mr Fudo, major of domino and head of sicurity he heads to his bureau

Signer mark:tail

[spoiler=D-Wheel Appearance:]




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