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Yangninja's YVD Card Studio V1.0 ADDED IMAGE CONVERTER

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[align=center]Yangninja's YVD Set Studio V1.0




This is a project a started after having a chat with Icy about his YVD Stuff. It's been hidden under secrecy for a while now and it's finally ready for some releasage.


It was coded in Adobe Flash


The file is a standard EXE which you can run from your PC (P.S The Icon is the most awesome ever)



Using this awesome program you can create cards as if you would on the normal YCM. The difference is that it looks cooler and allows you to easily change them into YVD format. It's very easy to use, comes with some basic instructions so it's almost impossible to go wrong


This is only version 1 so suggestions for updates and extra features are accepted and I will update it regularly.


The File is a small 2mb Download. It has been used by a few people already and they trust the content

Download Link: Download Here!!!!!!!!!


[align=center]Yangninja's JPG to YCM converter





This is the sister program to my first. It converters JPGs into a YVD compatible format and automatically copies them into the YVD Images Folder.


Make sure that the image is a JPG. It will not work otherwise for some reason


It was coded in Cammand Line Batch



Download Link: http://henrik.tekshare.co.uk/Yangninja%27s%20JPG%20to%20YCM%20Image.exe //MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL THIS FIRST BEFORE RUNNING THE PROGRAM

Download Link: http://henrik.tekshare.co.uk/Yangninja%27s%20JPG%20to%20YCM%20Image.exe



Comments and credits are all appreciated

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Guest JoshIcy

it doesnt work for me :/

i click copy to clipboard and nothing happens...


Clipboard is where your links/copied pictures go.

You have to actually put it in the .set file yourself.

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Wait' date=' does that mean you can use your custom cards on YVD??



yes you can add your custom cards to YVD


Thanks Yangninja.


thank you :)


almost makes me want a pc. If only they didn't crash on me every 20 minutes.


what OS do you run? I have a version for every OS

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yaninja you are awesome!The only problem is that you have to put picture url not location.But never mind' date='can i use it???




wow that's an awesome idea for a new feature.

but anyway, this is mainly for YVD stuff so pics arn't yet nessessary.

the next version is gonna have a few more surprises :D

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Hey! It works great.


I know you are doing a lot of work already. But' date=' I would like to see some things in possibly future updates. I.e., to be able to save the card somewhere and upload it. Also, the ability to save cards.



yea those were the main features I had planned for version 2

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what about a feature to upload the card to imageshack or tinypic...the same way ycmaker does with cards/card art...or is that what y'all were just referring to?

Also' date=' It would be cool to have support for Dark Synchros/Dark Tuners...



This is YVD.

Adding support for Dark Synchs/Tuners would be impractical.

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