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Hello all Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Members. I have an Idea that might be as stupid as messaging toilet seats, so bear with me. Everyone has watched the yugioh anime at one time or another, wether it was the original or 5d's. When you were 6 years old, or 22. And one idea that has burned the back of my mine to insanity is to make the character's decks! Yes? No? Maybe? Well if anyone has any idea's for ANYONE'S, and I mean ANYONE's deck, you know like Kaiba's, Yusei's, Jaden's, whoever, post it here. If I get any built, I'll post it here as well. So, Happy Hunting.

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Key, Guys. I've got one. And another thing.......WHAT"S WITH THE TRAINS?!?!?! CHOO CHOO?!?! WAGA WAGA CHOO CHOO?!?!?!? I ALMOST KEELED OVER BREATHIN' IN THE FUMES FROM THOSE THINGS!!!! I KILL YOU ALL!!! Anyway, I built one for Yugi and here she is.








Dark Magician

Skilled Dark Magician

Magician of Faith

Gaint Soldier of Stone

Winged Dragon, Gaurdian of the Fortress#1

Gaia the Feirce Knight

Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts

Old Vindictive Magician

Feral Imp

Apprentice Magician

Beaver Warrior

Black Luster Soldier

Sorcerer of Dark Magic

Buster Blader

Celtic Gaurdian


Mammoth Graveyard

Skilled White Magician

Magician of Black Chaos

Curse of Dragon

Dark Magician Girl




Card Destruction

Diffusion Wave-Motion

Mystical Space Typhoon

Black Luster Ritual

Swords of Revealing Light

Monster Reborn

Black Magic Ritual

Change of Heart

Magical Dimension

Axe of Despair

Brain Control

Pot of Greed

Mage Power

Heavy Storm



Light of Intervention


Spellbinding Circle

Magic Cylinder

Trap Hole

D. Tribe


Fusion Monsters:

Gaia the Dragon Champion

Dark Paladin

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