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I'll.w a t c h.you. g o::(Naruto) PG-13;;accepting;;


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If your so s t r o n g you might as well just do it alone...

If your so s t r o n g you might as well just do it alone



and I'll watch you go.




[align=center]Ever wonder what would happen if the world of Naruto collided with the real world?

What would our favorite ninja's think of this world? What would happen if Orochimaru came back and found his way to this world, stronger than ever before? If you're brave enough, than let's find out..





1.) Be (somewhat)realistic, no normal human can run up walls and have ALL the skills of a ninja, but that could possibly change later.

2.) Try to keep the genders and ninja/"normal people" even

3.) No godmoding, mary-sues, gary-sues..ect.

4.) Romance is welcomed (with a cannon or rp) try to keep it around PG-13

5.) Cussing is fine, but be reasonable, don't cuss someone out every five seconds please.

6.)Be literate,No chatspeak, follow the new rp rules or minimum of four sentences per-post.(Only because I know not everyone will respect the new rules) More than that is encouraged though.

8: Okay this might get a bit confusing, there are 6 spots for the main normal people who encounter the ninjas, the ninja's are unlimited. The normal people all specialize in a sport or two,(which will relate to there ninja skills later) but don't make them insanely good at every sport please.

9.) The setting is America because Japan gets all the other good stuff. :3

10.) FINALLY, if you really read these rules type "I'll watch you go" in your profile.



Original Characters:



2:Kenji-.Alex Ryder.








;;Cannon Characters;;(will be needed!)




Orochimaru: ::Hazel::

Kabuto: ::Hazel::





(You can add more if you want to play another cannon character)


[spoiler=[font=Tahoma]:.:ChArAcTeR tEmPlAtE:.:]


Age: (10+)

world: (Naruto or real)

Sport/weapon: (1-2 main sports)






(There is a limit of two original characters per person, but cannons are unlimited :])

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{{Accepted, welcome to the rp. :] I'll get it done by tomorrow. I don't have much time right now.}}

"I'll watch you go."

Name: Christina Brown ((goes by Christy))



Sport/weapon: passionate for lacrosse and a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts

Bio:Lived her life in a peaceful town with her best friends. Basically just in ordinary American girl with a headstrong attidude. She realized that the town they lived in seemed too perfect, it made her uneasy how perfect it was. Whenever things didn't feel right she would go practice her martial arts. She loved the show Naruto and enjoyed nothing more than to sit down in quiet and sketch out the characters, which she is very good at, even earning the nickname "ninja girl" from her sister.

personality:First comes off as quiet, shy, and distant but is fun and artsy beneath the surface. She is very stubborn, but knows when to pick a fight. Most people just call her sweet because she doesn't talk much, but her mind is always working.

[spoiler=Looks:] 5'4, curly auburn hair, hazel eyes



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Name: Kenji Nikahasu

Age: 15

World: Real

Sport/Weapon: Passion of Basketball & 1st degree at the same place(Meaning Christina & Kenji know)

Bio: Lived the first years of his life in a very bustling town. He was a young, wild 4 year old when he moved to Christina's town. The parents thought it would be best for him to live in a house so he could be free. A few years later, he got into Martial Arts, & with that, Naruto. He became "Crazy Dude" from his stupid stunts which most would call "Crazy as Hell".

Personality: First comes as somehow shy, then when you get to know him, he reveals his true, wild side. He starts showing you stunts most wouldn't dare try, though in all, he's a awesome friend.

Looks: Later

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Name: Wereslen (Hirikiri)Negama

Age: 25

World: Naruto

Sport/Weapon: Chained blades and Battle axe

Bio: Exiled from the sound village this assassine turned bitter and is now evil and is now focusing on the leaf village and Naruto as hired by Orochimaru to kill him

Looks:Large body structure and wears black and white only

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"Practice your sai form, and be careful on the dodge-roll."Christina cranked up the fan in the corner of the humid karate studio in hopes of making it a little less miserable in the summer heat. Ever since the that vicious storm last night everything has been outta wack. she thought sweeping shards of broken glass out of the way. The storm had blown in a lot of windows and powerlines. It seemed like it was just her luck because she had started to work at her MMA studio and the next day a freaky storm comes through a place where there hardly is ever any bad weather..or bad anything for the most part.

* * *


((I'll edit more in this later))

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{{Sort of after, the storm Christina was talking about was when the Naruto characters came, it opened a portal between the two worlds}}


The last of the students from class were leaving the studio. Christina leaned against the long broom and she watched Kenji finish up his form. "Not bad." she smiled. "We kinda have to close up now though." she added stuffing her sai and boken into her bag."Do you mind waiting for me?" she asked walking into the bathroom to change into some street clothes.


* * *


{{For the rp's sake, I'm also playing Orochimaru. Would anyone play one of his accomplices, Kabuto, Sasuke,ect. It doesn't matter who.}}


What had happened? Whatever had happened there was one thing Orochimaru was sure of: the experiment hadn't gone as planned.His head throbbed repeatably. His clothes were wet and stunk of blood, even more so with the moisture. His hair clung to his face as he stood up. This place was unfamiliar and its air was laced more heavily with gases than his old home.

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OOC: I guess i can play as Sasuke.

Sasuke snimbed off the ground & disted off, not bothering to help Orochimaru. "does somebody wanna tell me whats goin on here?" he looked arouns at all of the buildings, none of which looked anything like what he was used to.



Zak was staring at everything he was & walking at the same time, he soon bumped in to somebody & they both fell on the ground. "Ouch, sorry, i wasn't paying atention"

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I took Christina a few seconds to change. She frowned, "Ugh...It's not like we need another storm after that one last night...I better hurry, my sister's gonna pick me up. She hates going down town so I don't want to get her even more pissed." She slung her bag over her shoulder with a yawn. Ever since the studio relocated she's had to ride thirty minutes to get to work. Of course she didn't have to work yet, she was only fourteen, but she loved the people there. She waved goodbye to Kenji as her older sister honked repeatably.


One thing she loved about going back in town was the scenary.The dark clouds blurred the line between hill and sky and the hills loomed scerenely over the tops of countless trees.The forest spread out in every direction around the inter-state. It wasn't a big town, a decent enough size to be called a city, but Christy didn't live in the "city", just the surrounding town. When they arrived at her house her sister practically pushed her out and kept driving. Of course...always goin' somewhere.. she smiled slightly as she dusted off her jeans. She walked up to the door, remembered no one was home, and searched her bag and pockets for the key...she had left it inside...and her phone was in her sister's car. Just my luck.. She sat down on the front porch step and saw lighting alluminate the night sky and listened to thunder rolling in the distance.


* * *

{{I was going to have them start more in the suburbian area}}

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{{@animefan123, Accepted, and welcome to the rp! Everyone try to at least get on paragraph per post, because I know that most people don't like doing two.}}


Thunder rumbled overhead and the first drops of rain fell heavily on the earth. Orochimaru felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over at Kabuto "Lord Orochimaru..we must get away from here. The effects of the drugs from earlier will have devastating effects if we don't find a place where the smog isn't as heavy." Kabuto said sullenly. He nodded deliberately. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he felt unusually weak and light headed. He could tell in Kabuto, Sasuke, and Wereslen's eyes that this place had a similar effect on them as well. He lept up toward the rooftop with Kabuto trailing behind him. Every motion took ten times the effort it did in his own world. From the rooftop it showed a rather spectacular view. Apart from all of the buildings and the stormy sky, a ring of green forest was clearly visible on the skyline. A spark of realization hit him like a bullet. The corners of his mouth curved into a twisted grin as he gave a satisfied laugh. With streaks of lighting breaking the darkness and illuminating his silhouette, it really was a sight to behold. "Be ready to get moving! I think we have our destination." he lept down to the others with surprising agility.


Kabuto grinned at Orochimaru's new motivation. Once he was after something he would never stop. "I suggest we find someone who knows this world well..perhaps a guide of some sort." he gestured to the neighboring building. They couldn't read the language on it, but it was the karate studio Kenji and Christina attended..

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