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Skill Succesor [SD-DISC]

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Well I'm back and since I haven't started a discussion in a while, here we go:




Increase the ATK of one monster on your side of the field by 400 points for this turn. Also' date=' if this card exists in your Graveyard, you can remove this card from play to increase the ATK of a monster on your side of the Field by 800 points until the End Phase. You can’t activate this effect the same turn this card was sent to the Graveyard, and you can only activate this effect during your turn.



It's a super too >.<


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I like the effect but I wish it worked faster, I guess Konami thought a 1200 ATK increase for 1 turn was too powerful or that a better Rush Recklesy from the Graveyard was outclasing old cards xD (would have been great if these things I mentioned actually could be made u_u )

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