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Incredible Neos/Neo-Spacian Fusion Awesome


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Name: Elemental Hero Dust Neos

Attribute: WIND

Level: 9

Type: Warrior

Effect:"Elemental Hero Neos" +"Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird" + "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole"

This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck (You do not use "Polymerization".) During your Main Phase you can send all monsters on the field to their owners hands except this card. During the End Phase return this card to the Fusion Deck.

ATK: 3000

DEF: 2500

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IMO' date=' you should call it "Elemental Hero - Dust Neos".


Aside from that, its not bad



What's with the dash? Destiny Heroes have that, E-HERO's don't (either kind). But I agree with that name more than Grand Air Neos.


The effect Cakeman mentioned needs a condition like "This card cannot attack this turn if you activate this effect", and like Armadilloz said you should say "returns to the Extra Deck" and not "removes from play".

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