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Yu-Gi-Oh! Fight For Life! 2 [Started] Still accepting via PM [PG-16]


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ATTENTION: I did not create "Yu-Gi-Oh! Fight For Life!", all credit and ownership belongs to Avion. Also, I have recieved permission to post this from Avion as a replacement for his other RP that was locked.




[spoiler=Plot]Here in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! life can be at risk. There is a new gang called The Destroyers. They are a hostile gang, if you lose a Duel against them they will kidnap and/or possible kill you. Now its our time to shine and destroy them!



[spoiler=Rules]1. All YCM rules.

2. No Flaming.

3. No God Moding.

4. Avion will be the Destroyer Gang Boss.

5. Avion doesn't want 2 word posts, put some detail into it.

6. No winning in 1 turn.

7. When Avion is gone, the RP is on pause. Avion hates missing stuff in his own RP.



[spoiler=Application Forum] Copy and fill out this, then PM it to Avion.


Age: (No older than 1:)


Side: (Good or The Destroyers)

Bio: (Optional)




[spoiler=Avion's App.][spoiler=Zan]Name: Zan

Age: 16

Deck: Warrior's Triumph with the addition of Double Summon

Side: Good

Bio: Zan lost his parents when he was born. When someone found the baby, he raised Zan and taught him the Duel Monsters card game. Now with his training, he is ready to take down The Destroyers.



[spoiler=Destroyer Gang Boss]Name: X-Unknown-X

Age: ???

Deck: X-Unknown-X

Side: Destroyers

Bio: X-Unkown-X




[spoiler=The Phantom Duelist's Apps.][spoiler=Neo Dark]Name: Neo Dark

Age: 16

Deck: Psychic Synchro

Side: Good

Bio: Neo is very polite and kind. His parents work for Kaiba Corp. and are nearly always away from home. Neo has a 15 year old sister, Nikko. He likes a good duel and a strong duelist. Neo hates when duelists put down weaker duelist. He would do anything for a friend in need.



[spoiler=Nikko Dark]Name: Nikko Dark

Age: 15

Deck: Nikko uses her own special Deck she calls 'Gotta Love the Ladies'

Side: Good

Bio: Nikko loves dueling, but can be too competitive at times. She prefers dueling guys over girls for the fact that Nikko sees them as stronger competitors than her female friends. She usually tags along wherever Neo goes.



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Name - Albus

Age - 14

Deck - Plant Swarm Deck

Side - Good

Bio - While Albus was 5, his father worked for the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Making Company. he created 4 Monster Cards before he died in a car accident. Albus treasures those 3 cards which all happen to be Plant-Type monsters. He built a deck around them with the some of the thousands of dollars that his father gave to him. He is now focused on stopping The Destroyers.


C+P from last FFL. Deal with it and accept me.

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Aha ha ha ha! Since you already were a character you don't need to do the Application... And wouldn't Albus' father be working for Industrial Illusions?


[align=justify]Yu-Gi-Oh Card Company' date=' Industrial Illusions, same damn thing. Let's go buck wild on this RP. If this gets locked, don't expect me to join some gay FFL3 because that's unnecessary.


Better make this good. I should continue with my FF, I reall should. PM me when this shin-dig starts, 'aight?[/size'][/align]

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