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Dusk's Precipice Tournament

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Well, my friend, Matt Enloe is deciding to host a tournament in his very new section of his site, Dusk's Precipice, and your all invited. If you want the link to this new area, it is currently in my profile under homepage :)


No software is actually required to duel, you may use whatever you like to duel but both parties must agree to it and submit proof of outcome. That being said, YVD is recommended.


This a sneak-preview and an invitation. I just want to get a few names for this tournament. Plus, YCM isn't the only website to enter this comp, so beware. Its also a chance to prove your skills at duelling.


I'll bring more notes on the tournament in upcoming dates and I hope you guys can join =]



1. DesCrow

2. 「tea.leaf」

3. Nightmare Zarkus

4. Kiryu™

5. Exiro Divinus

6. ~JG~ (still deciding)

7. Zeaux

8. Phantom Roxas

9. .:pyramid:

10. burnpsy

11. -Đædalus-

12. Nate12345

13. PikaPerson01

14. sonicyellow

15. Chaos Pudding







Thankyou and see you all soon




P.S: There will indeed be tangible prizes

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Is there a place in which to contact Mr. Enloe himself?


Link to this new area' date=' it is currently [i']in my profile under homepage[/i] :)


Sorry, can't post link directly here

How do you join the tournament? That place is confusing me...


You join here, and I'll PM you with details after Matt Enloe himself sends me the information

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Guest Chaos Pudding

The prizes are (at least) 3 Ultra Rare cards.


And I belive I'll stick this. It looks neater than the other tourney thread, and I know Matt, so yeah.

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