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[YGT] Round 1-11: Jecht vs. Luffy

Phantom Roxas

Who Will Win?  

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  1. 1. Who Will Win?

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Franchise: Final Fantasy X

Personality: Manly Badass

Species: Human

Powers/special abilities/weapons: Superhuman Strength and a BFS

Occupation: Warrior

Age: Unknown

Likes: His son (Though they have issues

Dislikes: Cowards

Nominated by: Skuldur


Monkey D. Luffy

Franchise: One Piece

Personality: Fun-loving type

Species: Human

Powers/special abilities/weapons: Can stretch his body

Occupation: Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

Age: 17

Likes: His crew, Shanks, Ace

Dislikes: Evil

Nominated by: LordDemonX



Jecht was amazed to see who stood before him. Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, had brought him before her. Strange, he thought he was stuck working for Chaos, and yet here he was. Heh, guess things pulled through for him. Shame that he was still technically dead.


"So, what is ya want, Cosmos?" Jecht asked.


"I have chosen to return you to the world of the living, for now. There is a battle that is coming, and I believe someone like you could help."


"And why do you need me?"


"I believe that, though you have a body of darkness, you bear a heart of light. This may be beneficial to this battle."


"So, who do I have to fight? Some of Chaos' pawns?"


"Maybe, maybe not. I do know that they are dangerous, and not to be underestimated."


With a wave of Cosmos' hand, Jecht was illuminated in a blinding light, sent away to an unknown destination.



Luffy had done it. After a long, hard battle, he had managed to defeat Admiral Akainu, having finally achieved his revenge. The World Government had just lost a powerful fighter, and now he was one step closer to becoming the Pirate King.


Luffy struggled to catch his breath. "This guy...he's done. I...did it. Now...rest in peace."


"YOU DAMN PIRATE!" Akainu was not done, and his entire body was covered in lava. However, a fist shot through his head, and Akainu exploded in a puddle of lava. Behind what was once the Admiral stood a muscular man carrying a sword.


"Sorry, kid, but it sounds like you're a problem. Cosmos said there was a threat that needed to be taken care of. Monsters like him, now it looks like I got to deal with pirates."


"Listen, I don't know what you're talking about. I wish for nothing more than to be the Pirate King. If you're looking for threats, you're thinking of the World Government, and I'm going to stop them!"


"You, stop them? Look at you, you look like crap! If you're going to took on a government, you got to man up! I'm feeling generous, so let me help you."


Jecht looked at his hand, which was dripping with the lava from the man he punched. He flailed his hand, wiping his hand of the nuisance.


"Fine, then you old fart! Bring it on!"

"'Old fart?' You have no idea who you're dealing with!"



Author's Notes: Let's make a deal. Winner of this match faces Kamina some time in the future.

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