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[Pokemon Fan-Fic] Descent Into Darkness (PG-13) [Chapter 4 says hello.]


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[align=center]Pokemon: Descent into Darkness


Before you ask, yes this is another Pokemon fanfic. It is also my first one, so I would appreciate some helpful feedback. ^^


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The story centers around Aurora Saga, who wants to become a Johto League Champion. However, she quickly becomes caught up in a fight versus the uprising, ruthless Team Rocket, who is bent on world domination. Aurora also is looking for her missing brother, Acerbus, who swore revenge on the Rockets before disappearing. Will she realize her goals and thwart Team Rocket's apocalyptic plans? Or will the world fall into darkness?[/align]


[spoiler=[b]Prologue: Division[/b]]


Background Music - 01 - Chrono Trigger - Peaceful Days


“Come on, Acerbus!”


Aurora Saga waited at the top of the flower-speckled hill, impatiently tapping her foot to the beat of her older brother’s heavy footsteps. Her white hair waving freely in the wind, Aurora sat down on the grassy knoll, bringing her knees up to her chest.


Acerbus never wants to have fun, Aurora thought gloomily, her soft blue eyes downcast. Suddenly, she brightened up. “Do you want to play with me, Eevee?” she asked, grabbing a PokeBall off her belt.


“Come on out!”


Eevee materialized in a flash of red light and excitedly ran to Aurora, leaping into her lap. Aurora laughed and petted Eevee on the back of her furry head, making the Pokemon growl with mild satisfaction. “Oh, Eevee,” Aurora sighed. “Sometimes I think you’re the only friend I really have around here.” She cradled Eevee in her arms as Acerbus finally reached the summit of the hill, his chest heaving rapidly.


“Whose idea…” he started, gulping for air, “… was it to climb this hill?” He took a seat next to Aurora, his long brown hair falling freely over his eyes.

Aurora looked hurt. “It was mine, Ace,” she muttered, rubbing Eevee’s head. “I thought we could go for a nice walk. It’s not often that Mother takes us to National Park, you know.”


Acerbus picked at a flower lazily with his skeletal hands, and his expression softened. “You’re always thinking about me, ‘Rora,” he said, smiling down at her. “It’s just that… with my asthma problem and all, it’s hard to be enthusiastic sometimes.”


Aurora looked sadly at her older brother. If I had to go through all he’s been through, I wouldn’t be very happy either, she thought, biting her lip. She remembered the first incident occurred when Acerbus was just a little boy. Aurora and Ace had both been exploring the Union Cave, when he fell off a rusty ladder going down to the sub-level and broke his arm, which would have to be amputated. From there, things snowballed for her innocent older brother. He lost his starter Pokemon that Professor Elm had entrusted to him, and he also lost to Falkner in his first Gym Challenge… seven times. Aurora shuddered at the thought of going through all that defeat. Ace had returned home crestfallen, and had shut himself up in his room for what seemed to be an eternity, emerging only for meals.


Mother is the only thing that keeps him going, Aurora thought sadly, remembering times when her mother wrapped Ace up in hugs and whispered encouraging words in his ear. Her mother still did those things, and Acerbus respected her for it. Aurora stroked Eevee’s fur absentmindedly, and jumped as Ace released his Eevee from its capsule. Both Eevees were birthday presents from their father, who was eagerly waiting for them at home, in a bustling Goldenrod City.


“You okay, ‘Rora?” Acerbus asked her, a quizzical expression plastered on his face. Aurora blinked, and her Eevee jumped off her lap to play with Ace’s, grinning.


Aurora forced a smile onto her lips and replied, “I was just thinking, is all.” Acerbus sighed and scooted closer to Aurora, putting his arm around her slim shoulders.


“’Rora, don’t feel bad about me, it will only make you feel sad,” Ace said quietly. Looking out at the beautiful landscape of the park, he smiled. “Soon you’ll be roaming these hills not just for free time. You’ll be on a mission to become…”


“…the greatest Pokemon Master of all time,” the siblings both finished. Aurora laughed and hugged Acerbus. “I’m going to miss you, bro.” she said sweetly.


Acerbus grinned. “Well, you’ll always have Zack with you.”


Aurora rolled her eyes at the thought of her cocky little brother accompanying her on the trip, and the siblings laughed again.


Acerbus peered at the setting sun. Coughing softly, he rose from his sitting position and stretched like a reclining lion. “It’s getting late. Mother will worry.” Acquiescing, Aurora clambered to her feet and turned to call back Eevee. She suddenly stumbled backwards when she saw the sight before her.


Ace’s Eevee was looking in wonder at an Espeon, who cooed softly at Aurora. She trotted up to her master and licked her hand appreciatively. “Eevee… you’ve evolved!” exclaimed Aurora, shock and joy registering in her brain. She ran up to hug her new Pokemon, while Ace stood back, wearing an odd expression. Doesn’t my Eevee like me? he wondered sadly. Oblivious to her brother’s ashamed face, Aurora turned brightly to him. “Let’s go, Ace,” she said brightly, beginning to skip away.


Acerbus gazed at his Eevee for a long time, looking at it as the Pokemon stared almost lazily up at him, a blank expression on its face. He sighed. “Eevee… return.”


Turning his back to the rolling, scenic hills of National Park, he slowly trudged away, his labored breathing rattling his lanky, black-clad frame.


Background Music -


Suddenly, Aurora’s scream ripped through the evening like a buzz saw. Against his body’s will, Ace clambered down the hill and turned a corner. There, he found Aurora slumped over and sobbing, clutching her PokeGear. His airstream closing up, Acerbus Saga ran over to his sister. “What’s wrong?” he shouted, hacking feverishly.


Tears staining her face, Aurora held up a black beret with a distinct red letter ‘R’ emblazoned on the front.


“They g-got her, Ace… ” she stammered, collapsing into heaving sobs. “I’ve called the police, but...”


“… Team Rocket already took her!”


Acerbus felt like the ground was dropping out from under him. He fell to one knee, his eyes twitching. “Those… bastards,” he hissed quietly. He angrily slammed his fist into the ground as Officer Jenny rolled in on her motorbike, flanked by many officers.


His eyes swimming with tears, Acerbus struggled to his feet and shook his fist at the sky.


“Now you’ve done it, you goddamned bastards!” he screamed.


Aurora looked frightened. “Calm down, Ace,” she pleaded. “The police will sort everything out!” Furious, Acerbus whirled around to face his sister, his head spinning. “They’ll go too slow with their stupid thorough ‘investigations’,” he mocked, pointing at the police forces, who seemed rooted to their positions. “Well, now I’ve got a score to settle with Team Rocket, and I have to save Mother!” He started to run, but Aurora desperately grabbed his good elbow.


“Ace, don’t do it!” she sobbed. “I can’t lose you, too!”


Blinded by his love for his affectionate mother, Ace wrenched his free arm away from his sister, and she fell to the ground, shocked. “Go home, Aurora. Please. You still have a long journey ahead of you, and I don’t want your love for me getting in the way!”


“I can’t leave you,” cried Aurora. Ace looked sadly upon his sister’s small form, so helpless in the rushing tide of tragedy.


“You’re going to have to. Good luck with your Pokemon journey, sis.”


Ace held out a PokeBall, its luster glistening in the dim moonlight. A Crobat blossomed out of the capsule, and Ace clambered onto it, coughing. With stunning speed, Crobat boosted his master into the sky.


I’m going to save you, mother, Ace thought fiercely. I’ll do whatever it takes!


Aurora made a desperate lunge for the wing of Ace’s Crobat, but she was restrained by a worried and tearful Officer Jenny. Her tears shining in the moonlight, Aurora looked at the shrinking figure of her brother, disappearing into the clouds. She silently made an imaginary compromise with Acerbus, as pandemonium broke loose around her.


Bro, I’ll go on my journey.


But I will never stop looking for you.




[spoiler=[b]Chapter One: Malevolence[/b]]

Release me… do it immediately… please…


Suddenly, Rocket Executive Helena Kirland opened her eyes. Why is everything so… hazy? This must be a dream… Helena looked straight ahead and let out a shriek that nobody could hear. Staring back at her, flickering like an old-time movie, was the Pokemon of nightmare, Darkrai.


Background Music - 03 - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Creepy Steeple


Now, now, my dear Helena. There’s no need to be alarmed, Darkrai said silently, his eyes gleaming in the dream-like haze.


“W-what do you want from me?” Helena stammered, frightened of the powerful Pokemon that floated before her.


That is easy to answer, Helena, Darkrai said, his body blowing sinuously in the fog. I require… some assistance.


“What kind of assistance?” Helena inquired meekly, a hint of suspicion in her voice. She wanted to keep things open-ended, as she felt she was dealing with a potent force.


Darkrai let out a mute chuckle that reverberated off the dream-fog. Against her will, Helena began to shiver uncontrollably.


That is also a simple question. But it comes with a story. Darkrai floated closer to Helena, causing her to instinctively pull back, her head banging against the wooden headboard. Would you like to hear my story, Helena?


Helena nodded quickly, biting her lip, and Darkrai soundlessly launched into his story.


I was a humble Pokemon at first, having trivial intentions. Born into a dark room in Canalave City, I soon found out, to my immense disappointment, that my room was a hotel residence for tourists. I took my anger out on them by haunting their dreams. When the tourists came out, they were never the same.


Darkrai chuckled at his words, and Helena gulped as the coarse laugh repeated itself over and over in the dark dream-fog that engulfed her bed. With a sadistic gleam in his eyes, Darkrai continued to tell his tale.


I was so… angry when they locked up the hotel. I was bound to an imaginary island in a Diary, banished to a hellish rock to spend the rest of my days in woe. I cannot tell you how happy I was when a young girl named Dawn somehow entered the room in which the Diary lay. After a peaceful night of rest, she noticed the old book, my proverbial cell.


Darkrai floated ever closer to Helena, who tried to repress a scream. His malevolent aura… it was so strong. His body floating in the air, Darkrai began to swoop around, craziness and glee showing in his eyes. Every time he passed Helena on the bed, dark figures popped out of the fog, each one letting out a cacophonous symphony of wails and groans. Frightened by the sounds of pain around her, Helena began to sniffle. Oblivious, Darkrai spoke excitedly now.


As all girls do, she opened the Diary! I was free! I let myself be caught, for the poor fool Dawn thought she could control me. Me! The most powerful Legend that ever existed! Darkrai rocketed up into the fog, basking in his self-implied glory.


As soon as she released me in a match, I left her crying on the battlefield with visions of her most horrendous dreams. Dawn didn’t call me back, for now she realized she couldn’t contain me. I was the happiest I had been in years, enjoying solitude and freedom in the night sky.


Darkrai’s eyes suddenly lost their malicious sparkle.


As I traveled from region to region, I at last came across Johto. I was horrified by the sight of your towns, your meaningless celebrations, and the smiling faces of your people. Vowing to make this region better for everyone, I came across the three Pokemon that could help me do it: Suicine, Raikou, and Entei. I presented them with my plan for total rule.


Darkrai suddenly came completely into focus, fueled by his rage.


They turned me down! Those three villainous… curs actually had the nerve to turn me down! I was decidedly angry as they banished me from their home in the Burnt Tower. Immediately, I began to plot my revenge. I decided to influence their thoughts while they slumbered, and I was surprised at how easily this plan worked.


After all, even legends have to sleep.


Helena forced a tearful smile and watched as Darkrai paused to recollect his memories. The glitter returned to his hollow, probing eyes.


My three new obedient slaves quickly began to force Johto into a metamorphosis. They were paving Johto’s path to salvation! I watched happily as smiles were wiped from the faces of the human scum. The populous would soon turn to me for assistance, and I would be most eager to help them. But… there always has to be a hitch in every golden plan…


Darkrai suddenly swooped into the air, angrily venting his feelings of rage. Twisted faces appeared in the fog as he passed, mumbling unintelligible sounds. Helena shook with fright. Calming, the feared Pokemon resumed his floating position.


In this plan’s case, the ‘hitches’ were the Sages of the Tin Tower. As they had done thousands of years before, they utilized unearthly magic to seal away the dogs in their home, the Burnt Tower across Ecruteak City. They noticed that I was controlling them, and had me sealed away as well.


The prophecy says that only the chosen Trainer will be able to release the dogs and I. This is where I need your assistance…


Helena started to moan with fright as Darkrai floated ever closer to her, his dark aura clogging her senses.


I want you to find the chosen Trainer and bring him or her to the Burnt Tower. Bring the Trainer down to the sub-level. It is then that I shall once again be free.


Helena nodded. “B-but Darkrai,” she croaked. “How will I know what he or she looks like? And how…,” she began, glancing at Darkrai’s flickering frame, “… are you managing to communicate with me if you are indeed sealed away?”


Darkrai chuckled once more, and Helena braced herself as leering faces came out of the fog again.


Well, as you may not know, a few members of Team Rocket have already allied with me. They helped me scope out the trainer with the brightest soul aura in all of Johto, for that person must be the chosen one to possess such… light. We located her in National Park. Her name is Aurora.


Darkrai waved his claw and suddenly, a woman materialized in the dream fog, her snow white hair falling haphazardly over her wrinkled, pale face. She lay motionless in the haze.


“That doesn’t look like a trainer,” Helena said, wrinkling her nose at the woman’s age-worn features. Darkrai sneered.


Because your Grunts erred while capturing the chosen one. Your idiots grabbed her mother!


Helena started to tremble, and quickly stammered, “Darkrai, it is quite easy to track down the trainer you are looking for! We will have her release you in an instant!”


Darkrai raised his claw, and the woman dissolved. Helena looked in horror as more dark figures rose out of the dream haze, moaning in agony.


Good. It truly wasn’t a total loss. Darkrai cackled. I’ve been sapping her energies in order to talk to you. But, alas, it appears they are running out... Darkrai was flickering more rapidly now, dissolving into the fog. The tormented figures continued to wail.


Helena… remember. This... is your new… priori… ity. The figure of Darkrai was breaking up, like an old-fashioned TV. Find her.


Helena nodded her head feverishly, and Darkrai raised his claw triumphantly. The figures lurking into the shadows and began to grasp Helena’s hair and legs, burying her in a sea of misery and cracking limbs. Helena’s scream pierced the dream fog, and Darkrai came into focus one last time. Helena eyed him fearfully through the arms of the wailing figures, and the Dark Legend raised his claw to her, in a twisted salute.


Sleep tight.


Then, everything went black.




[spoiler=[b]Chapter Two: Hindrance[/b]]

-One month later-


Aurora was running through mysterious woods, frantically looking up every tall, aged tree. She felt as if she had been sprinting for hours, but her legs didn’t feel remotely tired. A thunderclap sounded throughout the brush, making her jump. Where are you, Acerbus? she screamed inwardly. I know you’re here!


Suddenly, she came to a screeching halt in the middle of the dirt path. Standing with his back to her, his long brown hair blowing in the breeze, was her brother. Aurora let out a sigh of relief and ran up to him, panting.


“Ace-“ she began, reaching out to touch his black clothing.


Her brother suddenly turned around to face her, and young Aurora let out a bloodcurdling scream. Acerbus’s melancholy, reassuring face was gone. In its place was the head of a Pokemon with gleaming eyes, oddly flickering in the darkness of the woods. The Acerbus-like figure let out a chuckle, and reached toward Aurora, who backed away in fear. The Pokemon’s aura was overpowering.


Come here, Aurora. Come join your brother…


Aurora woke up in a cold sweat.


What a horrible dream, she thought, as sunlight streamed in through her window. I need to find you, bro…


She drowsily fumbled around in her nightstand drawer and pulled out a dusty photo from its depths. The picture was aged and grimy, but Aurora could still clearly see the smiling faces of Acerbus and her mother, their eyes glowing with compassion as they held up a beaming baby with snow-white hair. Aurora looked at the photo hungrily, longing for the two missing figures in her life.


When I become a Pokemon Master, I’ll find you both, she thought fiercely.


Aurora almost dropped the picture as Zack came thundering into her room, positively bursting with excitement. “Aurora!” he shouted happily. “You’re up!”


“I am now,” Aurora said irritably, rubbing her eyes. She glanced at her little brother, who was now happily bouncing on her bed. Zack was the polar opposite of Acerbus, his loud, obnoxious, and cocky demeanor annoying everybody around him. The only resemblance he had to his older brother was his brown hair, which he had spiked with some of his father’s gel. Aurora wrinkled her nose. She could also smell her father’s cologne. Zack had put on too much.


Aurora looked at her brother again, and was nearly knocked off her bed. “Zack… what are you wearing?” She squinted at his bright neon shirt and pants, grimacing. Zack grinned toothily at her. “As you know ‘Rora…” he began, wagging his finger at her disapprovingly, “… bright colors attract the ladies.” Zack let out a yelp as Aurora shoved him off her bed.

“You’re an idiot,” she snapped, but she couldn’t help smiling in spite of herself. Zack grinned and waved his arms at her. “C’mon, we’re going to be late! I want to start my journey as soon as possible!” He thundered back downstairs, and Aurora could hear a sudden yelp and hiss coming from the kitchen. “Sorry, Espy,” her brother called feverishly. Aurora groaned and pulled her slim frame out of bed.


She met her father downstairs at the kitchen table, and was greeted with a tired smile. Her father, an avid businessperson and Radio Tower higher-up, yawned as he wiped doughnut crumbs off his new suit. Zack was already on his sixth sugary treat, shoveling the pastry into his mouth like a lunatic. “Rff-ra..,” he said, his mouth bulging with bread, “… wook ah wuh Dad gah me.” Zack pointed proudly to a PokeBall sitting on the table, and Aurora smiled. Zack gulped and continued excitedly. “It’s my first Pokemon! Dad picked it up from Professor Maple in New Bark.” He looked adoringly at his at his father, who gave him a warm slap on the back. “I picked a mighty fine one for you, too. So don’t mess it up,” Aurora’s father whispered to him, slipping a wink to Aurora. She grinned as Zack pumped his fist into the air.


“Yeah! Turtwig rocks!” he exclaimed, as Espeon rubbed against Aurora’s legs appreciatively. Smiling, Aurora reached down to scratch her between the ears. Zack reached for another doughnut and began to chow down on it.


“So… Aurora,” her father began nervously, “Be safe. You’ll have Espeon with you, right?” Aurora nodded and her father let out a sigh of relief.


“Good. And… keep an eye on him.” Her father pointed at Zack, who looked up, powdered sugar forming a ring around his mouth.


“Hey!” he exclaimed indignantly. “Aurora’s the one that needs hel- stop!” He suddenly grabbed wildly for his doughnut, but his father’s Munchlax was already munching on the rest of the confection. Zack groaned, and Aurora and her father exchanged familiar eye rolls.


Her father began to speak again. “I’ll have a cab take you to the gatehouse of the Ilex Forest. You have to hike through there to get to Azalea. You can try for your first badge there, against Bugsy.” Aurora nodded as Zack jumped up, knocking over his chair. “What are we waiting for? Let’s gooooo…” Zack’s voice trailed off as his father laid a hand on his shoulder. “Conserve your energy,” he reprimanded. Looking at Zack's neon garb, Aurora's father groaned. “And for God’s sake, change your clothes.” Zack sighed, and quickly acquiesced.


Five minutes later, Aurora and Zack were bunched up in the back of the cab with their bulging traveling packs digging into their sides. Her father waved at them from the house, tears streaming down his face. Munchlax hugged his ankle reassuringly.


-At the gate-


Zack and Aurora were all set to enter the Ilex Forest. The guard looked at them warmly after he had made sure that they weren’t carrying any contraband. After all, Team Rocket power was rising even with their top executive Helena in a veritable coma, and every safety precaution had to be taken. Zack was bouncing on his heels, and before Aurora could stop him, he began to streak out of the house excitedly.


There was a humongous crash as Zack collided with a soot-covered man entering the station. Both of them fell to the ground, and Aurora and the guard quickly ran over, worried looks upon their faces. Zack sat up rubbing his head, muttering oaths and apologies. The man didn’t hear him as he hurriedly pulled the guard’s head closer to his blackened face.

“R-Rockets!” he shouted, making the guard pull back in shock. “… In Azalea!” The guard quickly went to the phone as the man collapsed, laying his coal-streaked head on the ground. “Mister, we’re going to Azalea!” Zack said in surprise. The coal stained man turned his beady eyes upon him, pure fear written on his face.


“No! Don’t go… you’ll get caught…” he trailed off, hacking into a dirty handkerchief. Aurora stepped over to the man.


“Sir, we have to. Azalea is where our first Gym battle is located, and we want to be Champions.”


The man sighed. “There’s no dissuading young Trainers around here, is there?” he grumbled. “If you’re really going to that wretched place, then take this.” He handed a shiny disc to Zack, who gazed at it in wonder.


“What’s the matter? Never seen a Hidden Machine before? Basically, you teach the move in there to your Pokemon.” The miner-like person rolled his eyes and chuckled. “That one has Cut on it. My Farfetch’d saved my ass a couple of times with that move.”


Zack grinned and stowed the tablet away, profusely thanking the dirty man, who gave them both a jaunty salute as Aurora and Zack entered the forest.


Aurora looked in wonder at the towering trees around her and smiled. It’s so scenic, she thought to herself, letting the cool breeze touch her face. Zack lagged behind her, along with Turtwig. The two found great amusement in the practice of using Razor Leaf to cut off small branches from the towering trees of Ilex. Occasionally, a Pokemon would fall out of the arboreal structures, and Zack would slap his Turtwig on the back, laughing at the flustered, fallen victim. Aurora would sigh and keep walking.


She heard the familiar slash of a Turtwig Razor Leaf and paused as Zack let out a bloodcurdling scream. “What now?” she shouted, whirling around to face her cowering brother.


Her brother and Turtwig had fallen to their knees. A Sneasel had tumbled out the branches, and it looked absolutely furious. That’s weird, Aurora thought, quizzically. I could have sworn Sneasel didn’t appear in-


“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


Zack and Aurora jumped as a figure emerged from the bushes. Her expression mirrored Sneasel’s. The girl had beautiful, flowing red hair, and her cold, dark eyes flashed as she advanced on the pair, her black cutoff dress blowing in the wind.


Zack blushed and stammered, “My Turtwig and I… were just having s-some fun with our new move, Razor L-leaf…”


The girl’s eyes flashed once more, as she looked back at all the fallen branches of Ilex. “Oho. Attacking unsuspecting Pokemon and destroying nature?” The redhead leaned down towards Zack, who backed away in fright. “I can’t let an evildoer get away now can I?” she hissed, smiling. She straightened herself and pointed at Zack’s Turtwig. “Sneasel, Night Slash!”


Aurora finally found her speaking voice. “What are you doing?” she screamed. “Stop it! He didn’t mean any harm!” She winced as Turtwig went flying into the air with a one swipe of Sneasel’s razor claws. The girl whirled on Aurora now, fire burning in her eyes. “Stay out of it, idiot. This is between me and this Pokemon attacker!” Aurora started to step forward, but Sneasel advanced on her menacingly.


As Zack ran up to retrieve his fallen Turtwig, the redhead noticed a PokeBall gleaming on Aurora’s belt. “Ah,” she grimaced, “you and that loser must be cohorts.” Before Aurora could react, the girl grabbed the Ball and called out her Espeon, who looked questioningly at the mystery Trainer holding her capsule.


“Sneasel, Night Slash!” Red Hair cried, and Espeon screeched as the super effective claw ripped into her fur. Tears streaming down her face, Aurora held Espeon’s head up as her beloved Pokemon fainted. She and Zack both looked up at the mysterious trainer, who leered down at them, her scarlet hair refracting beams of amber sunlight.


“I’m on a quest to become the best Trainer in all of Johto,” she snarled. “I can’t waste any more time with the likes of you losers. Let’s go and take down Whitney, Sneasel.” Red Hair smiled as she walked over to Zack, who blushed again, shielding his fallen Turtwig. “I demand a prize for every victory…” she said softly, “…and your Hidden Machine should do nicely.” The mysterious girl let out a chilling laugh as she plucked the disc from Zack’s bulging pack.


“I hope you learned a lesson today,” she said, turning to the two Trainers. “No one stands in the way of the future Champion, Kiera.”


Smiling, Keira Dahlia strode towards Goldenrod City with smooth, flowing steps. Aurora and Zack could only stare in wonder at her retreating figure.


Aurora was the first to take action. Brushing snow-white hair out of her tearful eyes, she called back her Espeon. Zack sadly called back his Turtwig as well, and the two silently set off for Azalea without the company of their Pokemon. Neither of them noticed as a Crobat soared silently overhead, looking down upon the scene.



[spoiler=[b]Chapter Three: Revelation[/b]]


Flying over the Rocket-filled chaos that had overtaken Azalea Town, Crobat found who he was looking for. Swooping down to ground level like a purple bolt of lightning, he took his Trainer by surprise.


Acerbus Saga, sensing danger, turned his head and choked on his shout of alarm. Instead, several throaty wheezes escaped his lips. He leaned against the grainy stone wall of the Slowpoke Well for support, the Azalea sunlight baking his skin.


“Hey, Jimmy. You hear that?” The Rocket guarding the well cupped his hand around his doughy ear and turned to his companion in crime.


“No, Mad Dog. I dint hear nothin’.” The other Rocket guard was pudgy and short, and he had a drawl that would make a seasoned cowboy envious. Neither of them bothered to look around the side of the Well, where Acerbus was crouching, poised to bolt.


“I could have sworn I heard someone hacking something fierce…” started Mad Dog. His voice was quickly quelled by his partner’s furious look. “Look, Dog. That scientist sent us up here to do one job. If you don’t have th’ balls to guard this here well, I suggest you leave me in peace. Team Rocket’s really outdone itself this time, an’ we can’t have you screwing it up!” Jimmy leaned his broad back up against the sandy stones of the Well, munching on something that he held in his stubby fingers.


“Mmm. I do love me some fried Slowpoke tails. Hopefully, that scientist will continue to make more, eh?”


Jimmy licked his palms, and Mad Dog stared at him, slightly revolted. The two guards continued to make small talk, and Acerbus noticed that they had six PokeBalls between them, too much for his party to take on at once. He definitely couldn’t enter by force. Well, if I can’t enter through the front… I might as well try the back...


Acerbus smiled and moved to the backside of the Well, out of the Rocket’s point of view. He swiftly motioned to his other companion beside him, and the Pokemon immediately knew what had to be done.


Silently but efficiently, Umbreon began to dig a tunnel towards the Slowpoke Well.


-Azalea Guardhouse-


“Hurry, Aurora! Turtwig is hurting!”


Before Aurora Saga could even rest her tired legs, her overeager sibling dashed out of his second guardhouse. Aurora groaned and was about to protest when she remembered…




“Good. And… keep an eye on him.” Her father pointed at Zack, who looked up, powdered sugar forming a ring around his mouth…


… “R-Rockets!” he shouted, making the guard pull back in shock. “… In Azalea!” The guard quickly went to the phone as the man collapsed, laying his coal-streaked head on the ground.




Shocked into action, Aurora Saga went running after her brother, fearing for his life. If they catch him, who knows what they might do?


Panicking now, she flew after the retreating figure of her younger sibling. “Zack! Zaaack!”


Neither of them saw the two men that suddenly stepped in their path. With a humungous crash, Zack crashed into both of them. Turtwig went flying up into the air helplessly, but Aurora caught him, panting.


The two men simultaneously struggled to sit up, rubbing their skulls. Upon closer inspection, Aurora noticed that they were twins. One was significantly larger than the other was, and looked like he wanted to lie back down on the ground. The other was wiry and gaunt, and was the first to speak. “What are you kids doing here?” he growled, grabbing them by the hands. “It isn’t safe!”


With surprising strength and speed, the newcomer half-dragged Zack and Aurora through the side streets of Azalea. To Aurora’s horror, she saw several Rocket guards on their sojourn. Thankfully, the enemies were oblivious to the strange band of people progressing towards the edge of the town. The other stranger lagged behind, stifling yawns, as Aurora and Zack looked with surprise at the rustic landscape surrounding them as they exited Azalea.


The motley crew came to a halt in front of a cabin house. The stranger let go of the Trainer’s hands and opened the creaking door, revealing a warm, cozy interior. The burly man stumbled past the stranger, yawning openly. Rolling his eyes, the protector swiftly beckoned them inside. Aurora bit her lip and nodded at Zack. They entered the cabin peacefully and relaxed at a long wooden table, while the man began to pour them cups of tea, a small smile on his weathered face.


Zack shifted uncomfortably. “What’s your name?” he blurted. “And why did you take us here?” The man grinned.


“I forgot to introduce myself. Name’s Jonathan Orb, successor to old man Kurt.” He gestured to the back room, where snoring could be heard. “That’s good old Max Orb, my twin brother. He’s a bit lazy, but a helluva genius…” He looked wistfully at the back room as Aurora took a hesitant sip of her tea, the bitter aroma ensnaring her senses.


Zack suddenly brightened. “D-did you say successor to Kurt?” he whispered to Jonathan, who grinned again. “Yessir. One of the best Ball-crafters on this side of Johto.” He motioned again to the back room. “Max and I are trying to replicate his feats. We’ve come pretty far, I must say.” He leaned back in his seat and squinted at the young ones. “So… what are your names exactly? And why the hell did you come to Azalea? Don’t you know that this place is being overrun by enemy forces?” Aurora and Zack looked down at their tea guiltily.


“We were just trying to get our first badge…” Aurora said, ashamed. She explained the sibling's entire story. “We didn’t mean to cause such a fuss,” she finished apologetically.


Jonathan’s expression immediately softened, and it was his turn to look at his tea guiltily. “Sorry if I sounded harsh,” he muttered softly. “You aren’t causing a fuss. Team Rocket is.” Zack looked up from his steaming mug. “What are they doing here even?” he asked quizzically. The worn man sighed and put down his drink.


“This all started about a week ago. Max and I were looking for Wht Apricorns when we heard the town siren. Ten seconds later, it was silenced.”


“When we arrived back in Azalea, absolute chaos had taken over the city. People were running into their homes, locking doors. The Slowpoke that had recently roamed around the town freely were being rounded up and captured by the Rocket Organization, headed by a white-haired man in a lab coat. The Rockets were aggressive, and did not hesitate to use their Koffings to harm people and Pokemon.” Jonathan sighed heavily and continued his tale.


“The lab guy laughed crazily and took his squadron down to the Slowpoke Well, where they presumably, well, set up a lab. Since then, no one has been allowed entry. The town Slowpoke are being held prisoner and… ”


Suddenly, Jonathan’s eyes brightened up, and he grinned again.


“Well, no one’s been allowed in… until now.”


Aurora gasped in surprise as Jonathan’s plan dawned on her. “You aren’t!” she blurted out, genuinely concerned. Jon chuckled.


“I have to save Azalea, because it’s my hometown. I’m going to the Well and stopping those damn Rockets, and I sure as hell can’t back down now.” He stood up with conviction. “Now is as good of a time as ever… you stay here with Max.” He pointed to the back room, where horrendous nasal breathing could be heard. Aurora stood up furiously in protest. “I’m going too!” she exclaimed, her snow-white hair flowing around her head. Zack looked down at his cup nervously as Jon whirled suddenly on her. “No, you are not., “ he seethed, pushing her back down into her seat.“It’s too dangerous!”


Aurora sprang up again, like a stuck jack-in-the box.


“I have to! I made a pact with someone close to me and I can’t break it! Please. Try to understand…” She broke off, her voice wavering, and Jon instantly was reminded of a past memory.




Jonathan Orb trudged through the Ilex Forest, a chilling air brushing against his shirt. In his hands, he held an Apricorn Box. He was eternally grateful to the ball-maker Kurt for giving him a chance at capsule creation…


Suddenly, he heard a low growl in the darkened brush. Stars twinkled overhead as young Jonathan nervously clutched his half-full Apricorn Box. “Who’s there?” he called out, his voice shaking. “Come out so I can see you!”


Suddenly, a dark blur leapt out in front of Jon and tackled him to the ground. His Apricorn Box flew out of his hands as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He could make out that his assailant was a Pokémon. A furious one, too. Its luminous, yellow eyes flashed in the moonlight.


Jonathan Orb was in trouble.


However, he lay still, not making any sudden moves. He could feel the Pokémon’s claws scratching his flesh, but he bore through the pain with the resiliency he had been born with. Suddenly, his throat seized up, and Jonathan Orb sneezed into the face of his mystery attacker.


Time seemed to slow down as Jonathan could feel an excruciating pain on his chest. The Pokemon, startled, had slashed him in a rage. He was going to die now…


Suddenly, a human-like shape dashed out of the bushes and punched the murderous Pokémon in the side. The stricken victim roared, and tried to pounce on the newcomer, but the human shadow simply lifted the Pokémon up and threw it across the path. The night assailant struck an Ilex tree, and lay still.


A flashlight clicked on, and he could see the warm face of his master Kurt, shining like the sun on a cloudless day. Beside him was Machoke, Kurt’s favorite Pokémon friend. The old man’s face showed signs of concern, but Jonathan was just happy to see him. He could feel himself being picked up and whisked away, his heartbeat slowing down with every step...


-Later, in recovery-


“Yes. That is what I want you to do for me.” Kurt was speaking to Jonathan at the cabin’s wooden table, surrounded by his immense repertoire of PokeBalls. Jonathan was in tears.


“You really trust me to take over this a-art, old man?” he stammered, shocked at the privilege he had been given. Kurt smiled warmly and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Yes. I trust you and your brother will make excellent successors when my time has come. You showed immense patience and calm in the face of danger back there…” He paused. “We made a pact when you were young; I protected you, so now I’m asking you to help me…”


Jonathan couldn’t take it anymore, and cried tears of joy. He jumped out of bed to tell his brother that they… had been chosen. Kurt smiled, and kept on beaming for the rest of his life. Jonathan and Maxwell made him so happy, and even when everyone cried as the artisan was laid in a nondescript coffin…


… he was still smiling.




“Mr. Orb, sir?” Jon snapped out of his daze at the table to find Aurora tugging at his sleeve, looking worriedly up at him.


“W-what?” he asked, shaking his head, dazed. Aurora sighed in relief. “I was talking to you… and you just stopped responding!” Jon blushed a bit, and Aurora looked up at him with pleading eyes, restating her query.


“C-can I please go with you?”


Jon sighed. The word ‘pact’ reverberated around his brain, and the more he tried to block it out, the louder it became. He saw Kurt’s sunny face…


He stood up shakily. “Fine. But if anything happens to you, I’ll never forgive myself…” Aurora looked positively grateful as she ran up to hug the lanky man, making him step back in surprise. Jon turned towards the table, fixing his gaze on Zack.


“You...” he ordered, “…you’re going to stay here with Max.” Zack nodded his brown-haired head, looking relieved. Jonathan pulled on his handmade fedora and lifted two PokeBalls out of a cluttered counter drawer. He pocketed one dusty sphere, and he held the other Ball out to Aurora, who looked confused.


“Send out your Espeon and catch her with this ball. It’s a Heal Ball, so it will heal your Pokemon instantly.” Jonathan Orb winked, and Aurora beamed at him. They were just about at the door when Jon turned around and threw another Heal Ball towards Zack, who caught it with glee.


“Almost forgot about your Turtwig there. What a fighter…”


Aurora and Jon followed the same side streets through Azalea and were soon gazing at the deep entrance to the Slowpoke Well, standing behind a small, wooden house. Two Rockets stood guarding the front entrance, one thin and one fat, a comical duo.


-The Tunnel-


Acerbus was dirty. Umbreon was dirty. But they had done it. He triumphantly returned Crobat to its Ball and covered up the entrance to the tunnel with tree branches and grasses. Sunlight still filtered through the holes in the nature-mesh, striking Acerbus’s face in odd formations. Two feet in front of Acerbus lay the bottom of the Slowpoke Well. He was sure that there would be Rockets inside, so entering by force was out of the question.


He would have to wait it out…


Beside him, Umbreon growled, as if sensing a familiar presence.


-The Bedroom-


Everything was chaos.


Black and white flashes filled her visions as Darkrai’s speech replayed in her mind, like a scratched record. She couldn’t stand it anymore, and started to scream. She could hear someone laughing maniacally in the distance…


Helena Kirland sat bolt upright in bed, awake at last.



[spoiler=[b]Chapter Four: Mayhem[/b]]




Keira Dahlia cursed and spat at the clear glass doors of the Goldenrod City Gym. However, no matter how hard she tried, the entrance remained locked in front of her, steadfast and unbreakable. The redhead felt like she was going to kill someone. How could the Gym Leader be missing now? she screamed inwardly, giving the glass an icy glare, as though the doors might shatter in front of her piercing gaze.


“Uh… excuse me. Hey, you!”


Keira felt a small tug at her dress and whirled around angrily to accost the presence. A small girl with brown eyes and an innocent face looked up at her in fright.


“Aren’t you a Trainer? D-do you want to know where Whitney i-is?” the girl stammered, quickly letting go of Keira’s clothing in fear. The redhead smirked and knelt down, eye-level with the innocent child. “Yes, please,” she asked, with a hint of mock politeness. The little girl brightened at the thought of being able to help this strong Trainer and eagerly spoke in a cheery tone now.


“She’s at the Miltank Ranch, west of Ecruteak!” she announced proudly.


Keira groaned and pulled herself to her feet, ready to go immediately. Before she left though, the self-proclaimed Champion tossed the girl a single PokeDollar from the confines of her dress. “Have fun with that,” Keira said coldly, setting off towards yet another destination.


The girl gazed admiringly after the strong Trainer’s retreating figure, clutching the one-dollar note to her chest as if it were worth a thousand times more.




Jonathan Orb meant all business now. Aurora could clearly see determination and focus in his eyes, crinkled with the effort of concentration. “Two guards… possibly the scientist and more guards in the Well…” Jonathan murmured, evidently trying to formulate an effective entrance strategy. Aurora jumped as he suddenly brightened, snapping his fingers in triumph. “I’ve got it!” the ball-maker whispered excitedly.


He grabbed the dusty Ball from his pocket and released the Pokémon within. A Ralts appeared before Aurora, peering up at her innocently, the red fan on her head waving back and forth. Jonathan beamed and knelt down before his new comrade.


“Hey honey. You’re gonna help us out, okay?” he crooned, stroking his partner affectionately. Turning to Aurora, Jonathan smiled. “You have an Espeon, right? Send her out. I have a plan.” Aurora nodded and reached for the Ball on her belt as the capsule-making apprentice chuckled to himself.


Espeon appeared in a flash of pink light, her fur sleek and her eyes focused. The Heal Ball had done its job. She sniffed at Ralts, who backed away in fright.


Aurora turned to Jon now. “What’s your plan?” she whispered, causing Jon to chuckle feverishly again. He pointed to the duo guarding the Well, snickering.


“See those funny-lookin’ Rockets? We obviously can’t go into the Well with them in our path, so we have get rid of them, right?” Jon looked at Aurora to see if she was following, and she nodded in solemn agreement. John grinned and continued. “So, we get Ralts and Espy to use their psychic powers to move them out of the way. I really think we can do it.”

Confused and wide-eyed, Aurora Saga spoke up in a whisper. “How are we going to do that?” she hissed, flustered. Jon just snickered again and pointed to Ralts.


“Ralts, use a Confusion attack.”


The miniscule green Pokemon clasped her hands together and began to chant. Jimmy could only gape as his partner Mad Dog was suddenly enveloped in a blue aura. “Hey, Dog!” he hissed, snapping his fingers in his comrade’s face. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”


Mad Dog turned slowly towards Jimmy, his eyes glazed over, the blue mist still present around him. Snorting at his partner, he bounded off into the woods behind the Slowpoke Well, leaving Jimmy behind, shellshocked at this sudden change of personality. Aurora giggled, stroking Espeon behind the ears.


“Okay, Espy. Your turn,” she whispered, pointing to the fat guard.


Jimmy was enveloped in an aquamarine aura this time. Caught unaware, he tried to struggle against Espeon’s mind-bending power, but his efforts were futile. Moments later, the tail-munching guard was flanking his partner in crime into the woods. The entire operation was almost silent, and Jon and Aurora exchanged high-fives, doubled over in silent laughter.


Wiping tears from his eyes, Jonathan Orb regained his serious composure. Beckoning to Aurora, he scampered across the street and rushed towards the damp stone steps of the Well. Aurora quickly followed suit, her silvery hair flying behind her as she caught up to Jon on the top step, Espeon and Ralts not too far behind. She could hear the slow drip of water below, and the ominous buzz of a machine. Jon put a finger to his lips, and they began quietly descending the winding steps of the Well, backs pressed against the moist bedrock.


As they grew closer to the bottom of the Well, the mechanical buzzing intensified. Reaching the bottom step, Aurora and Jon peeked out into the vast, waterless space, lit with fluorescent bulbs. They received the biggest shock of their lives.


Standing in the middle of the Well, creaking and groaning, was a large, metallic machine. It emitted puffs of smoke and

absorbed the power of four portable generators. Looking like an alien saucer, the interior of this foreign object was lit from the inside, judging from the light escaping from the machine’s futuristic portholes. Two doors opened and closed on either end of the saucer-like object, an empty conveyor belt slipping between them. Emblazoned on the front of the great machine was a giant, glowing ‘R’. Aurora wanted to get a closer look, but Jon suddenly grabbed her arm, worry etched on his gaunt face. Aurora whirled around to face the ball-maker of Azalea, her white hair brushing against his cheek.


“Aurora…” Jon whispered, “… why isn’t anybody down here?” Aurora looked at him with surprise. She never even noticed the recent absence of life in the Well.


“Because you tripped our silent alarms, my boy,” a wheezy voice answered. Jon paled.


An elderly man with frazzled hair stepped out from behind the machine, a crazy glint in his eye. The scholarly-looking figure donned a pure white lab coat several sizes too large. He laughed crazily at the two outsiders.


“Of course we wouldn’t leave the mission of guarding the Well with those puny Rocket specimens up there,” he giggled. “Why leave humanity to do jobs for you when technology can do a thousand times better?” Several Rockets swarmed from the machine now, leveling futuristic-looking pistols at the intruders. The lab man laughed again, wheezing from the effort. Aurora and Jon blanched at the barrels being pointed towards them.


“What are those things?” Jon asked angrily, gesturing to a Rocket’s gun. “Are you going to shoot us?” The madman broke into hysterics once again, clutching his sides.


“Hee hee… ever since the Rockets appointed me, Prometheus King, to the Chief Scientist position, I’ve done nothing but make our forces stronger! No longer will we have to rely on Pokémon to fight, because now we have my weapons!” He snatched a pistol away from the nearest Rocket, clutching the gun affectionately with bony fingers.


“Basically, in layman’s terms, this pistol will deal damage proportional to a Pikachu’s Thundershock when fired,” Prometheus wheezed, cackling. “It won’t kill you, but boy, will it sting!” The maniacal scientist skipped over to his machine and pressed a button on a hidden switchboard in the back. The mechanical behemoth began to hum with more energy, illuminating the cave with sinister white light. Prometheus stood proudly before his creation, raising his arms in triumph.


“So many Pikachus had to go through my rigorous data-gathering tests to create that brilliant weapon. Unfortunately, not all of them passed…” The white haired man wiped an imaginary tear from his eye as several of the Rockets around him sniggered. “Now that I have succeeded once, I feel as though I cannot fail!” Prometheus shouted, basking in the glow of his creation. He turned to face a rigid Aurora Saga and Jonathan Orb, their faces contorted into expressions of disbelief and anger.


“That’s why I’ve created this little device here,” Prometheus snickered, pointing at his grand metallic monster. “For the next item on my list… is a mind-control helmet!” He broke down again, sagging to his knees in a flurry of cackles.


“I-I thought this would be the perfect place to collect samples and data for my next grand creation,” the scientist giggled. “See, Slowpoke are definitely not the brightest… so easy to manipulate…” He paused to take a couple of calming breaths and continued. “So we raided Azalea and seized the Well for scientific purposes. Is that so bad?” He gazed innocently at Jon, with eyes full of mockery.


“You little-“Jon was silenced by the numerous barrels suddenly pointing in his direction. Prometheus snickered and continued.

“So we set up my machine down here, and began conducting tests. Basically, we’d put the stupid Slowpoke on that conveyor belt…” He gestured to the moving tread leading into the machine, “…and the Slowpoke would come out the other end, donning my new headgear!” Quaking with silent laughter, Prometheus gestured towards the other end of the machine. His expression darkened.


“For the Slowpoke that didn’t behave properly…” he began, scowling, “… we sorted their issues out by cutting off their tails as punishment. Such a delightful snack, you know.” Aurora looked like she was going to vomit, and Jon laid a reassuring arm around her shaking frame, drawing raised barrels with his movement.


Prometheus continued as if he hadn’t noticed, pacing around the waterless chamber now. “Well, the control helmet worked fine,” he simpered, holding back a laugh. “The only problem is that we ran out of Slowpoke to send to our headquarters back home.” Grinning at the intruders, Prometheus ran up to Aurora and leaned forward, his hot breath searing her facial flesh. “We were just leaving, anyways. No trouble, right my lady?”


Prometheus yelped as Aurora backhanded him across the face, making him writhe around in agony on the dirt floor. The Rockets raised their guns as the mad scientist hopped up, looking positively furious.


“Make sure they don’t leave!” he screamed, skipping up the stairs towards the exit, his mad cackling reverberating across the walls.




The Rockets sniggered, their fingers poised on various triggers. Suddenly, Espeon perked up and dashed forward, towards the back of the Well, mewling longingly. The Rockets concentrated on her instead, and Aurora screamed in surprise.


“Espy! No!”


Espeon didn’t even change course as she was hit directly with no less than four charges. The electricity ran up her fur, and Aurora’s partner lay still, her paws resting against the dirt wall of the Well. Aurora cried out in agony, falling to her knees as the Rockets once again pointed their guns at the pair.




Acerbus Saga looked with surprise at his Umbreon, who was digging frantically now, almost as if he felt a presence of someone he longed for on the other side of the wall. His Trainer had never seen him work with so much conviction…




Aurora and Jonathan backed up slowly as the Rockets advanced on them, weapons raised. They exchanged frightened looks. There’s nothing we can do! Aurora screamed inwardly. Please, someone help us…


“Razor Leaf!”


Jon, Aurora, and the Rocket troops all turned around in surprise as several gyrating leaves struck the guns out of their hands. Standing at the bottom of the stone steps was Zack, his spiky hair wild as ever, commanding Turtwig confidently before him. Flanking him was the large, sleepy-looking man from earlier, now dressed in a full suit for some odd reason. He grinned at Jon, who let out a sigh of relief.


Maxwell Orb and Zackary Saga had arrived.


“Zack! What are you doing here? Get back!” Aurora shouted as the Rockets scrambled for their guns, dazed. Zack looked affronted and quickly shot back a retort.


“No way, ‘Rora! I’ve made up my mind! I’ve come to rescue you!”


“Rescue me…?” Aurora began in disbelief. Over to her left, a Rocket had found his gun, and was getting ready to fire at an unsuspecting Jon, drawing the attention of his brother.


“Back, knave!” Max bellowed at the gunman, leaping down to the ground with surprising speed. He grabbed the Rocket and threw him up against the wall with great force, where the enemy lost consciousness, his gun clattering to the floor.


“Blasted, conniving fool,” Maxwell muttered, looking with disdain at the fallen foe.


The Rockets and Aurora all paled at the sight of this suited strongman and his unforseen act of rage. Not able to locate their guns, the Rockets quickly sent out their Pokémon. Six Koffings emerged from their capsules in flashes of bright light.

Shocked into action, Jon stepped protectively in front of Aurora. “Go, Ralts! Confusion!”


The little Pokemon, silent all this time, clasped her hands together and began to chant. Three Koffings were suddenly ringed by the familiar blue aura as Zack ran up to the group, getting ready to battle.


The Ralts let out a screech, and the Koffings flew across the Well, smashing into the back wall where Espeon lay. The trio of Poison Pokémon fell to the ground, their eyes wide. In one horrible second, Aurora knew what was going to happen before it did.


The Rockets bolted towards the exit as the purple Pokémon exploded in a devastating chain reaction. Maxwell jumped on top of the group, trying to shield them with his body as searing heat and smoke washed over them all.




Acerbus was in trouble.


Once moment he had been watching his Umbreon dig with fervor, and the next moment, there was heat. And pain. Unbearable, gut-wrenching pain. He had screamed as pieces of wall and dirt slashed his face, leaving it bloodied and blind in one eye. Umbreon was blown back against the far end of their tunnel, shaken by the blasts.


Acerbus Saga, his mutilated face barely recognizable, faintly called forth his Crobat, which appeared in a flash of red light. Calling back Umbreon, the woebegone Trainer fell weakly onto the back of his Bat Pokémon. He could barely see where he was going, but he sensed that Crobat did. The purple Pokémon launched himself and his passenger out of the makeshift tunnel, breaking the nature-mesh and soaring into the night sky.


Breathing fresh air, a wounded Acerbus fell into a fitful sleep.


Next time, Rockets!




Aurora Saga woke up, her shoulder scorched and her throat dry and parched. She tried to speak, but couldn’t.


The group was huddled over her, save Maxwell Orb, who was staring with interest at a tunnel opening he had found in the back wall. Zack ran forward and hugged her tightly, forgetting his macho image. Jon spoke, his voice shaky.

“Aurora, we thought we lost you…”


He knelt down to face Aurora, who started to feel the tears coming on. Jon patted her shoulder reassuringly. “We did great,” he whispered. “The Rockets have fled Azalea!” Aurora forced a smile, tightly hugging Zack. For some reason, she wasn’t overjoyed. Jon’s face fell a bit, and he grabbed Aurora’s hand with conviction, lifting her shakily to her feet.


“We should get out of here,” he pleaded to the group, who all nodded in agreement. Zack started towards the scorched stone steps, the back of his arm showing signs of a burn. Jonathan Orb and Aurora Saga quickly followed suit, climbing the steps, illuminated only by the moonlight. The explosion had knocked out the generators, and the Rocket machinery lay dormant, like a sleeping giant.


Maxwell Orb stood alone in the darkness, still staring at the tunnel with genuine interest.


That wasn’t there before…


-Rocket HQ-


“What do you mean, you failed in Azalea?!”


Executive Helena Kirland pounded her fist into the wood of her desk, making Prometheus King quake in fear. She took several deep breaths.


“Whatever. I didn’t care for your lackluster invention anyways. I want you to lead a squad to Ecruteak’s Burned Tower, with the intention of taking it over. This is an entirely new mission, so don’t screw it up, old man!”


Prometheus nodded feverishly and dashed out of the Executive’s office. Helena just rolled her eyes. That fool…


Extracting a photo from her desk drawer, she glared at the figure in the frame. A white-haired girl stared back at her, gleefully clutching an Eevee.


Throwing the picture onto her desk in disgust, Helena cursed.


I’m going to find you soon. And when I do, Darkrai will finally be satisfied!



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Damn, son. Your writing skills are just... pure smex. <3


I did note a few grammatical errors, but they are pointless to point out, really. If anyone else notices them, you get some Nazi points.


Storyline is pretty good so far, tbqh. <3

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Guest Zeonark

Interesting story you have here. The past leading up to these events had me wanting to keep reading more. Ace's blind love for his mother kinda makes me like him more. The next part of the story shall be something I will be looking forward to.


Good job. <33

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Yeah' date=' it's good, only, if I had no idea what pokemon was, I'd be confused. For all I knew, Crobat was a dog..



And you have a Lucario in your sig? For shame. ^^

That Crobot must be really strong to carry Acerbus.


It was impressive as I expected it to be. ^^


Bat can learn Fly in game, so why not? ;D


Thank you, Twig.

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Did you put that Crobat int there because of me? 8)


So' date=' do you have this planned, or are just going with it?


Cuz I luv appearing in fan fics...


Great story, luv it.



I actually thought of you, X-L. ^^


I have the story all planned out. Sort of. ;D

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