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Dark Flare Knight Oped i dont think so

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The end result is this.


Mirage Knight + Imperial Iron Wall + ???? = Profit


Should continually increase its attack every time it battles, and should stay increased as long as Mirage Knight stays face-up on the field... and would stay on the field instead of being removed from play by its own effect.


Either that or for your opponent's monsters to attack it as it constantly gains ATK after each attack x.o


Wasn't worth summoning before, and surely isn't know. Sometimes, I'd like to see a Yugioh in which cards like these would be worth playing instead of the speedy games we have now.

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"during damage calculation"


Bad' date=' even with imperial iron wall.



It states "During Damage Calculation", it doesn't state "during damage calculation only" like most cards like that would state, so it leads me to the assumption that during damage calculation, the attack is increased, and stays that way as long as its face-up on the field. I could be wrong, but without that "only", it would seem to stay permanent.


Off to make a Mirage Knight deck in Tag Force 4. Something I'd want to confirm if it does work that way or not.

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Let's see, fusing Dark Magician with a fusion substitute wouldn't be hard. Dark Flare Knight is a decent card, but with just 2200 ATK won't make an much of an impact. It's effect to get Mirage Knight is only through battle, so that's not great. then, if you are using Mirage Knight, It's a dead draw. Not the best strategy.

Also, don't "+1 post count" since this is still a card to discuss, even though it's kinda bad.

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