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KA Flames Fan fic

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NAME: Iraga


AGE: 14


DESCRIPTION(if chibi: additional characteristics): The "Runt of the litter", small for his age, never tans(rarely goes outside).


PERSONALLITY: Kind and loyal to everyone, even thoes who bully him. ( he can see duel spirits )


DECK TYPE(post set cards are from, or just their entire deck): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2248 + staple cards (mirror force, negate attack, ect.)


HISTORY(ext.): He is the school dork who never wins anything, then one day a half-dead guy comes up to him and begs him for money or food and he gives it to him. The man turns out to be Seto Kiba and gives him a duel disk and a deck of the finest cards money can buy, he takes the disk but turns down the deck, saying " I want to try this on my own and start from scratch like all the other kids out there." Kiba agrees but gives him $150 to get himself started. Iraga accepts,

He Was a Dueling Natural


FAVORITE CARD: Mage of Dragons-Iraga (same name thing...)


CHIBI(optional): tek0705083cd016wv8.png

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Iraga and Jake Mahadi are both entrants in the tourniment for the NEXT PRINCE OF GAMES!

they are both late (as usual) and are sprinting twords the gate to the hall (in opposite directions) and they hit eachother at full speed, taking a strange man with a duel disk down with them.

"Oh My gosh,"Cried Iraga "Im SO sorry mister,"

"Oh its okay young one" He saied myloticly "here help me pick up my cards"

they start to pick up the cards when jake asks "so you guys are here for the tourni?"

"yes i certaintly am" the stranger says

"so am i" says Iraga

they gather there cards and are ready to go,

The stranger says in a pleasant tone "here i hope you can get some use out of this"

he hands Iraga and Jake a blank card each

Jake and Iraga both say at once "But this is blank"

he says as he is walking off " Don't worry it will apear to you when the time comes"

when neither is watching there decks the top card startes to glow an erry green color


"hey jake, the entry exams are 2v2 wanna team up?"



they depart to the arena

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srry for double post but KA wants me to take over wile he is gone


so anyways...


Jake and Iraga both passed the written test with FLYING COLORS (because i know nobody wants to know the gay questions on a yugioh quiz i will not be posting that section) and advanced to the dueling portion of the test.


a new voice comes over that is softer "The rules have been explained to the duelists, you each have 5monsters, 5 spell and traps each, there has been a random lottery to decide which teams will duel first".


in the duel prep room...


a new voice to jake and iraga," Hey noobs you wanna see somtin cool" they both look, Sarion opens his duel jacket to show four gold dueling medals "These are from tourniments that were WAY harder than this pewny thing."

They just ignore him...


The Duels rage on and on until there duel starts

"Im chicking out Iraga," quivers jake

"NO WAY MAN!" Screams Iraga "If your out IM out"

jake nods his head in agreement, "Fine ill duel"


they make there way out to the stadium to find screaming fans

"Im leaving" whispers Iraga in a scared tone

"as i recall you said "'if your out IM out" jake says scarcasticly

"and anyways its too late to back down now"


Over the speakers they hear the magic words


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Name: Obelisk (not after the God)

Age: 19

Deck: Total Obelisk Deck

bio: A duelist from the future but has lost all his his memories (cliche or what). He has a mechanical arm with a duel disk crafted onto it.


I may as well join, since nobody else seems to be posting.



Obelisk approached the tournament area, he could hear all the duels from here and from what he could tell there were a few good cards being played. He looked at the card in his hand, it wasn't a normal card, it had a black symbol on the image and the text told him that he was to enter this tournament if he ever wanted to go home.

"What the heck that means," he muttered, his stuffed the card into his pocket and wanded over to the dueling arena to watch what people were doing.

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while ka and obelisk were regestering for tomarows preliminaries (takes 3days) Iraga and Jake's duel began.


into the duel

Iraga had his favorate card out on the field with "Ultimate offering" active and Jake had nothing left but an "Infinite cards" spell card

" Man were done" said iraga doubtfully

"Its not over till its over" cried jake with pride

"YEA first i activate "Pot of Greed" letting me draw 2 cards", he said " and i summon my Fallen Angel-Puzcraze in Attack mode. AND i use its effect, Now you both take 500 points of dammage for each card in my hand,

"WHAT?!" Screamed the opponents

"YEA and thats 3500 EACH!"

"And i activate my face-down" says Iraga "pyro clock of destiny! Now Puzcraze can use its effect AGAIN!"

"WHAT BUT THAT MEANS WE LOOSE?!" the opponents Screamed

"yep thats game"

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"This tourney should be simple enough" thought Sarion "although, those two looked pretty good"


"Obelisk and KA also sound pretty good" "I wonder who my partner should be" that part he tought aloud


"Oh well" he said as he got up to look for a partner "If i find one, hed better be good"

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