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Wc11 Scraps

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Card Trooper x1
Effect Vieler x2
Level Eater x1
Meklord Emperor Granel x1
Beast x2
Chimera x3
Goblin x2
Golem x2
Orthros x2
Searcher x2
Summoner Monk x1

Book x1
Hole x1
Foolish x1
Giant Tru x1
Mind x1
Reborn x1
MST x2
Duality x2
Scrapstorm x3
Scrapyard x3

Mirror Force x1
Solemn Judgment x1
Solemn Warning x2
Trap Dustshoot x1

Derp Dragon x3
Twin Derp Dragon x2
Atomic Derp Dragon x1
N Beast x1
N Barkion x1
Meh x7
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[quote name='Armadilloz' timestamp='1299870506' post='5066875']
No copies of Shark? O,o

Im personally not a fan of shark

[quote name='.Kowalski' timestamp='1299860923' post='5066674']

i actually added him last night by -1 Level Eater... i dead draw him way to much

[quote name='Sephiroth_The_Legend' timestamp='1299816923' post='5066090']
Scrapyard at 3?

isn't 1 better??

i'd drop 2 for a Torrential and Call of the Haunted

As for 3 yards its actually working out nice because of Orthros being pretty much the MVP of my deck. i dont want to run torrential because 50% of the time its a +0, 40% of the time its a -1 because i have to kill one of my monsters, and 10% of the time its a +X... i just dont like torrential out side of a deck thats mostly floaters.
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[quote name='Father Wolf' timestamp='1299890282' post='5067377']
Im personally not a fan of shark
Shark can be a [i]LITTLE[/i] -1-y, but sets your Graveyard up for Searcher and Chimera shenanigans.
...You just tech 1 of them to see what happens.
As it is, it makes for a lulz bluff when they go to D-Prison or Bottomless it, as they only end up wasting it.
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