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Pokemon Fire Red Pro


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I know what you're thinking, another YCM Hack that will fail to be finished. What makes this different you ask?

1) It's a difficulty hack. There MAY be a few new sidequests, but the game will remain the same, therefore it will be easier than a full-blown, "Make a whole new game" hack.

2) I already started.

[quote]Download http://www.host-a.net/u/airheadgames772/PFR%20Pro%20Patch.aps

(Pre-Release, Next version will be much further along.)

Download [url=http://download179.mediafire.com/66aet3nxsf8g/zimildjitwa/A-Ptch.zip]this[/url] to apply the patch.

You can find info on this program [url=http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=85025]here.[/url]

Apply the patch to a Clean US Fire Red ROM, just don't ask where to find one.[/quote]


So far it's just a new Route 1 to show off my skillz.

List of stuff to be done.
-386 Pokemon Catchable. (Mostly done)
-Harder trainers. (Started.)
-Pokemon evolve on higher levels. (Done.)
-Changing some movesets and base stats. (Started.)
-Slightly changed routes and caves. (Started.)
-New sidequests and sideplots. (Not started.)

Current Topic-
Should the Starters be changed?
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[quote name='.Kowalski' timestamp='1300798137' post='5089235']
So we're basically making Fire Red harder?

Harder, more fun, more to do, more Pokemon, a few subplots.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to include in the first post is that we'll be expanding the Team Rocket storyline.

Just play it and look at Route 1 and you'll see the general idea of what we can do.
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[quote name='Kongou Nishimura' timestamp='1300919653' post='5092270']
this is what i'm talking about
Ah! Okay. For that you select an unedited Fire Red ROM. And then select the file you downloaded from here as the patch, and it will change the ROM to my hack.

And it would be illegal for me to tell you where to find a Fire Red ROM. So you have to find that yourself. (Using Google. ;))

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Do cheats work on it?

and when u finish this i have a personal rom for u to make ;)

Nicely done route 1.. ;)

BTW I stepped on the flowers what now!

Cool how u replaced the guy who gives you the potion (the worker) with a robber xD :lol:

I think the starters should be the Unova's


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cool... remember the personal hack ;)

BTW I put cheats on it because its not a full hack... when the full thing comes, no cheets will be on ;)

Now I have all 3 starters lv 15 but Bulbasaur is lv 20


Gary's pokemon are gonna evolve before mine do O.o

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