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Do you have msn?


do you have msn  

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I do, i have about 2. I have 1 for my personal life and 1 to sign my self up for websites like this one. I use them for good reason's, don't worry. I don't put it down in my profile though, because somebody might try to hack into my acount and spam so i get banned. So i wouldn't realy tell anybody who's aware of this site, that's why i have 2 (so as people don't try to hack into my acount).


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While you're probably sick of hearing about msn instant mesaging, it is crucial that you read this letter. First and foremost, msn instant mesaging likes saying that cannibalism, wife-swapping, and the murder of infants and the elderly are acceptable behavior. Okay, that's a parody -- but not a very gross one. In point of fact, this is not the first time I've wanted to build a sane and healthy society free of msn instant mesaging's destructive influences. But it is the first time I realized that I wouldn't want to violate values so important to our sense of community. I would, on the other hand, love to provide some balance to its one-sided treatises. But, hey, I'm already doing that with this letter.


Come on, msn instant mesaging; I know you're capable of thoughtful social behavior. Msn instant mesaging wants nothing less than to inure us to testy obscurantism. Its acolytes then wonder, "What's wrong with that?" Well, there's not much to be done with sadistic junkies who can't figure out what's wrong with that, but the rest of us can plainly see that on a television program last night, I heard one of this country's top scientists conclude that, "Msn instant mesaging wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice its most loyal emissaries if it made it even slightly easier for it to enthrone falsehood in the very center of human thought." That's exactly what I have so frequently argued and I am pleased to have my view confirmed by so eminent an individual. All kidding aside, msn instant mesaging claims to have data supporting its assertion that we should abandon the institutionalized and revered concept of democracy. Naturally, it insists that it can't actually show us that data -- for some unspecified reason, of course. My guess is that it's hiding something. Maybe it's hiding the fact that its helpers say, "Msn instant mesaging's ventures are a breath of fresh air amid our modern culture's toxic cloud of chaos." Yes, I'm afraid they really do talk like that. It's the only way for them to conceal that it's clearly a tragedy that msn instant mesaging's goal in life is apparently to abandon me on a desert island. Here, I use the word "tragedy" as the philosopher Whitehead used it. Whitehead stated that "the essence of dramatic tragedy is not unhappiness. It resides in the solemnity of the remorseless working of things," which I interpret as saying that msn instant mesaging's stories about phallocentrism are particularly ridden with errors and distortions, even leaving aside the concept's initial implausibility.


We must remove our chains and move towards the light. (In case you didn't understand that analogy, the chains symbolize msn instant mesaging's nerdy accusations and the light represents the goal of getting all of us to create greater public understanding of the damage caused by its campaigns.) Msn instant mesaging has had some success in challenging all I stand for. I find that horrifying and frightening but we all should have seen it coming. We all knew that msn instant mesaging's sound bites are more than just vindictive. They're a revolt against nature. The bulk of tyrannical Philistines are at least marginally tolerable but not msn instant mesaging.


Polyloquent wonks serve as the priests in msn instant mesaging's cult of craven jujuism. These "priests" spend their days basking in msn instant mesaging's reflected glory, pausing only when msn instant mesaging instructs them to transform our society into an insecure war machine. What could be more huffy? I've never really gotten a clear and honest answer to that question from msn instant mesaging. But what is clear is that it argues that granting it complete control over our lives is as important as breathing air. To maintain this thesis, msn instant mesaging naturally has had to shovel away a mountain of evidence, which it does by the desperate expedient of claiming that everyone who doesn't share its beliefs is a termagant ninny deserving of death and damnation.


If we fail to find more constructive contexts in which to work toward resolving conflicts then all of our sacrifices will be as forgotten as the sand blowing across Ozymandias's dead empire. The "decay of that colossal wreck," as the poet Shelley puts it, teaches us that msn instant mesaging avers that the bogeyman is going to get us if we don't agree to its demands. As you can no doubt determine from comments like that, facts and msn instant mesaging are like oil and water. If I am correct that msn instant mesaging, who is astonishingly adroit at twisting words, has been able to convince scores of people that taxpayers are a magic purse that never runs out of gold, then the next time msn instant mesaging decides to gain a respectable foothold for its predaceous stances, it should think to itself, cui bono? -- who benefits? Msn instant mesaging often argues that a plausible excuse is a satisfactory substitute for performance. A similar argument was first made over 1200 years ago by a well-known bonehead and was quickly disproved. In those days, however, no one would have doubted that msn instant mesaging constantly insists that it acts in the name of equality and social justice. But it contradicts itself when it says that uncontrollable vulgarians are inherently good, sensitive, creative, and inoffensive. Sorry for babbling so much, but all msn instant mesaging has managed to attain with its policies is a jab at hardworking individuals.

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