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Because RC thinks it'd be fine at one, and it's balanced if it takes away your draw as well.

So, I imagined a framework for a deck:
Tour Guide
Creeping Darkness
Phantom OF Chaos
Street Patrol


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[quote name='- Sharpshooter -' timestamp='1321386605' post='5644328']
It'd be quite a [s]birden[/s] interesting the current format, but I'm actually interested to see if it would actually make any serious impact. No, I'm not advocating for it to be taken off the list.

Norleras.dek becomes Tier 0.

YGO dies.

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When Chaos locked, the little hope left was that the opponent was an idiot and somehow Decked out before you reached 0 from Yata's attacks. Now this one will provide infinite possible attacks without any change on any player. You might as well give up with Norleras, or maybe even with Judgment Dragon.

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