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Inheritance Series


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[quote name='Doctor Whooves' timestamp='1321684617' post='5652185']
I think 4 books was a good idea, there's just so much I can't imagine it being fit into 3 books.

There was so much pointless dragged out filler in book three it was unreal.

[quote name='Umbra' timestamp='1321732882' post='5653225']
I read the first three, but I just can't force myself to read #4. Not only was it so long ago that I barely remember where we left off, I've also reached the point where I've stopped caring. There's just nothing that makes me want to read it.

I had this with Harry Potter and to an extent this now, just 'we've come this far might as well see the end' syndrome. But never with Dark Materials.

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Been following this series aver since roughly some time after Eldest was oublished and currently reading through Inheritance.

In short.
The over all story has some faults, mainly massive ammounts of padding, but the plot itself is pretty amazing, especially for something that began at first in a 15 year olds mind.

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