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Wetlands (Also Frogs in General)


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I was considering running a Frog Deck for fun and noticed how easy it was to get their Trump Card Des Frog out :P[/center]

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[quote name='LarryCotter' timestamp='1321863443' post='5656644']
Junk Synchron...
Control one or more Froggies that get an atk boost of this, Summon Junk, go for Warrior and see how it gains 1200 or more.

Whip out your Junk!

But seriously, I run a frog deck, and it's probably my favorite deck I've ever run. Grab a Dupe Frog lock, bring out Ronintoadin, and watch their face as Des Croaking nukes the field. Also, Flip Flop Frog has come to be hated in my circle of friends, other than by me of course! Froggy Forcefield = Mirror Force for frogs, and you can put 3 in there! Aegis to keep them protected when needed, whippin' out Gravity Bind/Level Limit Area B/Swords, slap a United We Stand on a Submarine Frog while Wetlands is out, and that, my friend, is true power.

Yes. Frogs. True power. XD

There was once that I tried running Junk Warrior and Synchron, but for some reason it just didn't quite work for me. -shrug-

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Swap Frog is best frog (in frogs, at least. Treeborn is more generic). Is like a Dark Grepher for Frogs. Ronintoadin is best (unbanned) Toad. I use them for Gachi Gachi and for Sea Lancer fodder.
This card should say "All Aqua-type/WATER/Level 2 or lower monsters gain 1200 ATK (except "Frog the Jam")"... Just for lulz.

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