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Loki, Lord of the Aesir

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It does stuff

+I had 3 Nordic Alfar tuners in grave :D

oh and dont say its the worst aesir because the only reason it would be is because the nordic alfar monsters arent that good.

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[quote name='Armadilloz' timestamp='1322061613' post='5661094']
Nice of how Loki ended up getting Marra(w/e), which lets you use [i]2[/i] Nordics in your hand as Synchro Materials.
Regardless, Loki's trap recycling effect is [i]very[/i] nice.
yes but you will need 2 level 4 non tuner nordics, which is kinda stupid, should of had a valkyrie kind of effect.
Dante, its only the best because of white goat, black goat and guldfaxe, it would be the worst if it didnt have such good support.
Welche, :P

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