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should we make a thread just for the noobs of this forum?  

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  1. 1. should we make a thread just for the noobs of this forum?

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To be honest with you people may take offense of that. I agree there should be a section for the Newbies to hang out (With some veterans to make them feel at home here)


The is a major difference:

Newb: New member.

Noob: Idiot.


True, but I think we should add an "Idiot online".


And, a thread for idiots online? lol. Sounds funny. And section for newbies to hang out? Isn't here enough already? o_O


No, memberism (member racism :P) is bad and it will result in more fights. The forum arrangement is good this way.

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It's not going to work, and since you call all newbs noobs, you should be a noob. That's a theory I invented, and I think it's very true. ;)


Now, why would we put a Newbies thread or forum? Wouldn't that be "memberism"? Plus, the newbies might spam the thread/forum that is put and a mod will lock/close it eventually. This forum arrangement is the best for this forum, it contains everything and everyone is used to it. There's no need for a pointless forum for "new people".. they have the right to post everywhere and let's keep it like that. Not like moderators will really accept this plan.


A sub forum in general called new member guides. it has card making tips and that stuff.


There's Help & Tutorials forum...

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I think that we should open up a thread for newbs so they can warm up to the place they can only post there til they get permission from a mod to become a fully pleged member.

maybe at 100 posts or so they can be set free or if a mod sees great improvment on not spamming *newbs tend to do that* and ok card making it will be easier on all of us

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Yeah. We're all tired of n00bs. And guess what? There's NO WAY to get rid of them. Noobs tend to never follow instructions and act like ***holes all the way, so making a thread or even a board for them would do little to no difference.


Although a spam board would help people to relief some stress, at the cost of some bandwith though.


Besides, there are 2 solutions if you no longer want to see noobs.

1.- Get all the noobs banned and forbid new people from entering this forum.

2.- Get off the internetz.

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I could be kind enough to spend my time on a thread with a bunch of newbies, I am not new.

But if we have the thing where a mod has to choose when we are ready to becomes a full member.

Wouldn't it make all of use newbs until a mod changes us ?

Or whenever somebody joins they become a newb but what about all the other newbs, who joined like last week.

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look' date='im just tired of all the proffesional stuffs being messed up by newbs...if we make a newb thread,i'll look after it and teach them so they wont spam or post pointless cards in the proffessional areas



No icould teah 1 thing you could teach the other, you how to make cards, i could teach how and why not to spam.

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