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Death Bishop

Café N00b v2.0 [Remake]

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[spoiler=Club History]Our club was one of the biggest clubs around back in 2009, with affiliations to Pikagroup, a large organisation of recognised clubs. There were many members in the old club, and I hope to have many past members join this one, and many new recruits too. Click here to visit the old club's thread, and have a look for yourself at the history present behind this club.


[spoiler=Why Café N00b?]Café N00b is a place to branch off from the rest of YCM, and talk about absolutely anything! Ranging from day-to-day life, to the reason for our existence, to Chuck Norris, what is spoken about in this club is only limited to your imagination! We are a club that focuses on socialising, meeting new users and forming new relationships, and we take pride in having so much history and heritage.


[spoiler= Club Rules]

  • There is to be absolutely no abuse to any members. If abuse occurs, feel free to PM me with reference to the comment, and the user who is caught abusing will be given a warning. If caught abusing again, they will be removed from the members list.
  • Feel free at any time to start speaking about a new topic. This club is a flexible club, in the sense that all members should actively participate in conversation about anything they want. If a topic is dying out, feel free to start talking about something else. However, if the topic is Chuck Norris, conversation will never die out, simply because Chuck Norris is a freakin' legend.
  • Respect one another. This club is founded by respect and integrity, and the last thing I want to see is disrespect present among the club.
  • Do not talk about anything that is deemed as inappropriate. Bear in mind that they are young children present among YCM, the last thing we want to do is fill their minds with evil things.


[spoiler= So, how do I become a part of Café N00b?]It's simple to become a member. Simply comment below your username and you will be added to the list of members!


[spoiler= Members & Ranks]Within Café N00b, there are ranks of members. The more you actively contribute towards Café N00b, the higher you will gradually progress through the ranks. There are several ranks within the club, which include:


  • Beginner n00b
  • Amateur n00b
  • Senior n00b
  • Supreme n00b
  • Legendary n00b
  • Divine n00b

Progressing through the first few ranks will be easy. Show commitment to the club, actively participate and you will end up being promoted. However, in order to reach Divine status, you must prove your worth. You must show that you deserve to hold the rank of a Divine n00b. You need to be so awesome, that even Chuck Norris would bow down to you.


[spoiler= Affiliations]Café N00b is open for affiliations with other Clubs & Organisations. If you are interested to be affiliated with us and you are the leader of another club, PM me and we can work something out. Affiliated clubs will be listed in a separate spoiler below.


[spoiler= Lotteries] Every so often, the club will host a lottery. Users can pay an entry fee to participate. Using a random name generator, all the users who choose to participate will be entered, and one lucky user will win all the points that were donated in. Further details will be added later regarding lotteries within this original post! Instructions will be clear and succinct, so stay tuned!




[spoiler= Current Members]

Divine n00bs




Legendary n00bs




Supreme n00bs




Senior n00bs




Amateur n00bs




Beginner n00bs


Sydney Sierota





[spoiler=Current Affiliations]-


[spoiler= Current Lottery]-


[spoiler= Current Warnings]-

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Can I join, though?

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What is this and why do I wanna join?


As I stated in the Club History spoiler, this Club has been around for many years and back in it's prime was a club full of members who loved socialising about absolutely anything. This club is a remake of that, with additional features that hopes to become just as big as its predecessor. Joining this club will allow you to take a break from the rest of YCM and just socialise with other members, to talk about absolutely anything at all. This club has a lot of heritage behind it, and so by joining you are joining a fine piece of history.



Can I join, though?


Yes you can, added your name to the list :)

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